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  1. L

    Which celebrities have formally posed nude?

    Have been having a lot of fun with my last post on hung celebrities, and realized I had another question for the group: Which celebrities (actors, athletes, singers/musicians, politicians, TV hosts, etc. have formally posed for nude photos, either for art or to make a statement/support a cause...
  2. RyanMars

    Hottest Gay, Bi (Queer) in the Music Industry

    It's inspired by the other thread on actors Let's discuss and appreciate all the hottest men in the music industry who are gay, bi, queer, or pan Frank Ocean Troye Sivan
  3. gccigccilvlvprda

    Photos & Videos Kewin Cosmos (singer)

    Does anyone have anything on him? He’s a Dominican bachata singer and I think he’s so cute.
  4. C

    Milo aukerman

    Anything on him? Biggest crush on this fella ever since I discovered punk rock.
  5. A

    Eduardo Soto (Mexican singer)

    He is so hot! Does anyone have anything on him ?
  6. X


    Since the last thread about him was closed. (From his Twitter. )
  7. Marco Tony

    How to watch the Eurovision internationally? Not aired in Canada anymore.

    I'm from canada. I would like to watch the eurovision coming in a couple of weeks. But Omni who used to air the eurovision will not air it anymore. So how canadians will be able to watch the eurovision? I dont want to watch it on youtube. Since its only the perfomances. I want to see the votes...
  8. C

    Photos & Videos David Michael Frank (singer)

    Lead singer of the bands Wellington, King The Kid, and Future Sunsets. Still making music under the name Future Sunsets. Instagram: @davidmichaelfrank Tiktok: @david.michael.frank Youtube: 1. https://www.youtube.com/user/KingTheKidLA aka Future Sunsets Official 2. (inactive)...
  9. R

    David Hugo

    Anything on this singer/insta/tiktok star? TikTok
  10. D

    Kidd G (country Singer)

    He 18, hot af and gonna be country next big star
  11. A

    Singer Fakes?

    I wanted to know if anyone here knew how to make those fake edits of singers photo shoots and stuff? Tried myself and I couldn’t get the hang of it, but I had photos I wanted to do :)
  12. sexyconcrafter

    Efraim Leo (swedish Singer)

    Saw him at Melodifestivalen today and he's sexy af :heart_eyes::yum
  13. C

    Photos & Videos Sexy Music Videos

    Hey everyone! In this forum we see shirtless guys, d*cks, and other staff... But what about sexy / homoerotic music videos? Let's share some in this thread
  14. L

    Photos & Videos Bronze Avery - Singer

    Kinda shocked I haven’t seen a thread on him yet, he's fine AF. He used to be active on tumblr before the 2018 purge.
  15. H

    Cullen Blue

    Anything on him?
  16. geofinn

    Dominic Fike, Singer,rapper

    Anything on this sexy thing?
  17. geofinn

    Paul Klein, Lany

    Anything more on this beauty?
  18. T

    Alex Guthrie From The Voice

    Has anyone else seen this guy and fallen in love? He's gorgeous with an amazing voice. I doubt there's anything out there, but would kill to see more of him.
  19. P

    Boy Bands Tv Show

    Anyone got anything from the guys from Boy Bands? 18+ only.
  20. J

    Carlos Salinas

    SALINAS (@salinassoyyo) | Twitter Does anyone have anything on this guy? He seems to be a singer, but he recently posted a couple of pics on-set with porn stars SALINAS on Twitter SALINAS on Twitter SALINAS on Twitter SALINAS on Twitter SALINAS on Twitter but I think it’s a joke or he’s just...
  21. J

    4th Ave

    Marcus Mikey JadenCam
  22. Vinny89

    Famous/well Known Men Of Color - Insta/fansonly/tumblr/wherever Else

    The last thread i followed has some nice sharing until it became to messy and got shut down. Lets appreciate the guys of color and post them for all to see Il start with the post i made minutes before the thread i followed closed
  23. J

    Josh taylor (half•alive)

    Anyone got anything on him? He's from the band half•alive. He's so cute in the Still Feel music video!!