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  1. NicoNicoNicoNico

    What are some kinky and fun ways to eat cum?

    I’m just getting into eating my own loads regularly. I’ve cum like right in my mouth which is great but I just started cumming into my coffee and it turns me on even more! What are other fun ways to eat cum?
  2. D

    For those that really enjoy swallowing

    I've often wondered about those that really want to swallow cum. I've read a lot of comments about how submissive it makes them feel, or the cum being their reward. I've also known women who enjoy swallowing say that they feel even closer to the guy because a part of him is now in her. For me...
  3. geofinn

    Made to Eat Own Cum

    Post videos where the guy eats or ideally is made to eat his own cum. NO SOLO videos.
  4. New App idea. Let me know what you think.

    New App idea. Let me know what you think.

    I'm excited to introduce you to my new app that is now Under Construction, Sperma Drink App, a revolutionary platform that brings together two groups of people: donors and tasters. This app is designed to simplify the process of donating and enjoying sperma. For donors, the app provides a form...
  5. G

    My Masseuse fuck me so hard

    The massage therapist The story is absolutely Real! I was getting a haircut and a young guy came into the salon and said he had a massage appointment. The masseur came out and told him: Come on, Ice, come. The guy said, just put on a shower and I'll come. The masseur gave him an...
  6. D

    Who is ready to blow your load?

    I’m so close to exploding!! Been edging since yesterday (I mean I slept, and kept going this morning) I know I will cum so much
  7. D

    Share your cum picture here! Lets all get horny

    Share your cum shot. Who has the biggest?
  8. D

    Cum eating

    Hey, im 22 yo from Sweden and Im a cum eater. I love it. let me know if your one too! gay st8 bi anything. if your around my age it would be so cool to share videos and such. Let me know why you eat it why you like it and your thought in general. I always think of cum. I dont suck alot of cocks...
  9. Y

    Why Is Sucking Cock And The Reward Of Cum So Alluring?

    Sucking a cock is when I feel most sexually deviant. I love sex with women, but to me, the greatest sexual rush is when I've put a cock in my mouth. Every day, I touch my cock. When I have sex, it's about my cock; about getting my cock off. When I'm with a girl, it's about giving her cock. All...
  10. D

    Increasing Sperm Amount Naturally!!!!!

    Hey I was wondering what everyone does to increase the amount you cum. Natural vitamins or supplements that you guys take or any info is greatly appreciated. My loads aren’t that big an but I do jerk everyday.
  11. C

    Breeding And Sperm Competition Fetish

    Any men get really turned on by thinking of cumming inside a pussy deep? Does the idea of bareback creampie sex turn you on? What about if multiple guys cum inside a pussy back to back to back? Share your thoughts and what turns you on about it.
  12. D

    Selffacial For Dom

    Hey, I (37, fit, hairy) m looking for a skype bro, who watches and animates me to jerk and edge for him. It is very important, that I cum on my own face at the end. I can get my legs high up, so I hit my face for sure, but you have to controll, animate, force me to do that for you. You think you...
  13. E

    Belgium Edging / Cum Control

    Any guys interested in being edged and milked in Belgium/Antwerpen? Love giving long sessions, keeping a guy on the brink and controlling their orgasm for a long time. PM for more details if interested!
  14. 1

    Sperm Competition

    Have you ever wondered why your balls are bigger than average, or why do you cum more than the average male? Here Shave your answer. -A longer dick can place sperm deeper in the vagina, so it will make impregnation more viable. -A thick dick and head will literally clean the cum of any other...
  15. krisz80

    Photos & Videos Guys Who Love Cum

    Guys Who Love Cum
  16. Y

    How Does It Feel To Actually Swallow A Big Thick Load Of Cum?

    I've had guys cum in my mouth small to normalish amounts before, and sometimes swallow a little bit but spit the rest because I never have the guts to go for all of it. My dream is to work up the nerve to swallow an entire load one day though, and want it to be a big thick one. For anyone that...
  17. D


    Hey, Im very much into cumming on own face. Its not about eating it. Its about making myself shooting far, so it hits my face or putting my legs over so my cock points direct to my face. I love doing it for other boys or girls watching me or making other guys doing it in front of me. Any...
  18. Y

    Why Is Eating Cum So Exciting?

    What about cum makes it so desirable? Sucking cock turns me on, but it's only because I know that I'm trying to get him to cum. Is it the moaning? His dick getting harder and harder? The anticipation knowing that any second you're gonna taste it? I've never encountered anything else so arousing...
  19. 1

    Cum Like A God… "hyperspermia"...

    Hey guys… Heard about some guys taking pills from the UK that make them "Hyperpotent" so let them cum like a god. So thats not all. With these tablets they also can cum again and again after a short break with the same amount… Maybe the big guys here have a good Tip what this could be…
  20. BigCawkStar9

    Any San Diego Cocks Need Sucking?

    Hi Everyone!! I'm hoping to suck some Cock for the holidays! I like to meet up at Jolars on University Ave. in San Diego. I especially love thick veiny Cocks and huge loads of Sperm. Plz let me know if interested and how to contact.
  21. L

    Photos & Videos Czech Amateur Jackoff

  22. C

    Gay Gokkun Gang

    Gokkun is the swallowing of several men's semen that has been accumulated in a container or in a sub's mouth during a gang bang. There's chicks doing it all over the internet, but gay examples are rare. Let's find them!
  23. D

    Cum In Own Face / Selffacial

    Hey everyone, I m very much into selffacials. I like different positions as "legs over head", "legs on a wall", "ass high up in the air" or just shooting far all over and everywhere. All with the same target: a big load all over my own body and face. I dont shoot in my own mouth, but I like to...
  24. L

    Contest: Quickest To Cum!

    Who doesn't love watching a hard dick throw some rope! Let's have a contest of who can shoot the quickest. Post a video of you from start to finish jacking off and see who can cum the quickest. Quick way to blow off some steam
  25. L

    Rate The Load Above

    Post a picture of a load you've shot and let the person below rate it.
  26. dikkiedik

    Photo Just A Juicy Bite

  27. serph789

    Photo Cum Facial Photoshop Fetish

    Does anyone have a fetish for seeing regular guys/youtubers/celebs photoshopped with cum on their faces? I know there's a TON of straight folk who get off of seeing female celebs with cum edited on their faces but I RARELY see guys! Anyone else out there? I make edits!! If you guys want requests...
  28. 1

    Photo Cum Shooters

    Share and enjoy photos, GIFs and videos of notable cum shots
  29. E

    Semen Fascination

    Here's to the guys that are fascinated by a mate's semen. Especially if he is hung. Why is it that attracts some guys to another mate's sperm so much? Regardless of sexual orientation.
  30. H

    My Baby Boy

    Dm me sexy guys