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  1. eas311

    New And Still Trying To Figure This Amazing Place Out.

    Little bit about myself I’m from Texas and in California for a while,32 and recently divorced and finding out that I’m into a lot of freaky shit and it’s been amazing so far . I’m strait but definitely attracted to a big cock and huge cumshots ,love porn ,probably a sex addict I’m looking to...
  2. D

    My True Stories

    My stories are true... If you care to read them... LisaViva's blog | LPSG
  3. 4

    Mostly Gay But... The Times You've Been With Women

    In my long, happy career as a sexually active gay man, I've been with women at least a couple of dozen times. Technically, I could have led a hetero life if I felt it was necessary because I get hard whenever I know someone is checking my dick out, and that includes women, even when my desire...
  4. ciccia77

    Brisbane Australia Party 28 March 2020

    Hi, if you're in Brisbane or passing by on the 28th March, contact my hubby on kik at cicciaekot for details. We need hot hung men for a group of naughty milfs. Kisses
  5. F

    Ohio - Norwalk / Sandusky - Men Or Couples

    Thank you for your interest.. Soon to be visiting your area and looking to have a Great time while I am there. Good looking, charming and extremely funny. I am 38 years young 6' 215 with nice arms.. I am orally Bi. I really love to please a woman but I Love to take my time and go deep on a...
  6. J

    Visiting New Jersey & Philadelphia

    Who is in NJ / Philadelphia area : looking for Dudes Milf Dilf Couples Chicks & Dudes . are there more active NJ Philly Groups on LPSG ?
  7. NautiRogue

    Visiting Southwest Michigan This Summer

    We have a boat on Lake Michigan and we spend almost every other weekend on her during the season. Most of the time it will be both of us, but once in a while (like this coming Easter weekend) it'll just be me. We enjoy afternoon cruises to a beach in the new Indiana Dunes National Park to wade...