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  1. A


    I can’t believe none has created a thread with him yet, he is so fucking hot
  2. A


    I can’t believe no one has created a thread for him yet is so fucking hot
  3. O

    Jonas Nordfors @nordforsjonas Onlyfans

    Hi, has anyone subscribed to swedish gymnast Jonas onlyfans? Does he have any full frontal? OnlyFans
  4. FuckMyBussy

    Swedish content creators

    Hey! What are the best and hottest Swedish content creators you know? are there any cute Swedish twinks worth subscribing to and following on X or OF? I’m not really into older men but feel free to share them too tho for people who are!
  5. H

    Emil Hansius (swedish youtuber)

    have anything of him? im looking for nude photos but cant find anything of him, hes so fucking hot tho
  6. S

    Swedish 25 y/o dude

    Hey! I’m not new here but I’ve never posted anything. Love seeing all your hot content on here. Happy to share some of myself if anyone’s interested. Keep in touch with me on Instagram :)
  7. H

    Hampus Hedström (swedish youtuber)

    hey! i was wondering if anyone has something of him because he’s sooooo hot
  8. J

    Swedish Simon Abramsson

    Anyone got something on this swedish guy? Login • Instagram
  9. Spicy Girl 13

    Amateur Scandinavian Guys (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland)

    It's no secret that Scandinavian guys are known for being hot and good looking esp with their blond and blue eyes. So any amateur scandinavian sex video you know. Feel free to post it on this thread. The vids can be danish, swedish, finnish, or norwegian as long as it's part of the...
  10. heisenbergwhite1

    Sebastian Fors / Forsen, Swedish Twitch Streamer

    Surprised nobody has made a thread on this guy yet, hes really handsome!
  11. Z

    Omar Rudberg

    Since I don't think that the last thread broke any rules beside a couple troll posts, I'm taking the initiative to make a new one. So to start, here are some pics:
  12. Greenkai3000

    Scandinavian Men

    I’ve been to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark over the last few years. I can agree that Scandinavian men are among the most stunning looking in the world. Swedish men (and women} specially , blew me away. They were very friendly too. I would love to get this thread started by sharing pics of who...
  13. C

    Valter Skarsgård

    Swedish actor born in 1995, brother of Alexander, Bill and Gustaf Skarsgård
  14. T

    Photos & Videos Simon Imhäuser

    Anyone has anything on this hot 20 y.o. Swedish calisthenics athlete? instagram
  15. S

    Identify these Olympians?

    These two guys I screenshot on YouTube? This pic is from 2012 Olympic’s closing ceremony.
  16. J

    Sampev2 / Samuel Stronegger

    Does anyone have any intimate pictures of this swedish bodybuilder/youtube? sampev2
  17. K

    Swedish Onlyfans/Twitter-guys

    I'm looking for to follow new Swedish guys at Onlyfans, Twitter, Reddit etc. Does anyone else have leaked photos and videos at Swedish guys?
  18. R

    Photos & Videos David Lundin Model

    https://www.instagram.com/davidlundins/ David Lundin from Sollentuna, Sweden From Top Model Sverige (season 4)
  19. H

    Model Emil Andersson

    Anyone know what happened to Swedish model Emil Andersson? It’s like he dropped off the planet :-/
  20. FuckMyBussy

    Hej, Hola, Hi, New Member Here :)

    Greetings guys, gals and nonbinary pals! I’ve seen this site everywhere so many times so I finally decided it was time to check it out xD So about me.. well first off, I’m gay, I’m Swedish and I’m a pretty easygoing guy, just taking every time at a time. I love singing, dancing, I’m actually...
  21. S

    Swedish Guys

    Hey, do anyone knows if there are more swedish profiles posting nudes? @jonatanlied @bastiangate98 @imryanolsen
  22. T

    Ekkin33 Chaturbate

    Anyone got something on this hot swedish guy?
  23. sexyconcrafter

    Efraim Leo (swedish Singer)

    Saw him at Melodifestivalen today and he's sexy af :heart_eyes::yum
  24. 0

    Photo Mike Radoor (@toobusytobefit Swedish/danish Entrepreneur)

    Does anyone have anything on this piece of male perfection? He’s very generous with the shirtless content but I’m dying to see more...
  25. geofinn

    Scandinavian Guys

    Scandi guys - show off. Non-Scandis: tag Scandi guys you like looking at.
  26. sexyconcrafter

    Ulrik Munther (swedish Singer & Actor)

    Ulrik Munther is a Swedish singer and actor. Plus he's extremely handsome.
  27. 1

    Looking For Hung 40+ Tops From Stockholm

    Lol I know I know suuuuuper specific but you never know... Hit me up if this is you!
  28. E

    Swedish Celebrities (nudes)

    Post nudes of swedish celebrities on here, or link to other threads, but i thought we could have it all here;)
  29. italiancollegeboy

    Photos & Videos Swedish And Scandinavian Men

    Does anyone know of Swedish or Scandinavian models/porn stars? Let's share a list of pictures and videos! Tomas Brand Logan Rogue
  30. 1

    Swedish Experience

    As a Swede I’m curious if any members have had any experience with Swedish guys and/or if there are any stereotypes of the Swedish guy/dick. All the best