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sph size difference

  1. T

    Any good Gay SPH Onlyfans pages?

    Does anybody know good gay SPH Onlyfans pages? I only found AnonBttmMia has some
  2. D

    Tiny 20yo teen looking to be put in his place by hung teens 18-20 any socials

    Hey very small cocked little cuck looking for some hung teens looking to compare humiliate and have a laugh on my expense ofc, we could use snapchat as a group chat for example, discord or reddit i dont mind.
  3. sadako1

    Used Condoms from a Hotwive's gangbang. SPH

    Very sloppy trying on these 8 filled condoms on...some still warm! Amazing feeling.... Each condom was significantly bigger than my cock.
  4. D

    Monster Cock worship

    M 33 from France here, tall, athletic, huge cocked and balled straight guy. ONLY looking for small cocks subs that are REALLY into worshipping. I can cam but don't like the subs to cam. Typing/mic is ok. My fetishes : 1) Create a cock worship group for my cock 2) Interview kink (you interview...
  5. B

    lost a bet and have to post here

    rugby team compared cocks and i lost… i have to post here with other big cocks and get humiliated. tell me what you think.
  6. O


    Posted on literotica at Randall Pt. 01 - Gay Male - Literotica.com. Let me know if you want me to continue to the next parts. Let me tell you the story of how I completely lost my manhood to my best friend. I'll set the scene a little. Randall was my best friend for over 7 years. We met in...
  7. S

    Just a tiny dick

    Just a micro penis hoping others find it funny
  8. J

    Worship/Humiliate Snap

    I’m a 21 hung guy starting a snap group for hung fit college age guys, and anyone who wants to worship them. Straight, bi, and gay guys welcome- only rule is you gotta have a dick and be willing to show it off. Drop your snap below if you’re interested.
  9. Alphadude

    New Dude

    Hi, I’m a new member who’s just come to chat with others, I’m into SPH and exploring my fetish after realising it’s nothing to be embarrassed about but I should explore it some more. Into chatting with guys who are into it and learning more about it honestly. Oh and just because I’m into it...
  10. M

    Specific Sph Request

    Hi I was wondering if anyone out there was able to fulfill my specific sph need I’m looking to compare with someone on Skype who has a bigger soft cock than my hard cock. I’m about 5.5-6.0 hard so looking for someone to compare their soft cock to my hard cock and then embarrass me by getting...
  11. dickbydick

    Hung Guys Humiliating Small Dicks

    Anybody have any videos similar to the below? Think it is so hot to see hung guys bragging and comparing their size to smaller dicks. First vid is Alpha Jay, second is Danny D.
  12. MateHung

    Deans Realization (mf, Mm, Mmf)

    Dean was always proud of his body, he was tall at 6’8” and after years of playing rugby and hitting the gym he had a solid beefy build, a large chest with defined pecs leading to a thin waist and toned legs. He knew he was attractive, with his short cropped blonde hair and bright blue eyes...
  13. curiousfireman

    If The Cock Above You Is Smaller, Humiliate Him, If Bigger Compliment Him.

    Who's first ?
  14. 3

    Sph Male

    Most solo sph i find is with women performing with dildo or strap on. No bad but i cant find guys with actual big cock soing something similar. The ones i do find have a weird race superior card flying in every sentence. So solo guys or m2m sph. Or bragging and flaunting. Any link please? Or...
  15. M

    Photo Make Fun Of My Tiny Cock

    Humiliate my tiny cock please!
  16. 8

    Video Sph Pov

    I'm looking for people with big cocks (obviously) playing with themselves for just showing off while sph talk. Strap on stuff is fine but I can't find and really big guys doing that on video. Uaully just a quiet look at my cock as I jerk without sound on a shit quality cam lol. Is it too much to...
  17. D

    28 And Fit

    yo! 28 and fit. Bi and bottom. Looking for hung guys who enjoy comparing and giving verbal humiliation. (Preferably Top/verse Bi or gay) Open to both cam and chat with pics. Depending on which is suitable at the time. I’m average. 6” x 4”-4.3” - 15cm x 10.5cm Add me on skype if interested...
  18. Eightane87

    Want To Worship A Bigger Guy 1-on-1 Through Pics

    Guess this falls under sph, but it's less about humiliating and more that I wanna praise a guy whose unit outgrew mine. Very much into chat about difference in sensation, orgasm comparison. I'm a thick 6" and love the idea that hung dudes feel more when they cum. Hit me up if you wanna get into...