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    Toby Alexander Smith ( Gray Atkins Eastenders )

    Photos of the handsome man himself go. ⬇️ How would you describe the body he has?
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    Ashraf Ejjbair

    Ashraf Ejjbair is an actor and reality television star known for his part of the Brit Crew on RuPaul's Drag Race UK. His body is insanely perfect! :yum
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    Joivan Wade

    Joivan Wade is an English actor known for playing Jordan Johnson on the BBC soap opera EastEnders, and Victor Stone/Cyborg in the DC Universe series Doom Patrol. The older and the bulkier he gets the more hot he gets, a proper fantasy piece!
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    Richard Blackwood

    Richard Blackwood is an English actor, presenter and rapper. Between 2015 and 2018, he played Vincent Hubbard in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. In 2020, he began portraying the role of Felix Westwood in the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks. What a beefy, big, hunk of a man. A DILF for sure!
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    Aaron Fontaine

    Aaron Fontaine is a British actor known for his role on soap opera, Hollyoaks as Sonny Valentine (recast version) and The Outpost as King Tobin Aegisford. He looks great in a suit or bare! A beefy, dark, handsome hunk!
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    Leon Lopez

    Leon Lopez is a British actor, television and film director, singer-songwriter and occasional model, best known for playing the role of Jerome Johnson in the Channel 4 soap opera Brookside from 1998 to 2002. He also played the role of Linford Short in the BBC's EastEnders in 2016. His first...
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    Calvin Demba

    Calvin Demba is a British actor best known for his roles on Hollyoaks as Scott Sabeka, Youngers as Jay and his created short film Rue Boy as Rudie. Demba is certainly a hunky Londoner with a potentially big load!
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    Ryan Thomas

    Ryan Thomas is an English actor and reality television star known for his role on Coronation Street as Jason Grimshaw and his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother which he won. He is 1/3 of the famous Thomas Brothers trio and is a mainstay hunk throughout the 00's and beyond!
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    Adam Thomas

    Adam Thomas is a British actor most famous for his roles in television shows Waterloo Road (Donte Charles), Emmerdale (Adam Barton) and is also known for his stint on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Series as a contestant and host. Adam is 1/3 of the Thomas siblings and is just as fit as...
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    Jurell Carter

    Jurell Carter is an English actor best known for his role on Emmerdale as Nate Robinson. He really has the muscle, sex appeal and animal magnetism. Jurell clips!
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    Jay Kontzle

    Jay Kontzle is an English actor and singer who has appeared in Emmerdale as Billy Fletcher since 2018. Kontzle and his band, The Mend, auditioned for The X Factor in 2011 and Britain's Got Talent in 2012.
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    Theo Graham

    Theo Graham is an English actor most known for his roles on Hollyoaks as Hunter McQueen and Fate The Winx Saga as Dane. A body to kill for and a face to get rock hard over!
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    Kyal Marsh

    Kyal Marsh is an Australian actor most famous for his role as Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours. Prime Australian beef in the early 00's! s!
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    Zack Morris

    The English actor is known for his Eastenders role as Keegan Baker. He really is a young, hot stud!
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    Joe-warren Plant

    Joseph-Warren Plant is an actor currently on the British, ITV soap opera, "Emmerdale" (formerly "Emmerdale Farm") as Jacob Gallagher, which debuted in 1972 and still continues to this present day. Joe-Warren who was born in 2002 has also appeared on reality TV show "Dancing With The Stars."...
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    Gareth Pierce (todd From Coronation Street)

    Does anyone have anything on him