1. i_bytch_55

    Sweaty Sling Orgy

    Hey, does anyone has this full clip? It features Roman Maverick as the bottom, and Seth Santoro in one of the group. I tried google and found some links but they are already deleted. The only remain preview is from Seth's Twitter account as i attach below. Pls do share if you have the video...
  2. E

    Slings And Oxballs

    Hi guys! is there any good site to buy a sling stand? I cannot afford to pay almost 300/500 €/$ Is there also someone using OXBALLS cockring? because I bought one (the OXSLING) and I really love it but it stretch too much my balls. is there any way to enlarge it little bit? teak you guys!
  3. 1

    Sling Fucking

    Share and enjoy videos (and photos) of sling sex
  4. D


    How long should I keep a Cocksling on for.
  5. O

    I want to buy a second hand sling

    Hey guys... i really want to buy a sling but to get one shipped from the states will cost about $700 AUD... would love to see if anyone in Australia has one to sell... Anyone help me out here with suggestions or ideas or who wants to donate their old sling to a hungry bottom bear ;)