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  1. Bousmock6662

    Guy Stripped By Stripper

    I really like these videos of guys being stripped by strippers. A favorite of mine: Stripped by a stripper - video 43 - ThisVid.com Share some if you like it too!
  2. R

    Snapchat Strip Dice Game

    I'm going to roll a dice. First roll determines how many rounds we play. Subsequent rolls determine how many items of clothing you take off. I could roll two 1's and just get your socks. Or I could roll a 6 on the first and get multiple chances to strip you bare. If you want to play leave...
  3. G

    Photo Need Help To Id The Model In This Picture

    I came upon this on myvidster, but the video was already taken down. I managed to get this image. Does anyone know who this hunk is? I've looked in a lot of places. He could be on chaturbate? He has a tattoo on each hand. Would love to find out so I can possibly find the video. The video on...
  4. G

    Need Help To Id The Model In This Picture.

    I came upon this on myvidster but the video was already taken down. I managed to get this image. Does anyone know who this hunk is? Would love to find out so I can possibly find the video. The video on myvidster had been labelled MUSCLE DADY COP JERKING OFF | DoodStream.com Hopefully that...
  5. A

    Vox-showtime Of My Life

    new, german reality show. on February 1st and 2nd on vox.
  6. 6

    Sydney Meetups !

    Hey guys, Jack here ! I’m from Sydney and would be keen to meet up with any guys from the area. Hit me up as I’m always keen for a chat about anything aswell !
  7. 1

    Hott Tatted Bro Works Out And Cum, Help Id

    Hi everyone, this bro works out for hot sec, strips, and cums. Does anyone know who he is?
  8. M

    Help Identifying Video

    Does anybody know or have the video this gif is from?
  9. T

    If I Only Knew Back Then...

    When I was an 18 year old high school senior I had a three week internship in a US Senator's office. The aide who oversaw interns was a nice early 30s single guy who took an interest in all his interns. When it was my turn, he invited me to dinner after work one day. He told me to bring a...
  10. Angelgoodguy

    Gary Maloney Dream Boy Stripper

    Sexy Gary is on onlyfans doing Wank vids and Fuck vids
  11. Scarpin

    Does Anyone Knows The Name Of This Guy? This Is The Only Video I Know From Him... (video)

    If someone knows, please share. Thanks in advance.
  12. M

    Identify The Male Strippers In This Video?

    The 2 male strippers in this popular jubilee video. Anyone have any pics of them?
  13. RickyChayanne

    Photo What Happened To Jimmyz Productons?

    I used to be a big fan of this page and suddenly it disappeared it had videos of muscle worship videos adn hot live Strip Shows this is strip of Joey Van Damme blows my mind
  14. T

    Would You Like To Come Strip For My Girlfriend And Me In Atl?

    Would anyone be interested in stripping for my girlfriend (F25) and I (M27) in the Atlanta Area? The better looking you are the the better. You would come to our home strip and follow my girlfriends directions depending on how well the show goes. which might be to leave, cum for her, or stay and...
  15. 2

    Teen Bodybuilder Skype Sessions Available

    joeytherex@outlook.com I can do any requests