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  1. P

    Foreskin Pleasure: My Testimony

    Hey, everyone! I've seen a lot of questions surrounding the au naturale penis on here. So I wanted to take some time and explain how it works to anyone curious. Foreskin is the favorite part of my body and I'm shocked that there hasn't been any detailed explanations or guides surrounding its...
  2. Hephaestionofarabia

    5 Tops The Beach (homoerotic story)

    Kevin, Richard, Jeffrey, Steven and Kyle hit the beach one hot summer evening. Kevin had just broke up with his girlfriend after he saw her fucking his neighbor on the balcony early morning. Richard was sleeping over Kevin's place, which prevented him from demolishing the balcony over his...
  3. Thicc Shake

    His Hot Feet - (Foot fetish story)

    So, a bit of an odd story, appreciate it might not be for everyone, but this is how I discovered that I had a foot fetish. I'm in college at this point (maybe I'm a late bloomer in the fetish department) and it's been a couple of months now. It's the usual story - attending classes, making...
  4. C

    A Closeted College Encounter

    Disclaimer: My first thread in this forum. This is inspired by true events. I first met this guy named Isaac in freshman year of college. It was a college orientation class, the kind that sort of introduced you to the resources and opportunities available to new students. Isaac was a business...
  5. G

    My first

    I'd been going crazy. I had borrowed a laptop and snuck it under my bed. Usually, the computer and internet were strictly controlled. My parents fought hard to keep adult content out of our house. They usually did a good job. My brothers taught me to delete my browsing history and clear the...
  6. FitCollegeDude

    Next Story : "best Friend's Huge Cock" Or "cock Superpowers"

    Hey guys. I'm just looking for some feedback on which story to do next. Likewise, I’d like to hear your thoughts on my two current stories: Hung Sauna Daddy Three Hung Black Triplets Have Fun With @christoff (short Story) Any suggestions or changes you’d like to see in the future? Story 1 ...
  7. tekno99

    My Gf Wants Me To Cum In A Shot Glass So She Can Drink It.

    A few days ago my GF told me she wanted me to hold off cumming for a week. Then she wanted to record herself jerking me off into a shot glass and drinking it. I was shocked because I've never heard her suggest anything remotely like that, also I've never done it before. I usually like to cum...
  8. 9

    Riskiest Handjob You've Ever Given Or Recieved.

    Stealthy handjobs you can do just about anywhere at anytime. I've heard some crazy stories from guys getting them and busting under the restaurant table from their girlfriend at a family dinner to getting them in class. I'm curious to hear some of the stories here.
  9. Silmende

    Thinking Of Story Writing

    And the one I have in mind would be a challenge. :D Which clichés about gay men would I have to absolutely avoid? What kind of topics/qualities would make the story believable?
  10. M

    The Time I Ended Up Live On The Internet

    I’ve never really been into cam sites, such as Chaturbate or whatever. I’ve got nothing against them but just never used them, that’s probably why I didn’t recognise one of them when I was looking for a hook-up. It was a typical Friday night, I’d had a few drinks and was starting to feel horny...
  11. Willo

    Tyler In The Celebrity World

    Hi! I'm doing a story about a young gay guy named Tyler who gets into the celebrity world and starts exploring his sexuality by having sex with celebrities. I'm planning on doing a series with a few stories, the first one is about Tyler and Justin Bieber, the second one will be about another...
  12. nopantsendurance

    Photo A Hostel Take-offer!

    “I’ve never stayed in a hostel before, but hotel rooms are so expensive in Moab! Man I hope this dorm room isn’t full of freaks and weirdos or just a bunch of dicks!” “Well, here goes nothing!” “Hello new roomie!” “OMG! I was so worried, but I’m going to fit right in!”
  13. H

    Slept With A ‘straight’ Male Friend, Twice!

    So, long story short. When I went back to work after the first lockdown there was a new boy. Like a young Rob Lowe! Let’s say his name is J. Instant attraction towards him. Obviously became friends quickly, had few nights out. Drinks, late nights out etc. On one of these nights coming back from...
  14. sub4domMen

    I Want To Be Humiliated, Dominated, Owned - How Did I Get There?

    Hey, I love to be dominated and humiliated when having sex. I just love to feel inferior, worthless like a total slut. I am not sure why exactly that is such a turn on for me, I have a good gues, but when a man that in my perception is superior to me dominates, humiliates and uses me like I´m...
  15. N

    My First Massage

    hello all this just happened about an hour ago. I'm a student and was exploring all the different deals during the break. I really wanted to try a massage, but I was hesitant on the prices. I saw one nearest to me by half a mile and wanted to try it out, so I booked it online. This was a...
  16. Scouse_sean

    Another True Story - My First Experience, Older Bro’s Mate

    Ok so this is the story of my first time experiencing anything with a lad. I won’t put how old I actually was as not sure what the legal position is! But let’s just say I was in the middle of high school. Nothing explicit happens I’m afraid but was so horny at the time. Ok so it was summer...
  17. SomedoodeMe

    Luca's Awakening

    This is just a story none of it is true based purely on fantasy and fetish it contains guy on guy. Girl on guy. And has taboo sexual encounter. I hope you can enjoy it :) My names Lucas's when I was 18 I had a best friend named Tom, he was a year older than me and 6 foot about 4 inches taller...
  18. SomedoodeMe

    Story Time

    So I decided to write a story its not a true story nor is it based on anyone just a fantasy let me know if its any good or if there's mistakes I don't have a lot of experience so I kinda just went with what I thought was hot. Be honest :) hope you enjoy Luca's Awakening part 1 My names...
  19. Jamesishuge

    Sexy Sexting With A Gorgeous Girl Who Found Me On A Cock Measuring Site

    Here is a sexy exchange with a gorgeous admirer while browsing a big cock measurement site (the visualizer). Girls write >>>> better than men! First Contact: She comes on to me. She initiates by sending a hot picture of her breasts topless and her pretty face with strawberry blond hair. She...
  20. N

    Story Search

    I'm looking for a story about a bride to be seduced my younger brothers huge dick. It had something to do with in law in the title and one of the characters name was Theo. Any help to find it would be appreciated!
  21. Beck4Jen

    How Did You Finally Realize You Have A Big Dick

    These stories always seem interesting to me. Most guys with big dicks are in denial for a long part of their life, because of what they see in porn they stay humble. Then there is that break through moment in a locker room, or with a partner when they finally realize that they are much bigger...
  22. BigBulgeMan

    Video Man Struggling With Phallus-snakes - Your Though ?

    Besides the fact that the graphics are superb, what do you think of this fantasy situation? For you, is it exciting? scary? and above all… why according to you ?? To be honest : I don't really know where to post this on LPSG… I hope it's the right place. A friend sent me these links to an...
  23. C

    Please Help Me Find A Certain Story

    I feel like I'm going crazy! There was a story on here that I read years ago and it was one of the hottest I've ever read. It was a m/m story about an absurdly hung college dude (who I really want to say was named Ben), and it was told from the perspective of a classmate of his. I've searched...
  24. fireice42

    Hot Fantasy Story - Spanking

    Your exotic story about spanking.Which male celebrity in your story you want to spank or a celebrity who spank you.You can choose to include pictures in your story if you want.
  25. 3

    The Changing Room

    The changing room of their football club is a vast open space. It's an old school changing room, wide tiled floor space, open showers all down each side, benches in the middle. The silence is only broken by the drip, drip of the showers. Then the team come in. The clip clop of their football...
  26. J

    What’s The Hardest You’ve Ever Been?

    We’ve all had those times when something gets you going, and I mean so hard you felt like the head of your cock was going to physically explode, so hard it was almost painful (but pleasurable too). So what’s your story, what has gotten you going to that level?
  27. M

    How Would You Fuck Me?

    Describe me who would you fuck me, a bottom twink as me. I wanna read hot and sexy ways. Surprise me.
  28. 1

    Bet On Black, Bet On Red...

    Chapter 1: First Encounter - He sat across from the door, enjoying the peace and quiet that could only be afforded on a Friday morning. The sauna was empty bar Jake, who sat with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He had nothing else on, because he liked it that way. He loved being nude in...
  29. S

    How was your best orgasm?

    Tell the time you had an orgasm you will never forget. How much did you cum? What were you doing? Etc
  30. Coastwatch1993

    Looking for older guys on kik, let's share some stories

    I'm 25, slim, and love to chat and share with older men. Bigger (muscle, heavyset, chub, etc) and older are better. Prefer guys over 50. Always open to questions and love sharing stories, have a story to share just from today! Tell me anything, the last guy (or girl) you were with, the hottest...