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    Pretty Random request in help identifying snl look a like

    so I was watching the “Please Don’t Destroy” Segments of SNL and had a really random memory unlocked. One of the members, Ben Marshall, looked a lot like some guy I saw in a gay porn video. I think it was an amateur style video. Not sure if he was a red head, but he had the same shy, adorkable...
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    BriTANick (YouTube Duo)

    Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher They're also on SNL
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    Jacob Kaplan - comedian/writer

    Anyone have anything on this cute guy? His videos are very funny and I find him very cute. He does videos with Kyle Gordon, who I also don’t see a page for on here yet.
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    Michael Longfellow (SNL)

    Anything on him?
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    Beck Bennett

    I'm surprised there is no thread for him? Fantastic voice and nice body. I first noticed him on the at&t commercials. So glad SNL picked him up. He's been nude in the movie Beside Still Waters. Hoping there is more out there.