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  1. B

    Any More "gay And Straight Sexual Contact" Videos Like This? Only Real Straight (at Least Looks Real

    Any more "gay and straight sexual contact" videos like this? only real straight (at least looks real) amateur stuff, no company-made big fake straight. Can I touch it? I won't tell! Soldier boy fixin to feed his load to his friend almost have a crush on him (and these kinds of "no-homo" stuff).
  2. V

    Photo James - Fitness Insta

    He is really nice and responds to all Instagram DMs he just will never show Dick. Here’s wishing someone else has seen more of this man and can share
  3. P

    Any str8 jo buddy in paris?

    Hi there. I'm a straight guy in a relationship who likes to watch porn with other straight guys, relax over a drink and jerk off. I like to have fun with discreet buddies without stress, knowing exactly how others feel and without expecting anything else. Cannot host.
  4. R

    Need to unleash the beast for a quick skype j/o

    send me Skype names , hung Brit lad here
  5. R

    Michael carr

    Not sure if he's a full fledged celebrity. But he's pretty popular. Naked here: 185973
  6. M

    Clone a willy. would you for your gay friend

    Would you have you cloned? Can we see would be nice to get one from my str8 friend. Would love to see the sizes