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  1. I

    The life as a soccer mascot

    This story has a little bit of truth in it but is mostly fictional. All characters are above the age of 18. Also, this story is not about furries or so but it has a bit of sneaker/dirty fetish in it. So if this is nothing for you just read over these parts :) If there are any similarities to...
  2. R

    Photos & Videos Benjamin Pavard | French Football Player (FC Bayern Munich)

    He just needs his own Thread, so here it is. :dizzy: :imp:
  3. R

    Major League Soccer (MLS) and other American division Players

    There are so many hot players that playing the US, I want to see them shared here and talked about. If anyone has anything... please share ☺️
  4. M

    Why isn't homophobia get treated with the same tough measures as racism in football?

    Being a POC, gay, and a football fan. I realized that homophobia in football doesn't get treated with the same strict nature as racism. I was always expecting a footballer to come out in 2022 but after reading up on it and watching interviews on it, it seems like this will never happen...
  5. R

    Karl Birktoft IG - karleboy01

  6. G

    cjsoccer44 or cjavier44

    This is a thread about cjsoccer44 / cjavier44 / Javier Albarran / skinny23cm. he is super sexy and there are now threads of him.
  7. M

    Ricardinho Chahini (@ricardochahini on Instagram)

    Allow me to introduce you all to this beautiful freestyle footballer.
  8. T

    Is Jack Grealish gay?

    Do you think Jack Grealish is gay or at least bisexual? He gives me extrem vibes :D And which other footballers do you believe are into men? Ben Chilwell is my next guess.
  9. R

    Paulo Dybala

    Simply Paulo.
  10. W

    Ben Godfrey

    This guy deserves his own thread
  11. C

    Danil Krapivnikov (krapivnikov11)

    Is there anything on him. Russian soccer-player and Tiktoker Instagram krapivnikov11 Tiktok @krapivnikov11
  12. muscle_lover

    Vitinha (soccer player)

    Vitinha is a portuguese soccer player with an amazing ass. He has too a "interesting" bulge
  13. X

    hot chilean soccer player Ig: alzerreca

    Guys anything about this hottie? ig https://www.instagram.com/alzerreca_/ can't believe there are no nudes of him around here or some in his soccer suite!
  14. muscle_lover

    Ruben Dias

    This thread is decated to Ruben Dias. He's a portuguese soccer player with a perfect (said by experts, truly) muscular body and ass. Delight you with this greek god.
  15. M

    Couper Gunn

    Anyone has anything on this openly gay footballer who plays for Colby - Sawyer team?
  16. C

    Guys Into Sportswear...

    So I'm keen on exploring sportswear and getting into it, fine it hot af. I think gym shorts/soccer wear is the hottest. I'm just wondering is there any shorts/shirts that you find particularly hot? Football teams, brands, material etc. Keen to see what the consensus is heh
  17. T

    Riqui Puig

    21 year old footballer at Barcelona.
  18. D

    Euro 2020

    Couldn’t find a thread so thought this wud be a good place to post our fav pics of the boys playing in EURO 2020. Bonus pts if anyone has leaked nudes that they wanna send my way, flick me a msg
  19. C

    Sports Thread: News & Videos From Real Sports To E-sports & Sports Entertainment

    List of sports - Wikipedia Sports in the United States - Wikipedia https://www.youtube.com/user/zuziksmoulinka Sports in the United States - Wikipedia Sports in the United States - Wikipedia Sports in the United States - Wikipedia Sports in the United States - Wikipedia Sports in the United...
  20. natesols

    Thorgan Hazard's Ass

    Those Hazard men and their beautiful Belgian bubble butts. Eden has some serious competition...
  21. J

    Joshua Kimmich

    pls i need everything
  22. T

    Philippe Coutinho (brazilian Footballer)

    Photo dump of this hot king, he deserved his own thread so I made him one.
  23. T

    Daniel Arzani (persian Footballer)

    He’s so cute, I love his meaty thighs lmao
  24. M

    Julian Brandt

    Is there more hot stuff with Julian Brandt? He is sooo cute and has such a wonderful ass. If he was my bottom I would fuck him all day long. But also I would like to see Julian and Kai fuck together. There are so cute and gay when they are together. They would make a beautiful gay couple.
  25. Riotously

    Need Help Id-ing Clip From Twitter

    I've never uploaded any vids before so hopefully this works Please help me ID this guy in the sweater - basically only saw this one clip of him on twitter a while ago and have not found anything about him since. st.codwUZAGeVrc.mp4 Also trying to ID these guys in soccer shorts who I believe...
  26. M

    Photos & Videos Leroy Sané

    More of hin?
  27. M

    Son Heung Min - Korean Soccer Player

    Surprised there's no thread on him. Thoughts?
  28. 1

    Neil Etheridge Jerk Off Vid

    I found this vid of (presumably) Neil Etheridge jerking off. It's pretty low quality. Does anyone have or know where I can find a better quality version?
  29. P

    Mitchell Lopez (soccer Player)

    From his wikipédia page: Brazilian-American professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Boca Raton FC in the National Premier Soccer League of the United States I met this guy at a party, 100% straight, fucks all girls in sight. Anybody got something?
  30. M

    Hot Adidas Training Pants / Pants

    I find them ultra sexy. You can see bulges and nice ass. Does anybody have some pics to share?