1. Creepinonthosecornfed

    Cam,phone?only Socks.

    I’m down for zoom kik even phone. Slim dude in 30s. Big cock and low hangers. Small waist and bubble butt. Girly voice here too for guys into phone. Love jerking w a bud, verbal dudes. Socks and undies. Straight guys to front of the line. Message me.
  2. J

    Str8 Alpha Muscular Used Jockstraps/thongs/briefs/silkies/gym Worm Gear For Trade/sell

    Any muscular str8 alphas guys into selling or sharing their used gear (jockstraps/thongs/briefs) after a good workout in them and cum on them right after. The wife of a real man after the gym is amazing! especially when their body is A1 , body builder status. Yummmm (PICTURES INCLUDED ARE...
  3. H

    Video Poundmymochi / Pound My Mochi Videos?

    Hi guys, I just found this forum through google, sorry if this has been posted before, I tried to look. But does anyone know where I can find videos of the now deleted xtube user 'poundmymochi' ? I read a rumor that he got into legal trouble and had to delete his account but his videos seem to...
  4. james hart

    Skype 26 Hung Uncut

    horny 26 hung uncut uk big load skype bigboyuncut
  5. K

    Photo Anything On Bobby Dray / Draybobby /

    So fucking sexy! :p:heart_eyes:
  6. J

    Photo Brandon - Of / Brandondoesit

    He just made an onlyfans!(: HES hot! friends with Alex (thecrownedone) Hes from Miami,Florida. Str8 male Good looking guy(:
  7. Creoleken

    Real Str8 Vintagae

    Anyone have any vintage/ old school gay for pay, tricked, seduced videos? No of this new age pretend actors shit. Would love to see some real hot vids.
  8. L

    Taylor From Str8boyz Seduced

    Did this guy ever do more scenes? I read one comment that Taylor came back for one more but I cannot seem to find that scene anywhere
  9. J

    Photo Of - King Daddy Pete

    He’s a cutie can’t wait to see what he brings to the table
  10. K

    Bait Bus Guys Identity

    Soooo i just stumbled upon a bait bus ad and i really wanna look for the models in d gif. Does any1 know who they r?
  11. J

    Str8 Married/relationship /open Minded Men

    So I had a question. Would you really let a close friend/stranger/etc ; blow you ?? I’ve always wanted to ask a straight male this question. A lot of men tend to hesitate because they’re fragile with their masculinity. But I’ve known a couple of straight men who actually have let other gays...