1. M

    Survivor 2024 Greece

    Είπα να κάνω την αρχή για το φετεινό Survivor που αρχίζει απόψε στο skai. Απο ΄οτι φαινεται το καστινγκ είναι αρκετά καλό φετος και ελπίζω να γίνει και καλύτερο! Για αρχή o Γίαννης Περπατάρης που έχει αρκετό υλικό στο ινστα. Ηλικία: 34 ετών Ιδιότητα: Αγρότης Μεγαλωμένος στη Βόρεια Εύβοια...
  2. N

    Dr. Jon Misch From Survivor (San Juan del Sur) Contestant

  3. Konstantinos20

    Survivor All Star Greece

    "Survivor" - All Star GR !!
  4. D

    James Rocky Reid

    Any shots of bratty Rocky Reid from survivor? Old pic
  5. CokeZero380

    Jay Bruno

    I just woke up from an *adult* dream about this guy from Melbourne. He is, to me, one of the hottest guys on planet earth. I’ve never met him as I live in Sydney and he’s in Melbourne, but I thought I’d throw a few pictures here in the hope that someone has something more juicy to share. That...
  6. U

    Photos & Videos Joezi Zirah (Israeli model)

    Big brother, Survivor & the amazing race player
  7. M

    Survivor South Africa

    Seen a few people ask for a thread on the Survivor megathread so thought I’d make one so we can share pics of the Survivor South Africa guys! Many on this season :)
  8. T

    Survivor Türkiye

    Var mı bir şeyler ?
  9. C

    Giorgos Aggelopoulos- Hot Greek Survivor Winner

    Since there isn't a thread already on him, and since existing Greek threads are being polluted by "Why you post no nude stuff, gtfo!" I decided to do a thread on this hot greek stud. His name is Giorgos Aggelopoulos or "Ntanos" for short. He won the first Survivor of Greece and he had a huge...
  10. G

    Survivor 2020-2021 (greece)

    Any discussion of the show and its male contestants shall take place here.
  11. T

    Survivor Devon Pinto?

    Anyone have anything of Devon from Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
  12. 1

    Survivor: Island Of The Idols Guys

    I haven't seen a thread for this season of survivor. There aren't as many models as previous seasons but I still think a lot of the guys are hot. As always, I'm sure we'll get some nice bulge and ass shots!
  13. C

    Survivor: edge of extinction - chris underwood

    Has anyone caught the new season of Survivor: Edge of Extinction? A player named Chris Underwood from South Carolina had a VERY distracting bulge. He's also hot, so that helps. Hope there's more underwear scenes this season. :) If anyone has any photos, media, or whatever, please post here!
  14. K

    Chris noble from survivor: ghost island