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  1. AC010

    Photo Help ID

    Anyone know who’s this muscle stud is. He’s just so hot.
  2. H

    Dannystick9 on OF

    Check out this big dick stud
  3. F

    French from Framar

    found this hottie on tiktok @framar tends to use him for marketing ;) IG: frenchgallo
  4. B

    Photos & Videos Marco DelVecchio appreciation thread

    For the past few weeks, I've been watching TV and a commercial for the Wush ear cleaner keeps showing up. While I don't care about the product, the model in the ad really grabbed my interest. So, after a quick Google search, I found out that his name is Marco DelVecchio and he's a model/actor...
  5. J

    Photo Help to identify this big cock stud

    Hi guys, please help me identify this stud.
  6. B

    lost a bet and have to post here

    rugby team compared cocks and i lost… i have to post here with other big cocks and get humiliated. tell me what you think.
  7. I

    @willcstyles - Ripped Black Model

    @willcstyles OMG how is there not a thread on this hottie! He is ripped and bulging in all the right areas! We need these nudes like now!!!
  8. F

    Who is this guy??

    Anyone know who this guy is???
  9. D

    Help ID this hot stud and retrieve the video?

    Can anyone ID this cute stud? And does anyone have access to this video? Would appreciate it.
  10. 5

    Video Any info on this hung stud (I have no info, only that he might have been on 4cam before)

    I found this gif online of this hot stud spurting his cum like seven times and color me intrigued, I wanna find out if he has more videos / content out there. Help me ID him plz. He turns me on so much, fuck. The title on MakeAGiF was literally just *huge cock cumshot, 4cam*, nothing else and...
  11. E


    has anyone got this guys onlyfans yet? OnlyFans
  12. A

    Tim from New Zeland - Jimmy Kimmel contestant

    Saw this guy on Jimmy Kimmel and thought... whoa! Sure looks too pretty on the eyes. He says his name is Tim from New Zealand. Anyone has a clue of what more can we see of him? Maybe he is an actor or a model or a public figure somewhere. These looks are sure too pleasant to hide. YouTube...
  13. L

    John Rondi A.k.a Johnny Drinks

    Anything on this hot guy? He reviews drinks on tiktok with his dad. Surprised he doesn’t have a thread already.
  14. E

    Alfie Riley (OF: blondestud6969)

    Newly 18, anyone subbed to his OnlyFans? He has Twitter: @Blondestud69
  15. D

    Please ID cam stud

    I recently came across this muscular god - great ass, handsome face, ginger beard, etc. but have yet to figure out his identity. His face reminds me a lot of Ken Ryker in his prime and that butt speaks for itself.. I only have 2 vids of him (the second is a compilation, but he appears first)...
  16. C

    Wow! this guy is HUNG ..

    Saw this and had to jerk immediately lol .. Tik Toker (@stretcher_longwood) 's videos with original sound - Tik Toker | TikTok
  17. H

    Landon Thompson (TikTok)

    This guy is so hot and muscular. I so hope he has nudes! TikTok
  18. N

    Jeff clark

    Hot colombian guy from flirt4free who has been a popular webcammer for a while his studio is : cw models https://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/jeff-clark/about.php Watch Jeff_Clark11 live on Chaturbate! https://instagram.com/jeffclarkf4f https://twitter.com/jeffclarkf4f
  19. A

    Can anyone ID this hung stud?

    Saw this on Reddit but don’t think it’s a real account. Anyone know who it is?
  20. Amphlett

    Mathias Normann - Sexy football player

    MATHIAS NORMANN Known in Norway for being quite dense and special. Has said some weird stuff, has an on-and-off relationship with a Russian golddigger and he plays for a Russian football team, - which in these times is very controversial. However, he's so frickin' hot! He has that beautiful and...
  21. XStudX

    Sexy Studs

    Place to talk and post pics, vids, gifs about sexy studs that you’re into (Dms are open) I have a lot so I’ll start:
  22. 7

    Help me to find this sexy studs name

    guys help me ID pls
  23. M

    Photos & Videos Justin Daniels (justindanielsxx)

    Does anyone have anything on him? He reminds me of Joshua Basset. He’s gay and a top. onlyfans twitter tiktok
  24. Tomas26

    Angelo Romanini aka @angelo_rmni

    This Chilean stud deserves his own thread :heart_eyes:
  25. ItsMeGabriel

    Twitch & YouTube Hunk 'DKnightbman'

    I discovered this golden-skinned muscle hunk on Twitch and followed him over to YouTube. He streams workout sessions and 'Just Chatting' sessions on both Twitch and YouTube. And he recently launched his Onlyfans account! I just subscribed, and baaaaby, am I ever getting my money's worth. He's...
  26. R

    David Butler

  27. TheBritishPrince

    Anyone got this scene of IanHolms59 fucking a girl ?

  28. O

    Photos & Videos Dalton James fitness IG

    ok this guy deserves his own thread, I have a huge crush on him idc, I know he probably won't make an OF but he needs to have one ig: daltonjames15
  29. jvhoorst

    Cem @cemveu

    Stud on instagram as @cemveu Should make an OF for sure