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  1. X

    Who Is this Taiwanese guy?

    I just want to know who is the guy in this AV?
  2. R

    Lin Ching Chieh (林敬傑) aka HotDog King (熱狗王)

  3. T

    Ryder Shao

    anyone have vid of him ? i've only seen 3 clips of him on twitter.
  4. V

    Dennis-lai Taiwanese Onlyfans

    Dennis-lai/dennischueh/gaytopia He’s a famous taiwanese onlyfans, can somebody please post his newest dildo video? This is the first time he got penetrated and I’m dying to see
  5. Crazyfictiony

    Photo Taiwanese Porn Actor

    Do you know the title of this scene ? Pls share. I only know his onlyfans and twitter account.
  6. P

    Renguin - Taiwanese Gay Model/instagram Model

    This fantastic, beautiful man has been active for a long time on Instagram under: https://instagram.com/renguin0829 and on YouTube. As well as modelling for a Taiwanese gay magazine, Pubu. He definitely has nude photo shoots and maybe sex scenes, but I’m unable to purchase anything off the pubu...
  7. 9

    7.5 In/19cm Gay Top, Ricequeen :p

    New here, hope to find some hung and cool ppl