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  1. M

    Photos & Videos narumiya jin

    japanese former (?) porn star. he has many gay videos out there
  2. ShutterCock

    Guys That Are Straight But Likes Admiring Dick and Balls?

    As the title suggest, I consider myself straight. Ain't attracted to men as a whole at all but damn, I can't help but admire the ways a set of cock and balls goes together on the male physique. Perfectly formed to function as a self relieving, probing , procreation instrument. The way it looks...
  3. O

    pivspidey / joel

    does anyone have his contents anymore?
  4. Malany_hill85

    [True Erotic Story] When My Hung Straight Coworker Started Hitting On Me - PART 3 - THE FINAL

    At last, here is PART 3 - THE FINAL guys! This is a true story that happened to me a few years ago when I lived at Argentina for work... if you didn't catch the begining, here are links for Parts 1 and 2: PART 1 PART 2 ‐------------ I was standing naked in front of my co-worker, staring at...
  5. P

    Photos & Videos _Red91_

    Anyone got anything on this guy? Or care to take the plunge lol
  6. Brandontrue


    He’s quitting twitter. Does anyone have his stuff from the 15$ circle? Twitter: https://twitter.com/gyantpelotas/
  7. J

    Wank buddy Brighton (curious)

    Hey, 26yo, mostly straight/bi curious dude confused with my identity. Once and then thinking about other dudes. Always wanted a buddy who I can be open with, discuss sexuality and just wank togehter and have a good discrete time.
  8. M

    Deutsche Snapchat Gruppe

    Snapchat Gruppe für Leute zwischen 25 - 45. Auch für Bi und Hetero Männer.
  9. H

    Anyone know who is this hot guy?

    Anyone know who he is? only can find this girl's information but can't find his
  10. A

    Who is this?

    Who knows this man? Full video is about asian massage parlor.
  11. F

    Fredderz (ComboF)

    Has anyone got anything on him? OF: OnlyFans Insta: https://instagram.com/fredd_erz?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  12. C

    Cian Crinson

    Does someone have anything on him? He makes content and he’s pretty hot imo.
  13. S

    Photos & Videos Alejandro Orellana

    Anything from ajro_offi ? I think he is from Venezuela but lives in Ecuador.
  14. gossipboy_KR


    :heart: ASIAN BOYS PHOTO :heart:
  15. N

    Photos & Videos Fit guys with mature or chubby women

    Post pics or videos of fit guys (muscular, athletic, slim) fucking noticeably older or chubby women
  16. R

    Photos & Videos Therealjamesb tenacious j

    He’s soooo fine how isn’t there already a thread? Anyone got anything on him!
  17. 4

    Help Finding Videos of 2 Friends (Porno and Amateur?)

    Hey there! I'm needing help finding 2 videos. 1) Porno made by a studio 1990s-2010s, where two friends are in bed and the "straight" friend ends up bottoming or getting fingered? After, the straight friend calls the gay friend a "F-word. Theres a time jump where the gay friend is remembering...
  18. H

    Looking for amateur older muscular porn creators

    I am looking for older men with muscular bodies that make amateur straight content, feel free to give recommendations
  19. E

    Can anyone ID this couple?

    Can anyone ID this couple?
  20. E

    Video Can anyone ID this couple?

    Can anyone ID this couple. Think they are from chaturbate?
  21. J

    Photo Matt Rogers (k9matt1_)

    Anything on this dog trainer from Jersey?
  22. barehole4use

    Getting a straight guy to breed me

    The big city gym where I used to work out and swim was very corporate and full of city workers, so there wasn’t much obvious action, but after a few weeks training there I noticed a guy who seemed to spend more time in the sauna and locker room than in the gym. He was tall, slim and quite...
  23. U

    Jerk off and Swap GF/wife

    Drop snap below if you wanna jerk off and trade wife/GF pics. I’m 30 my gf is 26 Snap: jake239944
  24. C

    Northern_uk_ (Chaturbate)

    Someone to know more about Northern_uk_ Followers: 1782 Birth Date: Jan. 8, 1991 Age: 32 I am: A Man Interested In: Women Location: England, United Kingdom Last Broadcast: 6 days ago Language(s): English
  25. J

    A Virgin at 19 (Erotic Story)

    PREFACE: Hello everyone, here is my first erotic story I've ever written. It's actually been therapeutic and erotic for my to write this so let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy these two characters as much as I do, and please enjoy this chapter, thanks!! CHAPTER 1: A SPECIAL SURPRISE...
  26. H


    Anyone have anything on “Those Guys” from Tiktok? Super homoerotic content even though they’re probably straight
  27. 2

    Dua Lipa vs. Hailey Bieber

    Who would you rather fuck? Dua Lipa or Hailey Bieber and why?
  28. 2

    Wank to Hailey Bieber

    Anybody keen to have a wank to Hailey Bieber with me, hit me up.
  29. O

    Wank buddy

    32 Aussie after a curious wank bud on the down low. Someone who can host discreetly around inner west Sydney.
  30. swallow.ed

    Photos & Videos Garik Davtyan (@garik2official)

    does anyone have anything on him? i’ve been watching his channel he has with his fiancé britany (@gnbofficial) and i never thought he was cute but lately i have and i saw this in their most recent video “Turning my Fiancé on in PUBLIC PRANK!! *GETS HEATED*” and britany always jokes saying he’s...