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silver fox

  1. Inkbro Alchemy

    Love, Hate with the Grey

    Ever since this phenomenon started early for me, around age 33, it’s been a constant inner dichotomy. I use to freak out and care needlessly so much that I’d color it every two weeks. That got old super quick. First of all, it’s expensive, even to color it myself. Wouldn’t even think about...
  2. H

    Photos & Videos Daddies & DILFS

    A thread to post and appreciate sexy 40+ year old men.
  3. love4D

    Video ID these hot hung daddies

    any info on these hot daddies??? they are so fucking hottttt
  4. M

    Patrick Simard / @patrick_the_greywolf

    Does anybody have more pictures if him? Besides the ones on his IG. Such a hot daddy.
  5. J


    think its about time this hot muscle daddy gets his own thread :)
  6. V

    Photo Frank Christians

  7. N

    Silver Fox Top From Sc's Dex Pov

    Can anyone ID this hot silver fox top from SC's Dex POV video? You only get the fastest glimpses of his face, unfortunately.
  8. R

    Photo André Moreau, Tv News Anchor

    I'm creating a new thread about this incredible sexy silver fox that I discovered yesterday. For a 62 years old man, he's very elegant and hot!
  9. D

    Photo Older Instagram Men

    Any hot Instagram daddies
  10. M

    Dino Hillas

    Anyone got any videos of this beast of a daddy? He seems to have some published nude shots, but not an actual video. I doubt he hasn't made some sex tape of some kind judging from his photographs.
  11. D

    Men in suits

    Does anyone have a fetish for gentlemen over 50s in a suit and tie?
  12. S


    This guy is so fucking hot. He's such a beautiful daddy. Does anyone subscribe to his Just for fans? He made an account like yesterday