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  1. B

    Gay porn where the top sweats LOADS

    Does anyone share my fantasy of super sweaty sex? Not just a little sweat, but soaking wet, dripping sex. There have been threads in the past but they’ve either gone dead or just been slightly sweaty, not tops that are DRIPPING and their bodies literally shining with sweat, to the point where...
  2. 0

    Can you please show me your Pits?

    Im feeling down today and armpit picture will make me feel better. Something about the smell, taste and texture makes me nut ao bad
  3. Harambae

    Guys Showing Off Swampey Holes

    Didn't even know there was a whole ass 'nother thing for me to go mad over in relation to dudes and that sexy AF uncontrollable flooding out of them man panties after hard workouts with the rest of the team! There's something about possibly being embarrassed about noticeably soaking up that...
  4. T

    Best Lusty scenes

    Ones where there is actual chemistry. They're both getting off hard, both are sweaty (or close to...) etc 1. Savannah Stern 2. Scarlit Scandal 3. Kendra Sunderland
  5. i_bytch_55

    Sweaty Sling Orgy

    Hey, does anyone has this full clip? It features Roman Maverick as the bottom, and Seth Santoro in one of the group. I tried google and found some links but they are already deleted. The only remain preview is from Seth's Twitter account as i attach below. Pls do share if you have the video...
  6. T

    For those PureTaboo fans out there...

    My favourite one is with Uma Jolie... What is yours...
  7. T

    Sweaty from a big dick...

    Hiya, I've found clips online, where the gal gets sweaty from the actual large dick itself... There may not be much movement, but somehow, the gal starts to sweat as the thick dick takes it's toll... I'll give 2 examples. 1. 2. Any others?
  8. O

    Photos & Videos Brock Nguyen

    Came across this sexy man in a couple threads and decided to make a thread. His body is amazing and hopefully there are full nudes out there Instagram https://instagram.com/justbrocknguyen?utm_medium=copy_link Facebook Log into Facebook Tiktok TikTok
  9. Le3chex

    Nathan Phillips (hot Australian Actor)

    Hot sex scene from apocalyptic movie These Final Hours
  10. N

    Anyone Know Who This Is???

    last time i’m going to post this i swear lol
  11. Anon_Jack

    Looking For Filthy Underwear/ Sweaty Shirts (australia)

    I can fulfill your photo/ drawing requests, or give massages, nude house cleaning, I love smelling sweaty, filthy guys with no shower, no perfume/ deodorant Id love to get some sweaty underwear/ shirts (live in Sydney Australia)
  12. Beefeater_cgn

    Man Taint

    No matter how sexy the pics are, I cannot get off if the guy does not expose his taint. For me it is the final frontier before actual sex. Taint on display does it for me.
  13. J

    Jake Schum

  14. 1

    Video Its Me!

    Check me out
  15. L

    England world cup team

    Yooooo. Any1 got anything on the lads from this team, dele, Walker, sterling All sexi. Put ur pics ere...