1. Y


    I dont have many kinks, I just want to make my hypnosis roleplay. It's little soft, but you can be the str8 friend/ the cop/ the military/ the teacher or any other hot stuff and when I will say "trance" you will turn into my dirty slut. DM if interested.
  2. Y

    Dad and son/couples/roommates - mind control/hypnosis roleplay

    So, I would need 2 people that live in the same room or can get to each other's house. They can be a couple, roommates, or some dad and son dinamic, uncle and nephew. I would explain you further what's in my mind. We would talk about I will start making unconventional sugestions to you two and...
  3. D

    Daddy Onlyfans - who is this?!

    Father and son jerking off together - This is so hot!!! Anyone know the models?!
  4. D

    20 need verbal daddy 40+

    20 skinny slim fit smooth 7’ looking for verbal older 40+ Skype is captainstabbin17. Love showing off
  5. Men55sex

    19 Son looking Dad roleplay / Chico 19 buscando rolepay con papi

    Latin 19 year boy looking for 25+ daddy or big bro roleplay, dm if u interested Chico de 19 buscando a un papi o hermano mayor de 25+ para roleplay caliente, dm si te interesa
  6. ChocolateExhibitionist91

    Did You Grow Up Where Male Nudity was Commonplace With Your Dad/Brothers/Uncles/Cousins?

    I've seen threads like this posted before, but they've all ended so long ago and I kinda wanted to start it up again, so let's get it! I grew up in a very conservative family, parents are divorced, and I have one sibling who's my older brother. My mother raised us cause our dad wasn't around...
  7. Z

    Anyone knows what's the name of the son actor? It's a straight porn but something tells me that he's more interested in watching the dick.
  8. K

    Young lad for older men

    Hello :) 19 m looking for a mature man to chat with and maybe play. Might be something serious. What happens happens. Im into older men. Bears and dads. 40+ If you wanna chat about stuff and maybe have some fun - find me on snap. Snap: romanv988
  9. Scottishc0ck

    Cum one and all!

    Location: Scotland, UK Age: 24 Looking to have some engaging/interesting online fun/conversations with you lovely gentlemen around our favourite subjects cock and sex. Whether you’re old, young, fat, thin, bald or hairy… you’re all whalecum. I have Snapchat, Kik or can chat here. For...
  10. Charolais12

    My onlyfans!

    Hey guys if y’all want to check out my free onlyfans here is the link: OnlyFans 23 year old hairy bro here who loves to show off and chat! Thanks
  11. xsatoshix

    Son looking for a dad

    I'm a Brazilian teacher and student who's looking for a dad to chat and roleplaying, maybe. Would love to chat, trade experiences and fantasies. Anyone who's up, feel free to PM me so we can exchange contact info.
  12. J

    Help ID this daddy

    Can anyone help me ID these guys?
  13. nopullout25

    breaking my celibacy without breaking my hole

    i’ve been celibate for about 3 years now & i tried to open up for a well endowed str8 man. needless to say i didn’t tap out but managed to get myself raped lol. what tips & tricks would you larger men suggest on training a hole quickly/opening up a hole? str8 men: below is my hole & what i’d...
  14. U

    Dad and Son Fun

    Please feel free to add pics of dads and sons to this thread and enjoy what is here.
  15. Y

    Son in need of a daddy to skype

    Hey guys, I am new here... 23yo from Brazil, with a fiance bur want to jump the fence. I need a daddy to skype! I am a very obedient son. You don't have to show face. Add me on Skype: live:.cid.e27a7cdf763a9e43
  16. 1

    Top Daddy Bottom Son Group

    37 m Canada Bottom New group on Skype for Top Daddy/Btm Son roleplay. Just to network to connect daddies and sons. 18+ only! We need more Daddies!!! Please contact me WITH YOUR ASL AND IF YOU ARE TOP OR BTM and then I can add you to the group. Thanks. live:.cid.90fb9d16b3623aa4 Join conversation
  17. D

    Looking for fit online dad

    Fit and young here. Been looking for someone for a while who is 50+, in shape, enjoys their anonymity but would like to connect with someone younger over what sort of stuff they like to jerk to, or what turns them on. Would love to occasionally jerk and just have a fun time. I know it might be...
  18. S

    Dads And Their Boys

  19. NicHalliwell

    Have you ever watched a porn movie with your old man?

    Several years ago, my old man surprised me while I was watching a porn movie on the PC. I was tremendously embarrassed and thought I was going to get a lecture but it didn't. In fact, he joined me in watching the film, also starting a conversation about our sexual tastes.
  20. levineevita

    Asian Pinoy boy looking for daddy

    Hi I'm Mitch and I'm really attracted to naughty daddies. Please visit me in Manila and let's fuck. I'd gladly tour u and I don't need payment just your mouth and ass daddy mmmmmm
  21. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Sexy Dad

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
  22. J

    Hung fit college son for Dad

    21 hung fit college boy here for a daddy to chat and cam with on Snapchat. Add me @ jackserna2021 please send pic when you add. must be willing to cam.
  23. L

    I need a daddy

    I’m looking for a hot, sexy and with a big dick daddy. 21 here
  24. A

    Photo About Man, His Son, His Stepson (question)

    Apologies if this was debated beforehand. Earlier today I discovered some videos where a man stated he was a father and with him was his blood son (in the middle) and his stepson (on the left). They were known as nudistfamily3 somewhere. I don't know if they were truthful. "2016" appears in...
  25. K

    Help. Whose The Hot Daddy In This Video?

    he looks so familiar...
  26. zaboo9377

    Dad/ Son Rp On Kik

    Hey, I'm a 28 yo, dom and very hung guy looking to set up a dad/son rp on kik. I could be the daddy or the hung son who fucks the dad depending on the person. Sending nudes and so on is required. Apply: zaboo777 8119981
  27. Dublinlad7

    Irish On Skype - Uncut

    Hey guys, newish here. Seriously horned always and looking for guys on Skype. Im 38 Uncut, pre a lot and power shooter. Love underwear, bulges, muscle worship. Younger/Older RP. Skype ID - DAD77@OUTLOOK.IE
  28. U

    Dad Son Fun Skype Group

    Looking to put together a skype dad son group Looking for both dads and sons Im 42 and would like to talk to other dads about sons/ Hopefully organise some group cam wanks with dads and sons. If interested message me with the word dad or son and I will add u my skype username is undiesguy2
  29. H

    Dad And Son Tik Tok

    The man in the blue looks a lot like that husband of the tik tok couple who constantly get comments about them being father son. I know this is a vague post but for the life of me i cannot find them on tik tok. Orgy between Students -
  30. J

    Young For Old

    22 U.K. lad looking for older dads/grandads. Preferably chub/beefy and 50+. Online now and need to cum! Add: live:.cid.d4a8b8088c27efe5