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  1. D

    Id of this Guy????

    Does someone knows who's the guy in this video? Or where is this from?
  2. T


    So I am doing pulling and stretching movements every day, every chance I get. 5 or 6 times a day for 30 sec to a minute each. My question is, will this actually give me any length? I know it will take a while if it works. I became concerned recently because I think I have actually lost...
  3. shankity

    Ball Stretching Tips For A Beginner?

    Hey guys. Recently got a bathmate and an oxballs type cock sling. I’m just an average sized guy, but I really want to focus on ball stretching. The bathmate is more something I got just to see what happens, more focused on my sac. Mine are usually up fairly high, and the cock sling feels like...
  4. biegeparlay

    All Day Stretching

    So yesterday I finally got the routine down to wear the stretcher at work. I’m 6.5” uncut so the foreskin has been an issue. Once I figured out how to do leave it own without any pain, I went 2 hours without taking it off. Walked around fine around coworkers and did some labor around the work...
  5. D

    Help Stretching For Large Dick

    Hi there, I am vers, mid 20s guy trying to figure out the best way to stretch myself out regularly to take a an XL dick (8 + or thick). It seems every time I have sex after a few weeks of nothing its like the beginning again, sometimes I even tear and then Im out of commission for a long time...
  6. D

    Blue Balls

    I keep thinking about binding my balls with rubber bands to see if I can get them blue for short periods. Any thoughts
  7. P

    Vaginal Stretching\massive Entries

    I'm just curious on what the average opinions are with women that love the feeling of their vagina being stretched during sex or just normal play. It's not that I'm scared or fear of judgement if I ask my girlfriend, I just don't want to come of as awkward lol. Sometimes you hear people talk bad...
  8. ultimatebreeder

    Naked Guys Working Out, Playing Sports, And Being Active

    Wanted to start a thread of amateur guys being physically active in the nude.
  9. thing123

    Mt Visiting Houston

    Im a Massage Therapist and I’ll be visiting Houston/San Antonio next week, July 4th until the 7th. Hit me up if you’re interested in a massage, Swedish, deep tissue or a sports massage. CT
  10. sizeking87

    Ideal Daily Pumping And Weight-hanging

    Looking for advice to refine my loose daily regimen... Got a nice Thickwall Cylinder pump (Penis Pump Enlargement Kit - Thickwall Cylinders Ltd), with two tubes: main one is length-focused: 9" long with about 1/8" clearance all around my shaft (easily pack the girth). second is girth-focus: 9"...
  11. D

    Scrotum and cock rings

    Who loves the look and feel of rings
  12. 1

    Skype pe group

    Hi guys! Any of you is interested in a Penis Enlargement skype group where to share tips, routines that really work, share experiences, and make connections with other PErs? Write your Skype name or PM it to me with age and location and you will be added!
  13. 5

    The missing genre - fisting, stretching, gaping, large cunt amateurs

    As some people complain about some "off topic" videos in these threads: The missing genre - big dildo amateurs Deepest Vagina Missing Genre I start a new one...