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  1. Umarex

    I'm a sockslut

    I love sweaty/old socks~ Even if they have been worn for a year~ If you send me pics of your feet with very used socks, I'll be very happy~<3
  2. MCR_Boy

    Photos & Videos Used Underwear (Pics and Trade)

    Anyone else just love buying some used stinking socks or cum stained pants from hot lads? if you prefer to watch other lads buy your used gear and get off on them sniffing them, this is the place for you. Feel free to leave your pictures, videos, stories or maybe even see if anyone is...
  3. Thicc Shake

    His Hot Feet - (Foot fetish story)

    So, a bit of an odd story, appreciate it might not be for everyone, but this is how I discovered that I had a foot fetish. I'm in college at this point (maybe I'm a late bloomer in the fetish department) and it's been a couple of months now. It's the usual story - attending classes, making...
  4. Thicc Shake

    Any new videos from Sn36akers?

    So there's this guy sn36akers and formerly sneaker36creamer who does these videos of fucking sneakers. I love feet (socks especially) and I've never been into sneakers but his videos are hot! I've found some of his older vids online but nothing recent. Anyone know of he's still making vids...
  5. Sweatysocklover91

    Help finding full video

    Hi guys! Hoping someone on here can help me find the full length version of this porno without paying for it! Its called Blake and Mickey - From Toys to Fucking I have seen clips of it and it looks hot as fuck! And I want the full length version to get off to hah! Do your work people and help...
  6. D

    What socks, if any, are you wearing right now?

    A thread to share photos of what socks you've got on today!
  7. H


    Does anyone have any more stuff of this Twitter cashmaster?
  8. X

    hot chilean soccer player Ig: alzerreca

    Guys anything about this hottie? ig https://www.instagram.com/alzerreca_/ can't believe there are no nudes of him around here or some in his soccer suite!
  9. Q

    Sweaty Sock And Foot Fetish: London

    Hey all anyone in London also share a love for sweaty socks or feet? I love sucking off men in sweaty socks and giving them a good sniff while I wank. Would be great to meet some people inland on in real life so we can all enjoy together?
  10. liam.johnson11

    Snapchat Group

    starting a new snapchat group for big dicks and sharing nudes here's the invite link: Snapchat - Group Invite
  11. liam.johnson11

    Snapchat Group

    starting a new snapchat group for big dicks and sharing nudes here's the invite link: Snapchat - Group Invite
  12. B

    Who Is This Fit Tiktok Looking Guy?

    If anyone can identify him or know where I can watch more of his stuff, let me know :)
  13. MasterHoshiro

    Photos & Videos Dildo And White Socks Make Guys Cum Like Fountain

  14. Creepinonthosecornfed

    New Cam Jerk Group 25+

    Add me @ str8magnet and I’ll add you to the group. Guys into guys, guys into girls, dicks out. Girly gay male in Georgia 35 slim w big cock and bubble butt. Let’s cum.
  15. Krpt

    Rare Achievement Or Banal Ability?

    I have not seen anything quite like this. Does this require a kind of flexibility or stretchability or what? Tumblr: Image Nevertheless, very novel (to me) and very sexy! It seems like the top is worshipping the other guy in as many ways at once as he can. also the bottom's wearing socks! ;)...
  16. O

    Photos & Videos Yousaidisaid

    This guy I liked watching seemingly disappeared off the internet after pornhub wiped his page. His username was yousaidisaid and the only vids i have are on https://biguz.net/search.php?q=yousaidisaid . Does anyone have anything else?
  17. O


    There’s this one guy I used to watch a lot, his name was yousaidisaid but since pornhub and xtube deleted all his vids i cant seem to find any. Can anyone help?
  18. M

    Hairy Men Legs

    Hi. If you like mens hairy legs, just post your favorite <3
  19. T

    Photos & Videos Saintc

    Anyone got anything on him? Onlyfans
  20. K

    Video Squat/spread Socks Cum Compilation

    Does anyone else like squatting/spread guys wanking with socks videos, like these one I post? we can post here a compilation. Bouncing balls is a plus! ;)
  21. D

    Stuffstevedoes Of?

    I think the guy is insanely sexy and want to know if anyone is subscribed and if its worth it or better yet share some of the content his Twitter is @ stuffstevedoes
  22. K

    Video Men Keeping Their Socks/shoes

    Hi all, Looking for straight porn vids where the male actor (preferably good looking) keep their socks or shoes during sex. Who also enjoys it and is willing to share some ? Examples: Keni Styles and Haley Cummings Nikolas and Sasha Rose - RealAgent
  23. allenjeffries51

    Sock Video Thread Boys & Guys

    I have several videos I want to post here, collected over the years, as far back as 2008.
  24. allenjeffries51

    Guys In White Socks

    I have an abundance of guys in white socks I collected over the years!
  25. M


    Does anyone please have any of their stuff from their onlyfans? The partner looks real hot and fucks rough, would really love to see their full vids etc if anyone has them please OnlyFans
  26. Creepinonthosecornfed

    Cam,phone?only Socks.

    I’m down for zoom kik even phone. Slim dude in 30s. Big cock and low hangers. Small waist and bubble butt. Girly voice here too for guys into phone. Love jerking w a bud, verbal dudes. Socks and undies. Straight guys to front of the line. Message me.
  27. T

    Jocks In White Socks

    I‘m not into foot worship or sth like that but I love it when hot tops wear white socks. Does anyone have good gay or straight material with jocks wearing white socks? (Pics or vids)
  28. M

    Photos & Videos Scottxxx

    Does anyone know or have any way of obtaining any newer videos from Scottxxx.com for free? If anyone would be willing to share a Google drive with videos or any good download sites etc that would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you
  29. Mhguy2020

    Giving Dl Head West Village Nyc

    35 italian/latin, 100% clean DDF. Discreet hosting West Village for anon. Love to edge or jerk a fat dick for a DL dude. Maybe suck it off. Be white, under 40, in shape/,musc, clean ddf. Weakness for suit/tie, hung, masc. Could be blindfolded on my knees for the right dude. Have body pics to...
  30. M

    Photo College Pole Vaulter Mondo Duplantis

    Meet 20-year-old Armand “Mondo” Duplantis, who just broke the world record for pole vaulting. He is a dual citizen in the US and Sweden. And he’s quite photogenic, to say the least...