1. Drummerjock

    Heavily Tattooed Men

    Heavily Tattooed man appreciation post. *please do not yuck my or mabe others yum. If you are not into it, move one* Also if anyone know who IG-Hellyeahtatoo would be amazing he is a heavily tattooed german stud.
  2. Sneaker1st

    Sneakers, boots and male feet fetish - NSFW

    For those into sneakers, boots, maybe socks and guys wearing them. A place to share pics of cummed shoes and socks, “borrowed ones”, sniffing etc.
  3. Thicc Shake

    Any new videos from Sn36akers?

    So there's this guy sn36akers and formerly sneaker36creamer who does these videos of fucking sneakers. I love feet (socks especially) and I've never been into sneakers but his videos are hot! I've found some of his older vids online but nothing recent. Anyone know of he's still making vids...
  4. msriffraff

    Photo Unknown rooftop hung lad

    Came upon this photo and cannot figure out who it might be. Anyone know?
  5. jpedro_1990

    Kinky Sneaker And Feet Dude

    Hi guys, got a sneaker, feet and socks fetish, any of u guys in to that? got skype to c2c, same user :P
  6. P

    Younggearcouple @gearcouple This is so sexy to me. My favorite part is the last couple seconds. Nothing better than the guy you’re blowin holding you down and choking you on his cock as he comes. My favorite part of giving head. Their account is fairly new...
  7. A

    Arabs In Sportgear, Voyeur

    Am I the only one who gets a hardon seeing arabs in their sweatpants, white socks and sneakers? I guess I am the only one because nowhere is there a site catering to my needs. into masculine, dominant arabs in sportsgear. especially when speaking arab all links to onlyfans, twitter, IG and...
  8. D

    Video Frank Crass

    Did a search and can't see anything relating to this sexy beast...
  9. Seth Segura

    Dante colle jerk off

    Does anyone have this solo video of Dante Colle? Or know where I can find it? Dominic Pacifico: Gay Bareback and Fetish Porn
  10. trackjock13

    Naked in sneakers

    Don't think I have a "foot fetish" but seeing a guy naked, or ideally FULLY ERECT but still wearing sneakers is a HUGE turn on to me. Anyone else? Share pics plz, or even stories if you have them.
  11. D

    Celeb feet / shoe size

    Anyone has hot pics of famous guys feet/shoe sizes? I've seen a few stories with the Balenciaga sneakers with the number and things like that and I find that super hot xD