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  1. Dropplers

    Biggest twink cocks on chaturbate

    Guys like tatanwalker, tw1nkfun and lobito_xxxl are pretty well endowed, but what are some other examples of HUGE twink cocks on chaturbate (previous and current)? Let's share our findings
  2. B


    Anything on Hungslim87?? Was a Twitter / Onlyfans that isn’t around anymore. Anyone have any links to content or have the content?
  3. V

    Zalando Underwear Model

    Does anyone know the name of this model? It always comes up when I look for underwear in zalando and it has caught my attention, but I can't find its name.
  4. raddog1994

    35 M Bi Average/slim Build Looking For Younger Slim Or Fit Guys Or Girls. Hmu!

    35 m bi average/slim build looking for younger slim or fit guys or girls. HMU!
  5. R


    Can anyone give me an honest review on this cutie's OF? Or share any vids please? Onlyfans.com/romandenisss IG: @romandenisss Twitter : @romanddenis
  6. jamesking_91

    Twink/slim Skype C2c, Phone Wank Mega List

    Stupid that I have put mega list as I have no idea the interest of this! I'm a slim guy and love other slim twinks, smooth bodies and all that, and I know there are a lot like me that have these mutual interests. If you are slim and looking for someone similar to your build, chuck your details...
  7. slimboyccs

    Hello Everybody!

    Hi! It's me you favorite slim boy from Caracas, Venezuela. Nah, what a cheesy introduction haha :joy:, but whatever. I'm new in this forum, and I would really like to make friends, meet people, I don't know, whatever it takes! I'm 28 years old right now (soon I'll be 29, omg time really flies...
  8. I

    Cute Slim Black Twinks

    for those who are turned on by cute, smooth skinned, slim black twinks
  9. 1

    Photo Do You Know The Name Of This Reddit Guy?

  10. C

    Photo My Slim Thick Syrian Girl

    Cuckold here, love showing off my girl for hung superior men 24 year old couple based in nyc. Always looking for a hung bull for her kik : millenialcuck
  11. C

    Id this hot latin guy?

    (Webcam) Can anyone id this guy? He appears in many webcam videos. He is latin, i think he is from Colombia. I am willing to send a huge collection of nudes if you give me info. Please!
  12. jamesking_91

    Skype slim, twink, fit cam and pics

    Hey guys. I know some of you (like me) enjoy camming or sharing pics with other guys of similar slimmer fit build, but it’s hard to find, so this forum can be just that. If you are after a guy of our build and seek the same, post in here ;) I will kick off - Jamesking_91@yahoo.com - J
  13. J

    Ig- azzawhitashipa hot redhead has of

    Gorgeous twinky redhead british twunk has incredible new OF account!
  14. J

    Photo Azzawhitashipa hot redhead

    HOTTTTIE on Insta - now has an 0N L y - f4n s!