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  1. SRSWhy

    Married woman on here...do you secretly lust after a bigger cock

    Through the latter half of 20s, I became somewhat of a small celebrity on snapchat for being known as having a big cock - one of the girls I used to send photos of my cock to listed my username on some website and, in a windfall, hundreds of women, usually 20-35 years of age would message me and...
  2. xpeterbakkerx

    Big dick kik group

    Im looking to create a kik group with hung guys for females who like big dick. send a live pic to me on kik @peterbx to verify. minimum size is 8” lets be polite and have a lot of fun!
  3. D

    Can’t Get My Wife With A Big Cock Out Of My Mind!

    Completely true story no BS nothing crazy So I’ve been with my wife since high school. We are both 32 been married for 7 years now. Both attractive fit people. Have a good sex life when we have the time. Have never had sex with anybody else. Only kissed other people before we got together...
  4. B

    Female Size Queens?

    Fun, hung outgoing guy looking for female size queen's to judge contests and enjoy many HUGE cocks on Skype. Add me: sperry4334@gmail.com Something special in it for you if you're legit and up for fun. ;)
  5. B

    Accountant Impresses And Steals My Stunning Wife With Larger Cock Size

    Things had been going great between me and Jenny until something dramatically changed our relationship. Jenny and I were in our late 20's living in NYC and both doing pretty well financially. Jenny was an account manager in the advertising business and I was a jr. analyst at a mid level finance...
  6. B

    Looking To Chat With Size Queens

    Looking for (female) Size Queens to exchange messages and discuss fantasies etc. I am a well-hung aussie, 33yo and open-minded/fun - am a verified member, 100% legit. Shoot me a message and lets chat. Also open to jumping on cam and showing off, love to be watched. *Not looking for guys...
  7. B

    Female Size Queen's Into Judging?

    Looking for ladies into judging size contest's between hung guys on cam. Size queen's who love big cock and don't accept small. I'm 33yo Aussie guy with a LONG, THIVK monster cock, love showing it off for sizequeens and working with a female judge to humiliate my opponent. ;) If you are one...
  8. B

    Huge Cock Contest On Skype

    Hey all, Cocky, arrogant, BIG dicked Aussie on SKYPE for HUNG men and any lady size queen who wants to bask in the glory of a monster cock. Love contests, especially when we put our reputation on the line - let's get creative ;) Tomlee694me@gmail.com Add me on Skype or comment and I will add...
  9. AussieBoy24

    Sizequeens // Size Contests

    Any ladies keen to check out a massive, thick Aussie cock on cam? Or guys with female judges on SKYPE that are keen to compare?? ADD ME nextlevelboy // daaaamn_it@hotmail.com Be ready! ;)
  10. 1

    Lpsg as brick and mortar

    I’m naughty enough to think “Wouldn’t it be great if the LPSG was brick and mortar? .....Complete with glory holes to allow those of us who worship/appreciate large cock, to ride and taste as many as we wanted?” *just random thoughts that cross my mind when looking at this feed sometimes.
  11. AttilaTheHung

    Looking for size queens

    Looking for big cock lovers male and female to compare hung cocks and be worshiped. post skypes. hungasian20
  12. G

    Manhattan bi threesome

    Well educated, kinky, fun and sane couple looking for a bi, really hung guy who's up for DPing the woman, and being sucked by both of us. Both south Asian and attractive. Pics and more details available if you are what we're looking for. Will be hosting in Central Harlem from October 1st. Only...
  13. 1

    I want to play with a big one....

    Any friendly big cock... up for some fun and a chat? .. Lets Skype Love a good bulge, a good girth, and a big heavy shooter!.. If you interested inbox me.. best way to get my attention :heart::party::blush:
  14. 1

    Biggest measured penis contest

    Hey guys :) So I‘ve (quietly) been a size queen for quite some time and I was always really into measurements. I came up with this hot contest, to find out who has the biggest confirmed dick on LPSH - or at least who‘s brave enough to show me how they measure up. Participate by sending me a...
  15. M

    Help a sizequeen out! in the netherlands.

    Hey guys! I'm VERY eager to find the biggest cocks in The Netherlands region. To join me and my boyfriend in a threesome and more. Can't get enough of all the jummy and massive dicks on this site!!! I live near the German and Belgium border, so that's definitely an option too! If you got what...