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  1. C

    Having Fun with Cum: Felching, Breeding/Creampies, Sloppy Seconds, Snowballing, Bukkakes, Public Facials, Gokkun

    Felching, Breeding/Creampies, Sloppy Seconds (whether the cum is seen or is just implied), Snowballing/Snowdropping/Cum Swapping, Bukkakes (multiple facials or even one or two huge messy facials), Public Facials (walking around in public with a facial), drinking or eating cum, feeding cum to...
  2. 1

    Id Help This Porn Actor

    Please let me know his name who appears on the second and the 3rd scene. From 1:34 to 4:10. Thank you very much.
  3. bastiankydd

    Gay Snowballing Videos

    Hi All! Would love to see your favourite snowballing videos! I typically enjoy when they makeout during and even better of its a threesome/group!
  4. ForeignForeign

    Id This Video, Please?

    Boule de neige et cracher Thanks!
  5. T


    Is anyone else turned on by spitting? My bf isn’t. But I like when guys spit in my mouth or on my face. What about snowballing/ swapping cum from mouth to mouth? For me I think it’s the submissiveness of it that turns me on. Anyone else?
  6. ForeignForeign

    Spit - spitting - saliva - in mouth, face, cock, body.

    Let's share spitting videos: