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tan line

  1. J

    gadinotsolucky / notgadi on twitter

    So there’s this guy on twitter who is super hot and he always seems to post nudes and then delete them :/ anyone got any archives or maybe personal experiences with him?
  2. W

    Photos & Videos not.naorar Gameoftwo notmyselfar

    Hey, I think it is about time to open a thread for this Israeli hottie. He's name is Naor, and he is a photographer who likes to take pictures of hot men, but also to tease and show off his hot body! not.naorar @instagram notmyselfar @twitter gameoftwo_fr_me @OF thumbnails of attached photos:
  3. toet

    tanned white men

    hey! starting this new thread because i absolutely love white men with a tan! who else??? here goes mahmood, an arab-italian hottie
  4. Sirnikonn

    Kelan Of Fratmen

    I'm a sucker for that tanline. The blond fuzz is super sexy too. image uploader
  5. JustSocks

    Turned On By Undressing More Than Being Naked?

    Anyone else get disappointed when a porn video starts with the guys naked? Love to see the removal of underwear or swimwear and the visible elastic marks on skin. Also tan lines are a big turn on for me. A springy cock being released or an smooth white ass crack being revealed are beautiful to see.
  6. Blakebnyc

    Hello From Nyc!

    Hi all! I am new here, just wanted to connect with you! Very sex positive here and would love to make connections in NYC. I am true versatile, I like loading and being loaded. I sometimes work as an escort and really enjoy my work. I’m also on twitter and onlyfans @blakebennettnyc
  7. J

    Photo Who Uses A Fleshlight?

  8. northwestern

    Photo Id Request On Curved Up Bbc

    I'm thinking a swinger, not a pro.
  9. M

    Help Identifying Video

    Does anybody know or have the video this gif is from?
  10. trackjock13

    Jack Off In Public At Pride, 18 Y/o, Nmcm

    I had my photos taken by a pro porn photographer at Lake Tahoe CA, several changes of clothing, mostly athletic wear and I had to keep a hardon and jack off and eventually cum after a couple hours for the camera and in front of others. I had several years of experience doing that for a bunch of...
  11. Sherwood D. Likelym

    Survey: Which Is More Erotic?

    While viewing naked men, do you enjoy observing evidence of sun worship?
  12. D

    Who has the best tan on lpsg

    Without a doubt the best tan on lpsg has to be @Livinnudie84 ...look there isn’t a tan line anywhere. And believe me I’ve looked in detail.
  13. trackjock13

    Young and hung showing off while washing car

    Thought I should post this, told another buddy here about it on this site, he though it was hot. A few days ago when the temperature was over 90 degrees in the early afternoon I noticed the hot neighbor across the stree come home early. I was pretty sure he had been checking me out for a LONG...