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  1. R

    Anything of Sofi_look_ from Chaturbate?

    Hey guys! Looking for stuff of this hot couple Chaturbate (click) ! Especially of the guy :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: They're also on Onlyfans maybe someone could leak some stuff too ;) Please share! Thank you!
  2. m.patrick

    Leandermjk (German fitness model instagram)

    Leandermjk on instagram... german boy...
  3. H

    Anyone know his name???

  4. H

    Anyone know his name???

  5. C

    Danil Krapivnikov (krapivnikov11)

    Is there anything on him. Russian soccer-player and Tiktoker Instagram krapivnikov11 Tiktok @krapivnikov11
  6. C


    Hi! Discovered a new hot guy on insta today! Have to share it with you!
  7. C

    Niklas Friedel (german Fitness)

    Hi Niklas really deserves his own thread here! Go check out his instagram for loads of hot pics. Insta: Niklas Friedel Snap: niklas.frdl Happy to collect and talk about his hottest pics and snaps here ^^ p.s. he's not an underage anymore
  8. m.patrick

    Finn Dahmen

    Finn Dahmen; 23 years old, german football player (nationalteam and Mainz 05)
  9. dertimooo88

    Markosfeed Male Model Made In Germany

    Hi guys, I am pretty new to onlyfans so.. :rolleyes: Would you please drop me a short review to my pictures and maybe some ideas, which content you would like to see on my of? :cool: I am 27 years old professional model and fitness trainer from Germany, straight (and open minded)...
  10. T

    Alexander Molz

    Hey Guys, What do you think about this hot German Actor? His Name is Alexander Molz He is super buff and hot
  11. H

    Who Are They?

    Does anyone know the names of this 3 hot guys?
  12. H

    My Best Friend Turning Into A Muscle Monster

    Even though this is the fictional story section, the first parts of the story, as well as all measurements are real. This story is about my best friend being a small, bullied weakling who somedays discovers weightlifting - what totally transforms him and his personality... My stat’s at that...
  13. MattiNL

    Jakob Ude

    Does someone have shirtless pics of this gorgeous German singer. He performed at the TV Show The voice of Germany. He is so hot ❤ Pics are from his Instagram @Jakob_Ude
  14. K

    Alex Nye

    Is there anything on this guy? :) Alex Nye's (@_alexnye_) Instagram profile • 56 photos and videos
  15. H

    Photo Who Is He???

  16. J

    Andi Walter

    Andi Walter is a german wrestler and pretty active on Insta. His Insta is aw_95 and here are some of my favourite posts:
  17. J

    Trey Vene (of: Spooked_trey)

    Super hot Insta/TikTok guy, who just started doing Only Fans. TikTok: treyvene Insta: treyvene / itztreyton OF: Spooked_Trey Did someone already subscribed to his OF and might want to share the pics?
  18. H

    My Bodybuilder Roommate (muscle Domination)

    My best friend was always quite a weakling-he was really tall, 195 cm, but never weighed more than 75/80kg. Until he made some changes... I think it all started 3 Years ago. He just turned 16. At this time My body was already quite well developed. My arms were at 40 cm, my legs were big and a...
  19. T

    Cam Model Mastercum / Destroyboy

    After his recent photoshoot with Adam Jakubowsky it made me realize that he (Alan?) doesn't have a thread here. I think he really deserves one! He is breathtaking. Not sure about his actual name, but he has been going by different names Alan and Michael. He is 20 years old and from Poland. Also...
  20. D


    Does anyone have more content from Can Özkaya aka cancozan? Can Özkaya (@cancozan) • Instagram photos and videos
  21. dertimooo88

    Fitness Hunk

    Something more on him? Maybe size suggestions? :D
  22. 5

    Showing off the 6 pack in an office environment

    Any men here see or come up with an excuse or situation to take off his shirt in a professional office situation? Any women here heard of a story or experienced first hand a guy taking off his shirt or even showing up shirtless in a professional white collar type office situation?