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  1. K

    Skinny Guys who like chubby guys?

    Hey, are here skinny guys who like chubby guys? :p
  2. B

    Does anyone have anything on this twink?

    I’ve seen him on twitter and pinterest but havent found any good content. Does anyone have more pics or an onlyfans he might have?
  3. N

    Nico Fadale / n1k1sworld

    Hot internet guy, disappeared a little while ago, but still have some stuff.
  4. ZeeStarX

    Need help finding/ID

    So I remember finding/watching a porn video a while back but I can’t find it anywhere. all I remember is a skinny guy with a tattoo on the back of his hand using a dildo. (In the pose where they put there arm over their crotch/in between legs). He cums out of his hole and then uses the cum as...
  5. L


  6. M

    Photo XB Sweet? Heavy-hung Black guy on Twitter

    Anyone know what his deal is, who he is, or got anything more on him?
  7. M

    Photos & Videos alfiexclarke OF(blonde boy)

    Can someone share videos please? onlyfans.com/alfiexclarke
  8. CoolestofCool

    JermarcusTate (TikToker)

    Welcome to JTate thread post everything related to this sexy chocolate king
  9. selfies skinny hairy big clean cut cock

    selfies skinny hairy big clean cut cock

  10. A

    Hot Twink Alert

    Just found this really hot 18 year old twink on onlyfans and wanted to spread the word. Anyone else heard of him before? Im thinking of signing up... OnlyFans
  11. 7

    Matt Harnacke horse back ridding Instagram model

    Hey guys have you ever seen Matt Harnacke? If no, I think he is a stunner... here you go ...
  12. Boredathome08

    Links Made a twitter alt to show off on, follow me if you’d like! @noct_alt

    It’s too much fun to show off and the pandemic and climate collapse make it having a good time more important than ever. So I finally made an alt twitter to show off on @noct_alt No only fans, not looking to make money, just having a good time. Feel free to follow :) http://twitter.com/noct_alt
  13. E

    Video @emile.joly Onlyfans

    Hey I wanted to post some previews of my onlyfans so you guy can consider subscribing Www.Onlyfans.Com/emile.joly
  14. D

    Any Skinny Guys With Tattoos You Can Recommend?

    Either onlyfans or chaturbate, or any others that come to mind like photoshoots. Really into them, especially the homestyle “ignorant tattoo” type. Seems to be really popular among Russians. Two I really dig are oliver groove and the boyfriend of maaarynip. There was a CB couple awhile back...
  15. G

    Andres Latinboyz - Twink

    Anyone know his name? Or @ he is super hung. I want more.
  16. Doriantwink07

    19y Twink Looking For Sugar Daddy’s

    Hi daddy’s, anyone wants to take care of this baby?
  17. I

    Video Nerdy, Geeky, Awkward Guys :)

    Share and share alike!
  18. 1

    Lower Belly Fat

    Looking for some advice here. I was always a skinny kid and now as an adult I’ve become “skinny fat” where I’m mostly skinny but have an unfortunate spare tire around my mid section that sticks out. I’m not exactly an active person and try to eat fairly healthy. Any advice on diet and exercise...
  19. G

    Mike Almeida

    He deserves a thread. Some say he looks like Finn Wolfhard. He has onlyfans too Twitter https://twitter.com/mikealmeidabr?s=21 .
  20. S

    Anyone Remember Brevitas?

    I was thinking about past cam people that I used to watch before OF and stuff and I remember that I really liked Brevitas who was tall, skinny, lean and had that sexy geek vibe. I haven’t seen him post for a few years but wondered if anyone had seen anything or whether he may have changed his...
  21. 4

    Best Boxer Briefs For Skinny Guy

    Having trouble finding a pair of boxer briefs that fit my ass and legs decently and has enough room and support for my junk. I’m not huge anywhere from 4-5.5x 4-5 girth when I’m soft and I’ve got average low hangers. I’ve tried Jockey pouch and equipo. Fits everything fine except my junk has no...
  22. A

    Austin Hargrave Peanutbuttergamer/peebs Youtuber

    Pretty sure the sex tape is fake but even if it was real it’s too blurry to see anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  23. cucurara

    Craving To Know Who's This Hung Top

    Anyone know who's the top guy? he got any OF-similar acc? his dick's thicker than his own thighs :dizzy: Only thing I know is that there's a spanish (TV?) voice in the background, any spanish speaker who knows him? got this video from: https://twitter.com/HotMenVids/status/1379980738683142150?s=20
  24. 0

    Photo Who Is This Hung Twink?

    I've always wondered about his name.
  25. S

    Skinny Guys/dancers?

    Hey yall, I have a bit of a thing for tall lean guys, either skinny and muscled or just skinny. I find it soo sexy. Do you guys remember someone called Brevitas a while ago? He was super hot and super lean but he stopped posting, unless anyone has any recent references for him? Developing on...
  26. J

    Carson Johns (youtuber) Carsonjohns27

  27. S

    Swimmer Body Thread

    hey guys can we start a thread of guys with this body type, they’re rare asf tbh, drop pics, twitters anything
  28. TFL7

    Late Introduction

    Hi. 25yo tall and skinny mam. Im starting to know better my bi side. Never done anything with man, but i'm curious. So that's my first step, hope you'll enjoy it ;)
  29. troublecuple

    Photos & Videos Me And My Skinny Gf

    Hey Boyz n Girlz, Me and my gf decided to randomly upload one of our videos online, despite of the quality. Posting this here so I can have some feedback :) Feel free to ask us anything you want full vid : My best Friends Teen GF Asked me to take some Photos of her - Pornhub.com
  30. FCD

    Photos & Videos Id: Please Help Id This Hot Cam Boy

    Hey Hey, any help would be appreciated identifying this guy - I've searched high and low and had no luck. Through one of my searches I found that this picture comes from somewhere within this ManyRecs directory, so he's definitely a chaturbate boy and there's got to be more out there of him...