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  1. S

    Poor guy lol

    I thought I'd share this video before it gets removed. It's a spy video of a tall athletic dude changing in the locker room, leaving, then returning to find his briefs missing. I'm not sure who this is, if this is real or fake, or how it was even captured, but he's hot and fun to watch lol...
  2. E

    Open showers in Norway (gyms, swimming pools, hostels, campsites etc.)

    Do you know any good open showers in Norway? male only. would love to see pictures of the showers too if possible!
  3. M

    Can you help me find this video?

    There’s this great show off video I saw years ago that someone filmed off their neighbour taking a shower through a frosted window, where you could almost see everything. It was so hot. You could basically see everything, as the shower was right next to the window. Is anyone able to find this? I...
  4. S

    Whatever happened to...

    Whatever happened to that video at a Toronto sports center bathroom? It was an hour long or so spy video of the urinals at a sports complex bathroom in Toronto and featured lots of athletic men and their dicks caught while they used the urinals. Anyone know where I can find this again?
  5. D

    Dermatologist Videos

    There were some pretty hot (s p y) videos posted in a now deleted threat showing an italian dermatoligst with his patiens... does someone have these?
  6. L

    Hidden Camera

    was the thread deleted?
  7. M

    Any opportunities to spy on male masturbation? Videos and chats welcome!

    I have a HUGE desire to spy on men (especially straight men) jerking off. Any videos or in person opportunities within the Midwest welcome! ♥️
  8. dandyz

    Straight Roommate Spying

    19M and gay. Anyone else live with a hot straight roommate that just gets you so freaking horny? I do. Let's talk about it. DM me. Pic is my roommate's legs, this gets me so horny.
  9. C

    Best SpyCam Vids?

    Hey guys, Where can you find the best vids of guys in the locker room showers or urinals? Like this one? https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1496966596128088066/pu/vid/1280x720/jrw2j4xycccNlj9W.mp4?tag=12
  10. J

    Video Caught someone jerking off

    This video is so hot Months ago I caught my friend jerking off and now this type of situation makes me so horny. If you have more videos like this pls share it <3 If in the video they end up fucking it's great too
  11. Spartacuss

    Photos & Videos Straight Men In Daily Life.

    There is no hotter thing than finding straight men doing things in everyday life. Shopping at the supermarket, waiting at the doctor's, walking down the street or taking the subway. Straight guys are the kings of the universe, so let's share and enjoy them.
  12. R

    Nude Beach Spy, And Locker Room Video Wanted

    Does anyone have these videos? Looks promising but sad I cant find it :( Thx
  13. HairyAussieBloke

    Straight/ Curious Snapchat Voyeur

    27, aussie, uncut, hairy, love voyeur and wanna swap vids on snap. Swap friends nudes and spy captures. My snap is hairyuncutc0ck
  14. here4adam

    Boyspycam.com Videos?

    Hi, so I loved the boyspycam videos where they would fondle "sleeping" guys and there used to be a lot of those videos posted on xvideos.com but the person who posted them had his account deleted and all the videos were lost. I could find a couple of videos on other sites, but no where near as...
  15. H

    Open/communal Showers In Italy

    Do you know places where there are open/communal showers? Everything is cool: hostels, pools, gyms, whatever. I can start suggesting the "Acquaworld" water park in Concorezzo, near Milan. Open showers, you see the guys in front of you (not next to you tho). At the end on the day, many guys take...
  16. B

    Looking For Full Vid

    Saw the full vid of this yesterday - didn't favorite it - kicking myself! Can only find this short look - the full vid shows the guy filming shooting his load on the window - and then shows him playing with his dick / going soft - he makes a comment about a being in quarantine and getting off -...
  17. H

    Video Genuine Str8 Gay/gay Guy Interaction Vids

    I know there are tons of threads about Str8 guys doing gay shit - But i like these kind of specific style videos and so wanted to create a new thread! Hiddencam vids where there is some form of interaction before they get down to business, or some form of conversation where they comment about...
  18. N

    Spy Boner

  19. bi-pboy

    Watching Neighbors From Window

    I love to watch my neighbors from my window. Unfortunately none of them are too much of an exhibitionist, most I get is seeing them without a shirt, which is sad. Don't guys stay naked at home anymore?? Does anyone have good pics or videos of neighbors showing off from windows? Hotel windows...
  20. A

    Cyber Voyeurism In Porn

    Just discovered I have a thing for cyber voyeurism (spy cam, surveillance, 2-way mirror, virtual reality, etc.) ... It's not something that, as far as I'm aware, can or should be explored in real life, but something about it really turns me on while watching porn. If you have any...
  21. 1

    Up Kilt Spy (non Porn)

    Voyeur/ spy pics of up men’s kilts, non porn cause I like the realism.
  22. johnsirvaa

    Video Locker Room And Shower Vids

    Thread to shared videos of showering and locker room spy
  23. C

    Nyc Urinals Without Dividers / Open Showers

    I am going to be in NYC for the next week and was hoping to get a list of good locations that have a row of urinals without dividers and/or locker rooms with open showers. I am not into cruising, but enjoy the occasional glance from others (8 in and thick here so get a lot of glances if no...
  24. 1

    Public Toilet Peephole, Gloryhole, Overstall, Understall

    show me what you got, love public restroom/ toilet fun, spy, gloryhole, ect.
  25. L

    Gay Cruising, Voyeurism And Spying In The Netherlands / Holland

    Hello my fellow gays. Im a 21 year old gay dude from the netherlands / holland. I have always been into cruising, voyeurism and spying. So to my fellow dutchies do you know some places for cruising or spying in The Netherlands and what were your experiences there? For example at a nude beach, a...
  26. Jmdav34

    Worktime Play

    Sitting here at work, reading and looking at all these hot posts and I keep getting the strongest erection at work. Like I know I’m horny but damn smh. Then while I’m posting on a thread on here my damn boss whom I’ve recently seen naked wants to talk and all I can think about is that cock and...
  27. epeezy

    Specific Type Of Spy Urinal Videos

    All spy cam vids are hot but what I'm looking for are specific ones The ones where they're spying on someone but the person being spied on notices and tries to show off his dick by either stroking it for the guys recording, or leaving it hang out longer so he can show it off or even shake the...
  28. Kewlkid94

    Video Guys Humping Things!

    Love watching guys humping things (pillows, toys, fleshlights, etc). Some good vids I found tonight: Any other good ones?