1. I

    Photos & Videos Bryan McKay

    This guy is the total package!
  2. I

    passenger paramvir

    this guy has a youtube channel. he travels around the world hot af. he has the potential to pull lot of chicks but, he doesn't. idk may be conservative beliefs
  3. J

    fuxk.carlos on Instagram

    Instagram fitness model @fuxk.carlos
  4. B

    Jhon Bianco

    Hi, anything on this gorgeous guy? He has OF but don’t want to waste my money if you know what I mean.
  5. H

    Photo Can someone ID This Guy

    Anyone know this guy?
  6. H

    Photo ID This Guy

  7. J

    Video Can Anyone ID this gymshark ad guy?

  8. I

    Photos & Videos David Lippincott

    Does anyone have anything on this stud? He is INCREDIBLY hot. Love the beefy chest!
  9. I

    Photos & Videos Tyler John Perry

    This guy is so hot! Does anyone have anything?
  10. Jklamar

    Photo Who is this sexy guy?

    this guy must be big on social media… but what’s his name?
  11. M

    ID / Identify this straight hunk stud / couple

    Hi! I found these photos from a sextape. The guy is super hot: muscled body and uncut dick. Perfection. Can you identify who he is? Is there a video of them fucking?
  12. I

    anything on andreh_xvii

    anything on this italian stud? he just turned 18 and posted a pic with mattia gallettini, his instagram is @andreh_xvii and he’s so hot he needs to open an of, i’d literally eat on those fine abs
  13. J

    Photo Please ID this guy / share full video

    Can someone help me to ID this guy or does have the full video? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before. thanks!
  14. 7

    Mikey Melin @mikeymelin

    Anything on this handsome stud? He's the host of @thebluetickshow
  15. N

    Nick Flintness (YT)

    This guy is an absolute stud, beast, alpha. Love his vids…. Let’s get some good posts happening
  16. K

    Anybody in Corona Ca ?

    Looking for DL/str8 or gay studs around or near Corona CA. Possibly to kick it and maybe j/o and I’m down to give a massage hehe if we click. Must be clean/negative on all stds
  17. fitness_mgs

    Who is this hot stud?

    Does anyone know who this guy is? He’s apparently got an OnlyFans. I want to find more of his content. Here is a hot video of him also. Muscle Stud Cums
  18. Kellyp30

    Hakeem Dakwodu UFC

    Always showing off his BIG bulge
  19. D

    Can someone help me identify this couple? Who are they? Who is this guy?

    I've been watching the same two videos of them for a long time and I have no idea how to identify them. The same two videos are them in this hotel, one video is a set up camera, and the other video is a CCTV-placement type of video. Here's a semi-clear picture of the guy and the girl. And I'll...
  20. S

    Trying to Identify This Hot Jeans Stud

    I've seen this dude on Tumblr. Thankfully he can't keep his hands out of his pants. Anyone know who he is?
  21. H

    Help ID this guy with big biceps?

    Found some photos of this cute guy with a nice body and big biceps. Anyone have any info on him, more pics/videos?
  22. Men of the Week

    Men of the Week

  23. S

    Trying to ID This Beefy Giant Stud in Leather

    This Giant Stud has appeared on Tumblr and I'm trying to figure out who he is. Possibly a wrestler?
  24. Gexicon

    Max Troyan

    Aka SlayerStrong. It must be some kind of mistake that there's still no topic dedicated to him. I think he deserves his own hall of fame :cool: Max Troyan | VK
  25. Piejukebox

    Photos & Videos Vincent tang (Hong Kong Stud)

    Performer Name: Vincent tang or Vincent Hong OnlyFans Account: @vincenthong Twitter Handle: Vincenttangwh i find him so attractive so i think he deserves a thread to share the love and see if anyone else is obsessed as well share anything you have have pertaining to him
  26. P

    nicksunday or @27_nicks

    Hey i just found this gorgeous guy on IG, and found his OF and Twitter, does anyonea have nudes on him?
  27. G

    Photos & Videos @pauloarcanjo21 (Paulo Henrique)

    Anybody know anything about this Brazilian stud? (IG HERE but he made it private) He used to work at Boxers in NYC but I haven't seen him in a while. No updates to social in at least a year, too. Bummer, because he was a sweetheart (and fucking hot).
  28. I

    Photos & Videos Tanner Voss

    This hottie has an only fans. Does anyone have anything to share?
  29. E

    Ayoub Alamino

    Anyone have anything on this sexy stud?
  30. I

    Photos & Videos Zachery Cheetham

    This stud is hot! Anything from his OF?