1. Blackbearvains

    Video Guys getting “Walked in on”

    I find it so hot to see guys getting walked in on while jerking their cocks! especially when theyre cumming.. And their reaction is always so hot! I’ve created this thread so that you guys can share the videos you guys may have pertaining to this category! Have fun!
  2. J

    Normal Everyday CLOTHED Men

    Not porn behind the scenes or anything like that although those actors are beautiful and fun! Not nude photoshoots of you although I'm sure you're beautiful too! Just your everyday guy living his life maybe on tiktok or in the street or wherever!
  3. S

    Blindfolded Amateur Girl Getting A Genuine Surprise From Huge Cock By Another Man

    Amateur Blindfolded Girl (or wife/ girlfriend) getting a surprise big cock (or dildo) from another man. She genuinely wasn't expecting it. If she gets mad or likes it, that's both okay. Looking for genuine sneaking, tricking, discomfort, and a little pain maybe.