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  1. J

    Need help finding this

    Anyone know where this might be from? I have absolutely no idea, seems like it may be older but not sure if it is soft core or what. Thanks!
  2. A

    Colorado Cruising Areas

    Around Denver, where are the gay cruising areas?
  3. 24hrsubguy4use

    Anonymous Hung Spunkers...Wakj In And Unload...NW London UK

    Flat door open ....I will be be kneeling down ready to suck and swallow or have you blow your load ANYWHERE on me...Entry by Password for anonimity purposes...Just be clean and respectful!...PM Me For Address and Times...I will be completely naked in open times for you to shoot wherever you want!
  4. S

    John Johnson Sucking Dick

    Im looking for anyone who man know where I can find his other oral videos. Several were taken down off his onlyfans. Theres a hottub scene, a compelation video and several others. Please share if you have them
  5. Donovan Bancroft

    Hot gay videos of Men getting their nipples sucked

    I have a HUGE nipple kink regarding men. I could suck on a guy's juicy nips for hours. Please post any hot videos of guys getting their nips sucked here. Bonus points if the guy(s) got big muscular pecs and nice juicy nipples!
  6. E

    Cam name of these guys from chaturbate?

    I'm trying to figure out who are these guys... I'd like to find more videos of them, but I don't know the name they got on Chaturbate. Can you help me? That's the link: https://thegay.com/videos/960859/straight-boys-gay-porn-videos/
  7. D

    Toksik69rus - Chaturbate

    hot couple, i love them
  8. M

    Snowbird to suck off mature host, 513-208-7786

    Looking for a. Mature host within 30 miles of Tampa to visit and suck off. Fit, discreet, clean cut, love taking my time on a mature cock until you hit the back of my mouth with your load. Once or regular thing 5one, three, 2zero,eight, seven,seven86
  9. C

    Looking To Suck In Oxfordshire Uk

    Bi guy here...5ft7 with size 8 feet and a 5 inch dick. Im looking to service guys who easily beat my stats. Ideally you are over 6ft, over 7 inches and over size 10 feet. Stocky rugby player build would be perfect, as would someone who is a heavy cummer. I can accomm near Oxford and am not...
  10. Y

    Why Is Sucking Cock And The Reward Of Cum So Alluring?

    Sucking a cock is when I feel most sexually deviant. I love sex with women, but to me, the greatest sexual rush is when I've put a cock in my mouth. Every day, I touch my cock. When I have sex, it's about my cock; about getting my cock off. When I'm with a girl, it's about giving her cock. All...
  11. C

    Any Curious Guys Near Oxford In Uk?

    Im a bi guy...5ft7, size 8 feet and 5 inch dick who is looking for a bigger curious guy to service and drain...either one off or regular. I live alone and am discreet
  12. Britgymlad

    Utrecht Meet

    Hey lads. In Utrecht/ Amsterdam hotel in a few days time. Any fit lads want to have some fun? Edge, wank, suck, chill naked
  13. B

    Help Finding Video

    I randomly found a video years ago and I have tried to find it ever since, can anybody help?! it’s basically a group of guys in a hotel room and one of them pulls his duck out joking around. One of the guys laying down jokingly licks his friends dick but then starts actually sucking it after...
  14. Scallybritcock

    Liverpool, Uk

    Any men local to Liverpool or North West. Always looking to suck on a nice dick.
  15. E

    Hot Military From Twitter

    https://mobile.twitter.com/Obsexvando/status/1411106520624926720 https://mobile.twitter.com/Obsexvando/status/1404958606554976257 https://mobile.twitter.com/calebsroom69/status/1389914071391166473 https://mobile.twitter.com/calebsroom69/status/1386689706755346434...
  16. J

    Looking For Some Head In Charleston, Il

    Anyone looking to suck a dick?
  17. needtonut

    Homemade Glory Holes

    When I see posts on cruising sites about homemade glory holes, I'm always curious how successful they are. Has anyone here ever visited or created one? I know they can be popular in public restrooms or bookstores but I'm interested in the homemade type. How did you construct them? Pics would...
  18. L

    Video Who Is On This Video?

    I saw this video on Twitter you can help find who they are https://twitter.com/partunez/status/1377032896536584194?s=19
  19. J

    Photos & Videos Gay Suck Dick

  20. etienneguy48

    Suck My Big Cock

  21. Dpthroatotter

    Easy In/out Hotels Manhattan?

    Hey fellas. 29 deepthroat otter here. Planning a trip to NYC to visit friends in July and trying to find an easy in/out hotel in Manhattan where I can set up a GH and swallow some monster cocks Anyone have any recs on a hotel that doesn’t require a key card to get in elevator and no security...
  22. Dpthroatotter

    Easy In/out Hotels In Manhattan?

    Hey fellas. 29 deepthroat otter here. Planning a trip to NYC to visit friends in July and trying to find an easy in/out hotel in Manhattan where I can set up a GH and swallow some monster cocks Anyone have any recs on a hotel that doesn’t require a key card to get in elevator and no security...
  23. etienneguy48

    Travis Dyson (onlyfans)

  24. IvanJackoffski

    Minnesota Nice?

    I am in southern Minnesota today. I will take all cummers today. I will not be able to say no. First stop is a public rest stop. I will hit the truck stop and park where I can be stroking my meat to signal for men with needs. I am going to the park bathroom to get naked and play porn loud on my...
  25. HomeGloryUK

    Photo Gloryhole Pics

    Love servicing juicy cocks at my private gloryhole. Anyone else got any hot pics to share?
  26. alexander123451

    Video Happy Birthday Nick! Does Anyone Know The Full Video Of These Guys?

    Happy Birthday Nick!
  27. Taconachosban

    Links Looking For Gamer Vids

    Vids involving BJ while playing , fucking, etc. Example;
  28. Y

    Who Is This?

    Can someone tell who this cocksucker is? Or the onlyfans/justforfans? Or maybe the guy being sucked...

    Nocenma-sonh-soeavt Feeders Needed

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for buds who would be interested in being part of a play group that I want to put together. I want to create a "Closed Circle" of guys who are Feeders and want to be in a "Stable" for this oral guy to service regularly. If interested get in touch and we'll do some...
  30. altnorms

    Tit/nipple Play Skype Group

    Feel free to join: Join conversation If you'd like to share nipple stuff, or have fun playing on cam!