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  1. B

    Four in a bed (tv)

    Wondered if anyone had anything on any of the men on there as I guessed some may be topless swimming or showering
  2. Z

    Video Towel drop at the beach...

    I've always loved this clip of a cute, naked surfer getting his towel yanked off by his buddy at the beach. Does anyone know who these guys are?
  3. D

    My husband's fantasy but I get all the pleasure

    Ok so this is a story that happened to me yesterday. It is very unlike me to go through with something like this, but it was so hot and I can’t wait to share it with you all. To begin with (to paint a picture), I’m 6’0, 75kg, ripped, dark features, covered in tattoos, I've got a thick but small...
  4. H

    Swim Trunk Liners

    I can’t live with net swim trunk liners. Cutting them out leaves my balls hanging with no support and they stick to my thighs. I’ve tried a couple pairs that have compression short liners but just crush my nads. Is there a company out there that makes swim trunks that have a liner with a...
  5. Theriad

    Barcelona Trip - Beachhunt

    Hey Guys, Travelling solo to Barcelona next week (05-09.07.2021) and I'm just curious if any locals/visitors are willing to meet up for a (naked) splash? :D Honestly, I'm just not sure what to expect if I go for a swim with all my stuff left at the beach and I don't want any nasty...
  6. carsonmccullers

    Magazine Spreads [vintage]

    Anyone remember looking through GQ, International Male, CARGO, or Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly? This is a thread for magazine and catalog spreads showcasing the male figure (nude or partially nude). Print material only, vintage, credit the photographer and publisher when available. Let's see...
  7. L

    Phil And Dave's First Time

    If you've seen Weekend Without the Parents, this is the full edit I have so far...Missed some details on the last one and I think you'll get a good raging hard on from this one :) enjoy. I’m Phil, the captain of the senior team. Swim season was always my favorite time of year. This year was...
  8. L

    Weekend Without The Parents

    I’m Phil, the captain of the senior team. Swim season was always my favorite time of year. This year was no different except that it would be the last season we all had together and we had a though there was a new guy on the team, Dave. 6’0 foot tall, broad shoulders, chiseled pecs and a solid 6...