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  1. corpslisse

    Photo french sissy crossdresser

    french sissy crossdresser
  2. corpslisse

    Photo french sissy crossdresser

    french sissy crossdresser
  3. corpslisse

    Photo french sissy crossdresser

  4. Mss_Adi

    interesting people for sexting and sex

    Hi guys .. I was looking for someone to meet online .. I have both Skype and Telegram accounts and I would like to chat and have virtual sex with someone who is a really interesting persona .. In my country it is seriously difficult to find someone who stands out from the crowd, and who means...
  5. Mss_Adi

    A kiss from a beautiful island

    Hello guys! After much research I hope I have found the right place .. I am a femboy from a beautiful Italian island and I hope to find many friends among you .. A sexy kiss, Adi
  6. corpslisse

    Photo french sissy

  7. M

    Hey :) 25yr old sissy looking to Skype

    Hey everyone, I’ve been a sissy for a little while and love being controlled by an older dom. Being told to undress in front of you and have you pick out my clothes, make up, and toys to train my holes turns me into such a submissive slut who wants to obey and please. I’ve also been wearing my...
  8. L

    Tiny cocked Aussie eager to Skype with hung studs

  9. S

    Small, smooth, submissive, chastity sissy seeks manly boyfriend.

    Hi all, I'm a 5ft5 (167cm) petite sissy, lasered completely smooth all over (laser hair removal on body, face and pubes completed) and small natural breasts from hormones which love being sucked. I'm bottom only and enjoy having my clitty caged so I orgasm exclusively through anal. Looking for...
  10. jmh1029

    How common do bisexual men find fem boys attractive?

    Heyy, i am 20 years old, and i am a pretty feminine guy, gay as well. Average physique, not particularly super skinny, but i have a normal body, and soft facial features. for some reason, most of the guys that have shown interest for me or have expressed to find me attractive, happen to be...
  11. L

    Pauly Healy @paulyhealy

    Anyone know if he has onlyfans? Got a cute fat butt and very popular with Arabs and connected to a few northern footballers so I hear lol
  12. KinkyAznBoy

    27 Canadian Asian - Not exactly new here but always looking to connect with more people :)

    As the title says! Feel free to have a gander at my profile and pics ;D
  13. top4hotbot

    Skype List Sissy Ts Cd Femboy

    Hi all make this for recruit some hot sub sissy ts cd and femboy I'm 45 y Arabic Dominant look for hot WHITE sub Slut sissy and femboy to serve me for regular time hope you enjoy a lot my Skype maxtop44@hotmail.com
  14. techguy86

    Hairy Bbc Top Here Looking For Femboys, Sissies, Trans, And Fem Twinks To Cam On Skype

    Add your Skype info if you fit the title description
  15. KinkyAznBoy

    Being Felt Up During One Of My Late Night Walks

    So as the title says, I enjoy going out for late night walks anywhere around 9pm-12am midnight around my neighbourhood, some schools, parks, trails and parking lots which all happen to be within the area I walk in so lots to choose from! This is a real life encounter/experience with a stranger...
  16. A

    Photos & Videos Gay But Married/public Ruined Orgasm

    I’m becoming a sissy gay boi and my wife doesn’t know it. I use her toys, I cum with her vibrator, wear her clothes. In this video I ruin my orgasm 3 times into her panties. All while our neighbors are right outside. Learning to cum like a girl so that I can please a daddy cock one day. I want...
  17. C

    Hypnosis / Sissification / Femdom / Joi / Dirty Talk Thread: Females, Males, Transgenders

    Watch Busty Lady Sonia removes her underwear as you wank RedGIFs RedGIFs RedGIFs Watch Bay Jay quarantine - Bailey Jay, trans Joi, trans Porn - SpankBang Watch B@il3y J@y - Mommy wants to see your cock - Bailey Jay, trans Joi, Joi Porn - SpankBang Watch Asian Joi - Asian Joi, trans Joi...
  18. L

    Political Harassment Kink - Trump Lovers, Please

    Hello, I am a very intentionally progressive person and typically support candidates a bit left of the Democrats, such as Bernie Sanders. All that said, I came across a Tumblr last year (that's since been removed) that had great captioned sissy shots about a Trump-supporting Real American man...
  19. ChubbyTwink

    Need A Bull To Jerk To Pics Of My Gf.

    Want to use a submissive sissy cuck over Skype or Whereby. Need a twink to moan for you and beg you to fuck his GF? My skype name is ChubbyTwink!
  20. ChubbyTwink

    Cuck Me With Her.

    Need a dominant man to skype, whereby, or just phone chat with. Im in the UK and have a shy, pale, sexy little gf that I need a real man to breed. Want to jerk off to her pics? Want to chat with me about her? Want to use only me ;) my Skype is ChubbyTwink. Hope to get lots of attention for her!
  21. 8

    Whereby Cam

    Hairy Husky BBC Top here. All Femboys, Sissies, and Trans are welcome. DM me to cam online via Whereby....
  22. frank5120

    Sissy Clothing Recommendations

    Hi everyone. I’m kind of starting to think seeing guys in “women’s” underwear is really sexy and want to try it out myself. I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on what the best affordable places to buy are and if you guys had any tips on buying? Im looking at some cute stuff on...
  23. JessicaSpade

    Philly? Cute Sissy Slut Hosting Hung All Saturday...

    Not sure if this forum is really set up for quick hookups but thought I would say Hello. Cute, fully dressed and submissive sissy hosting in the Philly suburbs all day today (Saturday 12/5) Love to be on my knees serving a real cock and being used like a whore. If you're near the KOP, West...
  24. N

    Photos & Videos Sph - Ladies Your Opinion?

    What do girls think about small penises and the way they can have fun with one
  25. I

    Cute Sissy Guys Being Fucked By Huge Cocks

    it turns me on to see cute sissy guys being fucked by huge cocks, especially enormous black penises Sissy Goes Full homosexual For two black cocks at Boy 18 Tube
  26. 4

    Video [18sissyslut]would You Fuck My Mouth And Ass?

    Would you enjoy emptying your balls inside my mouth and ass? Feel free to do anything you want with the videos, i hope you enjoy them
  27. J

    Chastity Cage Themed trans Porn

    yummy oral sex job at Full trans Porn
  28. AlexTheBottom

    Photo Tiny Cock

    humiliate my little dick
  29. LittleOralEddie

    Sissy slut in medford, or

    Hi, I'm Little Oral Eddie, Nice to meet you :) Although I was born a male, I am not a man. I was born an inferior male. I'm a 5'4" 150lb smooth sissy faggot, born to serve my superiors as a cockwhore and housemaid. I'm always looking to meet new friends. E :)
  30. LittleOralEddie

    Hi from medford, or :)

    Hi, I'm Little Oral Eddie, Nice to meet you :) Although I was born a male, I am not a man. I was born an inferior male. I'm a 5'4" 150lb smooth sissy faggot, born to serve my superiors as a cockwhore and housemaid. I'm always looking to meet new friends. E :)