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  1. J

    Hmong baits?

    Does anyone have any male Hmong Baits ? If you do please message me.
  2. CaliBiBud

    Broken in by the boss

    My first job out of college and I was feeling great about landing a sales job at a big-name company. My friends were impressed, I had a nice apartment with my girlfriend in downtown Chicago, had some cash to blow... things were good. One day, I was standing at the urinal taking a leak and a guy...
  3. T

    Straight boy's silly videos

    This is what happens when bored Straight boys become even more bored... Uggggg Title: How to take your pants off?
  4. L

    Discreet North Yorkshire

    Hello, just joined this site and hoping to meet bi/curious discreet males who enjoy a massage. I’m no expert but love massaging a guy. Drop me a message if this catches your attention..
  5. S


    Hello everyone. I love these performers. Any videos? Thanks in advance.
  6. Faplord2022

    Video Who is this big dick straight latino?

    I know he had a profile on pornhub before the wipe.
  7. J

    Help ID'ing this guy in this video?

    I found this video on the thisvid site and I tried asking the guy who uploaded it who the guys in the video is multiple times but refuses to respond to me for whatever reason (though, he was pretty quick to friend me back so idk). Would you guys please be of any help because he's really hot and...
  8. blueballssoretip

    Photos & Videos Manly facials

    Just images and videos of macho (straight or straight-looking guys) covered in cum, simple as that. A good example: abeardedboy
  9. A

    University Flatmates

    Author's Note: This is my first post on this site, and also my first time attempting to write anything of this kind. For a bit of background, this is based in the UK and is hopefully a decent enough read. Might be a bit of a slow burn at first? Enjoy :) - AH Will's alarm went off a 6:45am, a...
  10. E

    Straight people being not that straight

    Let's share those kind of pics
  11. danny4muscle

    Huge straight bodybuilders, are you comfortable with muscle worship?

    To all huge straight bodybuilders, I am a gay man and I have always admired the size and masculinity of huge straight male bodybuilders. I am wondering if the idea of non-sexual muscle worship is something that you would consider appealing or not. Also interested to know if any of you has had...
  12. T

    Straight guys: Would you let a girl eat your ass?

    Curious if straights guys are interested in getting their ass ate
  13. K

    Help I’d this hot stud with a big cock

    Help ID this hot guy. He’s from this porn site video called mofos.com where he briefly mentions that he’s called “shawn”. Does anyone know his actual name and if there’s any more videos on him?
  14. Mr_Thistlewaite

    Thistlewaites Hetrosexual Thread - Sex Scenes, Sex Tapes, Celebrity And Porn Space - (Urban And Ethnic Only)

    Nude/Sexy pictures, GIFs, video links and videos are all welcome. Porn, television and film love scenes or sex tapes all welcome! Please name the actors involved and the scene name etc if you post. Thank you in advance, have fun!
  15. M

    Does anyone know this pornstar?

    Does anyone know who are they? The CEO Fucks His Secretary In His Private Lounge | Hotntubes.com
  16. T

    Turkish Asmrist

    These guys are straight and they do homoerotic stuff here are some examples: And they also have Patreon which they post exclusive stuff, that might be bait Burak is creating Asmr Massage | Patreon Can someone please check whether it's worth it or not
  17. L

    Photos & Videos Can someone help me find the name of this hot guy?

    Im so dying to know who this guy is, please help me!!!!
  18. C

    Straight/Jock for J/O in Chicago

    Hey there: I'm a nice, normal, slightly quirky, middle aged dude with glasses. And a good sized cock,. I have never had one of my fantasies come to life: hanging out with a straight/closeted jock, watching porn like a couple of bros. Is this something you could be down with? Do you know...
  19. J

    Anyone got anything on Brodie Falgoust?

    Insta is @brodieshredz, not sure if he has an OnlyFans :(
  20. G

    Would you ever have sex with a gay friend?

    I got very close, a few times with my straight best friend. We have since parted ways, which is another story, entirely. But I have regretted not taking the opportunity in those instances where he heavily hinted at being mighy curious at having a roll in the hay with a trusted male friend. It...
  21. Bumblebert

    Gerard Colville (Insta: striker278278)

    Super hot and manly gym dude. He does it for me anyway!!!
  22. JayPR

    Straight guy flirting with you. Has it ever happened to you?

    Have you ever met a straight guy, either through friends or any other social scenario, and as soon they know you're gay, the guy starts behaving kind of nicer or even flirty with you. Of course, usually kind of discrete, but you notice that he is overly friendly and touchy, especially if there's...
  23. B

    Marc Tormo (marctormo23)

    He just opened an OnlyFans account, and I had to give him a thread.
  24. dangerouslyinlove

    Can anyone ID this baited guy?

  25. K

    Help ID this str8 stud plz

    help me identify him?
  26. R

    Fotos de Heteros Españoles Engañados / Spanish Straight Photos

    Aquí se subirán fotos de Heteros engañados españoles
  27. P

    str8/bi snap group

    21 yo bi guy. love seeing other dudes naked and showing off. a lot of groups on here seem inactive or full so i wanted to start a new group chat for straight and bi dudes to show off, compare, jerk, send vids, etc. You've been invited to join the group "bros before hoes" on Snapchat. Tap the...
  28. MrBsx

    Photos & Videos Do you like to suck me or are you a boring one?!?

    Do you want to suck me ? For a yes I try to fulfill your request for video or photos .... I don't waste time with boring people .... Surprise me if you can ....
  29. StraightSpy

    Shower Spy Series

    The original content of military guys entering exiting the shower. Shower Spy #9 Preview spy - FansMine.com I have 42 videos in the series.
  30. StraightSpy

    Video The original content of straight guys peeing.

    The original content of straight guys peeing. Bar Spy #1 Preview spy - FansMine.com