1. A

    Smell cocks and ...

  2. L

    Anyone want to trade used underwear?

    Hey!! Anyone wants to swap dirty used undies?
  3. M

    Sweaty jerk off vids

    Anyone fucking love watching guys jerk off while they're sweaty as fuck? Nothing manlier than being drenched in your own sweat. Doesn't even have to be jerk off vids, could just be guys showing off how sweaty and smelly they are. Fucking hot. Post your favorite vids here. Hell even post vids and...
  4. R

    Friends Smell Feet, help ID

    heyy, came across this hot video of friends smelling feet together and its sooo hot can anyone id it?
  5. muskyyy


  6. O

    Bisexual Indian guy addicted to uncut cock and pussy

    Hi, I just joined, and I am excited to be here. I am a 36 year old bisexual guy from Kerala, South India, who is incurably addicted to the intoxicating aroma and heavenly and smutty taste of uncut cock and pussy. I love the smell and taste of smutty cock smell underneath the foreskin. And I...
  7. D

    Anyone else like a little musk in a man?

    I really like when men have a little smell Haha lol Sorry if this is weird. Like after a day worth of work. Theres something about the pits and crotch that makes me so horny. Im not talking like cheese and shit smell lol, but I like to taste something besides soap. Am I the only one?
  8. D

    Photos & Videos Jonah's Favourite Porn

  9. B

    Smelling and/or Licking Armpits in Straight Porn

    Armpit Fetishism is (thankfully) relatively common in gay porn, but what are some examples of female on male armpit fetishism in straight porn? It seems very rare, but let's compile every instance of it in this thread, especially if it is spontaneous and 'in-the-moment'. (No 'See Him Fuck'...
  10. chatnplay

    Anal toys question

    Hi guys, I sometimes like to play with an anal toy, though its making me paranoid the day after. Specifically around smell. Can other people smell that you used an anal toy a day or days later? Anyone have any experience with this or noticed it with someone? I just worry people can smell...
  11. D

    What Do You Smell Right Now?

    What scent do you smell? I smell the sweet smell of a cigar. I’m at my Brother-in-law’s house attending a family birthday dinner. And the men are out back enjoying an after dinner cigar. :) so what do you smell?
  12. S

    Have Ever Put Your Finger On Your Dick Or Bush And Smelled??

    i really do this but sometimes it's automatically.