sports gear

  1. FitzTwombly

    Athletics and football/sports uniforms

    Anyone else into athletic uniforms? What's your favorite sport? Any good stories? Also wondering if there's any alternatives to tumblr for finding pictures. I sometimes use them for art and there used to be a bunch of blogs on tumblr (particularly looking for American football) that had lots...
  2. S

    Blair Kinghorn – Scottish Rugby Player

    Great player, but also very hot
  3. P

    Any Skype Group Or Buddys Into Underwear?

    Im a 24 latin guy into underwear, Spandex, Bulges, frot bulge in cam, cum inside or outside the underwear. Send a msg if u want :) Im skinny cute guy 5'5 cock to have fun I love soccer shorts, Sport clothes etc ;) If you know a nice group or do you wanna have fun send a msg
  4. Atkrox2020

    Sports Gear

    Anyone into hockey or American football sports gear?
  5. B

    20 Chill College Guy Looking For Long Term Jo Buds And Other Nudists. Read Bio :)

    Hey bros, bi guy here, very open-minded with a lot of kinks. Ideally looking for nudist bros, who enjoy being naked with other men even if it's not for jerking off: comparing, asking questions about dicks, 'bro/locker room talk', goofing around... SC: bjwant As for kinks i'm into armpits...
  6. DF1994

    Quirin Maximillian Furst (@quirin_4800) - Young Football Fitness Model

    A relatively unknown young fitness model who seems to have a proclivity to the game of football, we may be seeing the rise of another young fitness model
  7. H

    Battle of the guys

    A competition is instituted to select the most attractive guy in a cohort. The prize is immense for the victor and each loser faces elimination by poison dart to the neck (think Balls of Fury lol). In each round two guys are presented. Your vote will select the guy to be ELIMINATED. In round...
  8. D

    Photo Anybody got more on this guy?

    Anybody got more stuff on this guy here?
  9. D

    Somebody id this rugby guy

    Can anybody id this guy? here