1. K

    Anyone from Scandinavia?

    22 male here from California. Might be traveling to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo this summer and spending a month there. Need someone to show me around, and maybe a little more after ;)
  2. F

    Adam Woods (Adam Allskog - Swedish Singer)

    So a new:ish artist has been appearing in the Swedish trials for Eurovision, called Melodifestivalen. Adam Woods. He performed last year in a Trio "Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Arc North feat. Adam Woods" This year he's performing solo.
  3. J

    gay sauna in Nordics ? (Stockholm, Copenhagen)

    Hello Im planning my summer holidays in Nordics - Copenhagen and Stockholm Any gay sauna you can recommend ? or any other places to have some fun :)
  4. O

    Jonas Nordfors @nordforsjonas Onlyfans

    Hi, has anyone subscribed to swedish gymnast Jonas onlyfans? Does he have any full frontal? OnlyFans
  5. FuckMyBussy

    Swedish content creators

    Hey! What are the best and hottest Swedish content creators you know? are there any cute Swedish twinks worth subscribing to and following on X or OF? I’m not really into older men but feel free to share them too tho for people who are!
  6. T

    Photos & Videos Soldiers from the Nordic (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark)

    We have a ”Army boys for real” but it is US centered. Sooo this is for northern european guys. I’ll start with a couple of finnish soldiers: (only 18+)
  7. M

    luketwinkk OF

    I think he is sooo adorable <3 Does he have any other socials? https://twitter.com/luketwinkk/ https://onlyfans.com/luketwinkk/
  8. H

    Looking for hunk in Stockholm

    Hi! I am a 26 year old vers/bttm looking for someone in Stockholm or Sweden to have fun with! Be good looking, not overweight between 30- 45 years old. Straight men is a turn on! Lets talk!
  9. D

    New guy in Gothenburg

    Hey! New here, thought about presenting myself. Stumbled on LPSG while looking for a way to make friends for being jerk buddies or suck buddies. Although it is much more than that here, a lot of interesting things and people. Well, I live in Gothenburg (Sweden), I love gym, running, other...
  10. K

    Swedish Onlyfans/Twitter-guys

    I'm looking for to follow new Swedish guys at Onlyfans, Twitter, Reddit etc. Does anyone else have leaked photos and videos at Swedish guys?
  11. R

    Photos & Videos David Lundin Model

    https://www.instagram.com/davidlundins/ David Lundin from Sollentuna, Sweden From Top Model Sverige (season 4)
  12. FuckMyBussy

    Hej, Hola, Hi, New Member Here :)

    Greetings guys, gals and nonbinary pals! I’ve seen this site everywhere so many times so I finally decided it was time to check it out xD So about me.. well first off, I’m gay, I’m Swedish and I’m a pretty easygoing guy, just taking every time at a time. I love singing, dancing, I’m actually...
  13. S

    Swedish Guys

    Hey, do anyone knows if there are more swedish profiles posting nudes? @jonatanlied @bastiangate98 @imryanolsen
  14. T

    Ekkin33 Chaturbate

    Anyone got something on this hot swedish guy?
  15. sexyconcrafter

    Efraim Leo (swedish Singer)

    Saw him at Melodifestivalen today and he's sexy af :heart_eyes::yum
  16. W

    Snapchat (only Fit Boys/men)

    Data: 20 y/o, fit, good looking and cute My Snapchat: V24021999 - Add me! Only cute, fit or hung boys/young men
  17. geofinn

    Scandinavian Guys

    Scandi guys - show off. Non-Scandis: tag Scandi guys you like looking at.
  18. 1

    Looking For Hung 40+ Tops From Stockholm

    Lol I know I know suuuuuper specific but you never know... Hit me up if this is you!
  19. E

    Swedish Celebrities (nudes)

    Post nudes of swedish celebrities on here, or link to other threads, but i thought we could have it all here;)
  20. 1

    Swedish Experience

    As a Swede I’m curious if any members have had any experience with Swedish guys and/or if there are any stereotypes of the Swedish guy/dick. All the best
  21. geofinn

    Felix Sandman

    Anything on this beauty? So hot hearing him moan in "Home for Christmas"
  22. N

    Victor Crone

  23. homebase

    Anyone Know Anything About This Hot Swedish "nomeqas", Big Cock Guy On Reddit?

    Hot 22yo [M4F] Swedish, tall (6'3), athletic, tattoos and 9 inches. Snapchat: Nomeqas with a big cock. Anyone know anything about him ?
  24. H

    Fabian Bodybuilder Teen From Sweden

    His very sexy and a nice guy. :D Somebody should bait him. FABIAN G LEJONSTÅL (@fabiangl) • Instagram photos and videos
  25. F

    John lundvik - swedish artist

    So, John Lundvik just went and won the Swedish trials for Eurovision last night. He seem so happy, so joyful and energetic. Not to mention he has nice arms and a past as competing in short-distance sprint! He is a family father though so might not be a lot of naughty stuff available =/...