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  1. A

    Sydney Jerk Buddy

    Hey I’m 29yr average build, looking for a jerk buddy or circle in Sydney (western). Message if interested
  2. O

    Wank in Sydney

    32, curious, in shape, good looking, Aussie looking to have a wank with another curious guy who can host discreetly around Sydney (preferably Western Sydney).
  3. greeko89

    Amateur videographer| SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

    Amateur videographer| SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Wanted to get some experience in shooting fitness/Gym material - pictures and video I am 33 year old guy. Looking for fitness models that are interested. Just practice, not professional at all. Just using a camera with various lenses, no additional...
  4. Britdownunder

    Fun in Sydney

    Slim/fit 28 vers in Sydney, looking for casual fun/meet ups. Based in the city, can’t host.
  5. O

    Wank buddy

    32 Aussie after a curious wank bud on the down low. Someone who can host discreetly around inner west Sydney.
  6. S

    Muscle worship in Sydney Aus

    Hey guys, Just seeing does anyone know of any muscle worship that i can do in Sydney Aus? Bodybuilders etc? I usually use Rent.men but just seeing if theres anything else out there
  7. S

    Anyone from Syd Aus?

    Asian aussie keen to serve
  8. O

    Discreet wank buddy in Sydney

    Hey guys, looking for a wank buddy in Sydney to jerk off with. Haven’t had much luck in finding one yet. I’m 32, good looking, Aussie/Euro, about 7 inches and uncut. I can’t host but can travel. Based around Western and Inner West Sydney. Get in touch if you can host and are interested. Cheers!
  9. T

    Sydney Escorts

    Hi all, any recommendations on escorts in Sydney. I'm looking for buff, muscle, masculine with a nice package. I know our old thread got closed and hoping someone could make suggestions. I know MassagebyBen is around as well as Hunghugh who both seem good. If anyone can share some thoughts?
  10. O

    Sydney Wank Buddy

    Anyone in Sydney able to host discreetly for a wank? Buddy situation would be ideal. I’m 32, decent looking, Aussie/Euro. I can’t host but can travel. Always thought it would be good to catch up with another relaxed bloke for a flog every now and again on the down low. Cheers
  11. H

    Hung top for hung bottom/vers in Sydney, Australia

    Hi there, I would love to top a hung man, it’s a weakness I have! Love mutual oral play too. Based in Sydney, Australia. Feel free to reach out if interested.
  12. B

    Jai and Bryce Sydney (Jaiwinnell & btag_8)

    Anything on Jai and Bryce? Apparently just broke up. Both super hot in Sydney.
  13. R

    Anything on @dane_b88?

    Anything on this guy? https://www.instagram.com/dane_b88/
  14. W


    Hi there Recently just discovered this hottie on twitter. He‘s hot af. He seems to have a „bodybuilder bf“ according to one of his post on twitter. Do you recognize him? Any private IG? Thanks guys https://mobile.twitter.com/aussiethongbro
  15. B

    which city is suitable for asian gay in Australia?

    im from southeast asia had a plan to take master degree in Australia, but as a gay/bi asian men which city is safer or preferable or is there any up and down between the cities? my personaility : very introvert but if i have a close friend i comfortable with, i like to go to club, party, drunk...
  16. DumberFusionBlue

    Sydney or Melbourne… mid-Feb?

    Hi guys, anyone in Melbourne or Sydney area second half of Feb? My travel buddy ditched me so alone for those two weeks!
  17. Habbbbooooo

    Unjabbed/unvaxxed in Sydney NSW Australia?

    Anyone unjabbed/unvaxxed from Sydney? Looking for like minded individuals. The rest I'm not too fussed about. No sex on first meet... need to get to know you.
  18. Jose alle

    _nikinoz nick_nz

    Indian Australian doctor turned management consultant who used to be pretty normal med student but in recent years turned into a basic sydney barbie gay Twitter is @Nico_Nashh Snap is @nick_nz
  19. 357 Sydney City Steam.

    357 Sydney City Steam.

    Friday Lunch Fun Friday Lunches at 357 (pre covid) have a reputation for being a hoot. Packed with men looking for some lunch fun. Things have quietened off a fair bit, but its still one of the busier time slots where. I went back yesterday after a covid-induced hiatus from saunas. I had fun...
  20. J

    New Aussie guy in Melbourne

    Hey I'm a 26 year old guy in Melbourne - love that I found this site. I'm a lover of celebrity cocks, nudity and sharing pics and vids. In the real world I love cruising, saunas, hanging naked and group play Hit me up and show me the best on offer here and best cruising in Melbourne (and...
  21. S


    Looking to be the NM in a CMNM scenario. Group of clothed guys even better. Located in Sydney Australia. Whilst happy with a Cam scene prefer face to face…
  22. Shadowgeist

    Aussie Gay Sauna / Spa / Bathhouse Experiences & Discussion

    Greetings fellow aussies and lpsg members who have experience living in Oz. I've recently been baptised with experiencing a night in a gay sauna (twice now in the past month) and I was wondering what other peoples' experiences have been like. I'm still trying to wrap my head around my time...
  23. greeko89


    @theonlywoodyfox I want his onlyfans content. Wow! Any help guys? Comments? https://instagram.com/woodyfox_official?utm_medium=copy_link
  24. bastiankydd

    Tips On Taking Better Nudes

    Hey all! So many great photos in this forum and id love to share some of me, but I can't seem to get a good shot. I have like only 10 pics that I send to guys when wanting to hookup and I think I should have more, better ones even. If you have any tips such as: Phone, laptop, webcam or...
  25. bastiankydd

    Looking For Some Fun In Sydney

    Hey all! 27, 7.5 inch, average, top. Keen to blow some guys tonight around the inner west. Can host. Message me and we can go from there :)
  26. A

    Sydney Guys

    Hey Sydney, 23 year old asian twink, thinking of creating content for onlyfans or just interested to have fun. If interested DM me :)
  27. greeko89

    I Am 31 Y/o Male "jerk Bud" Sydney,australia

    Hey, I'm 31 from Sydney. How do I go about finding a Male or Male/Female couple to play around with. I think I'm Bi, only sexual experience was with a Thai Woman in Thailand and it was so brief, she didn't even let me touch her privates. She did ride me but gave up after a minute and that's it...
  28. greeko89

    I Am 31 Y/o Male "jerk Bud" Sydney,australia

    Hey, I'm 31 from Sydney. How do I go about finding a Male or Male/Female couple to play around with. I think I'm Bi, only sexual experience was with a Thai Woman in Thailand and it was so brief, she didn't even let me touch her privates. She did ride me but gave up after a minute and that's it...
  29. P

    Joe Coopa

    Hotty from Sydney @joe.coopa
  30. D

    Video My Glory Hole Dream! Sydney

    Hey guys! This is my absolute dream! To blow some hot guys like this in a public gloryhole! Cover me in your cum! Where can we do this in Sydney? I think we could do this at Sydney Uni Carslaw building but I’ve never cruised there. Anyone to give me their hot cock and big load? any straight...