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straight ass

  1. G

    YouTube/tiktok guys mooning

    Anyone got any vids of straight guys on yt or tiktok mooning bare assed???
  2. T

    Straight guys: Would you let a girl eat your ass?

    Curious if straights guys are interested in getting their ass ate
  3. StraightSpy

    Shower Spy Series

    The original content of military guys entering exiting the shower. Shower Spy #9 Preview spy - FansMine.com I have 42 videos in the series.
  4. G

    Photos & Videos chat to help us find men we've seen in videos and don't know their name

    hello everyone, here photos, videos or links of videos of men that we have ever seen and we can't find their name or place where they do direct etc will be published to find them <3
  5. C

    Matt Konicek - Video Request

    He used to have an xtube account or two and post his videos there. I know that Str8-Married-F4gs did a compilation video of his stuff before, but I was wondering if anyone had his videos or know where he might be posting now? This post for reference...
  6. G

    A Question For Any Fans Of Pornstar Alex Legend Whose Seen All His Videos

    Are there any scenes with Alex where he's fucking a woman in missionary position and the camera is getting the action from behind, showing of his butt as he's fucking her? I try to keep updated with all his new scene releases but he rarely ever does this position and the sites he works for are...
  7. U

    Photos & Videos Straight Guys Mooning

    A place to share videos and pictures of mooning guys! Have fun
  8. M

    Photos & Videos Twitch Streamer Knut (knut Spildrejorde)

    Post hot pics of this bodybuilder's ass, and cock slips.
  9. str8subjock

    19 M Curious Jock With A Virgin Hole Needs Teaching...

    Need to learn how to serve from a verbal, fit, dom/alpha/daddy type. Only have had sexual experiences with girls IRL. I have toys. Kinks include cum inside, feet/socks, and obviously training my hole to take cock one day. I have skype for C2C and am open to using other video chats. I have...
  10. R

    Ricky Rousing Series

    Hey guys, this is my first story. i've finished the book and it's available on amazon. i'm also on sponsus if you wanna join the community and help me write the next book but hint theres no spoilers for book one. I hope your all as thirsty as me. Enjoy :p Ricky Rousing Ricky couldn’t believe...
  11. Messyfacial

    Video Reluctantyoungmen

    Anyone else find this fascinating? Straight jocks getting spanked by some rich old queen?? I saw a bunch more videos starring this beefy straight guy, Anthony. He's in need of money, and somewhere out there you can find videos of him getting rimmed and sucked off. He has more videos and 1:30...
  12. 5

    Straight Guys Asses

    Do any of you guys know any straight guys on porn sites or OnlyFans that like to show off their ass? Like from behind as they fuck a girl, or even just showing off their ass/asshole in general? Reply with names, links to scenes, and OnlyFans names as well.
  13. 5

    Straight Guys With Nice Ass On Onlyfans

    Does anyone know any straight guys on OnlyFans that like to show off their ass? Like pictures and videos of their ass from behind fucking a girl or just anything to do with their ass in general? And assholes as well.
  14. fulanudetal

    Photos & Videos Link A Male Pornstar Or Model Ass And His Id In This Thread

    alex legend:
  15. B

    Only King Supreme / The Party Next Door

    Web cam model turned cash master. Went by the names Esco201 and ThePartyNextDoor on chaturbate. Goes by Only King Supreme on Tumblr and Twitter. Says he's retired for webcam modeling indefinitely and only comes to the cash master scene online when he needs money. He usually has enough regulars...
  16. james hart

    Skype - 26 Hung Uncut Uk

    horny 26 hung uncut uk lad up 4 cam fun on skype add me bigboyuncut
  17. eugenio963

    Video Any Videos Of @ Masterjax69 Aka @j Axblaster Fucking Someone?? Mega? Google Drive?

  18. peterlowann

    Sagging Underwear

    I love it when I catch a glimpse of a hot ass sagging in underwear! I hope some of you share this “fetish” and are willing to share your hottest finds ;) To start it I attached a sagging pic of me
  19. M

    Jay Sean Cody?

    What’s Jay from Sean Cody circa 2009 real name, insta, Fb, Twitter...? Hairy, hunky guy that performed like an absolute champ. Tnx
  20. Marvel Henrich

    Zachamason (zach Mason)

    Anything from him
  21. A

    Photo Find The Video Of This Screenshot Of Straight Bolnde Guy Showing His Hole?

    Someone please find the full video or any other videos or photos of this hot straight guy showing his asshole?
  22. A

    Photo Find The Video Of This Screenshot Of Straight Bolnde Guy Showing His Hole?

    This is a twitter find, anyone has the video of this guy spreading his ass
  23. 1

    Straight Male Porn Stars Getting Rimmed

    Is this super hot to anyone else? I love to see these dudes take nice rimming from a lovely female. I prefer amateur porn but there are some good studio ones too. Share anything you guys have. I have a couple more clips.
  24. Sesshoumaru 666


    Instagram: r_ated (Sexy ass mf)
  25. J

    Fingering Male Butt

    Looking for good pictures and videos of guys getting their butt fingered by a guy or girl. Straight guys being fingered by another man, passionate fingering including cumming with the finger inside, and amateur pics and videos are a big plus!!! Not exactly looking for guys fingering themselves...
  26. Chatham

    Oliver Proudlock

    Proudlock from Made in Chelsea mooning on Instagram! Peachier ass than expected