1. Cerafit27

    Surprise me on Snapchat

    Snap: cerafit27 Literally anything you like : cumshots, dick pics , abs , ass , fucking , ANYTHING THAT WOULD MAKE ME AND YOU HORNY HAVE FUN BITCHES AND STAY FUCKING HORNY
  2. D

    Flashmob Fun

    I adore flashmobs. :heart_eyes: Something about random people performing in sync to entertain the masses by surprise. And everyone trying to figure out who’s in on the secret performance. Post your favorite flashmob clips please (and thanks @DiamondJoe for the idea). here’s one of my...
  3. Il2wu51

    The Hotel Balcony Jack Off

    It had been a beautiful day in south Florida, unlike the typical February weather back home. The long day of meetings was followed with the obligatory cocktail hour and small talk with people I hardly know over a couple of drinks, followed by dinner. Luckily tonight no speaker or awards program...
  4. S

    Blindfolded Amateur Girl Getting A Genuine Surprise From Huge Cock By Another Man

    Amateur Blindfolded Girl (or wife/ girlfriend) getting a surprise big cock (or dildo) from another man. She genuinely wasn't expecting it. If she gets mad or likes it, that's both okay. Looking for genuine sneaking, tricking, discomfort, and a little pain maybe.
  5. R

    Girl hesitant until sees size of dick

    Anyone have any good videos where a girl doesn't want to fuck or is hesitant and then persuaded after seeing the size of the guys cock?