1. D

    Surfer type

    Typical Californian or Aussie surfer style: blonde hair, tanned, twunk. Here’s a picture for reference:
  2. Z

    Leon Allendes (TikTok)

    This guy is 18. He looks amazing ;)
  3. A

    Nicolas Pieroni (@nico_pieroni) Bodybuilder from Hawaii

    Anything on him? He's so fucking sexy
  4. toet

    tanned white men

    hey! starting this new thread because i absolutely love white men with a tan! who else??? here goes mahmood, an arab-italian hottie
  5. B

    Photo ID this hot tanned top fucking doggy style

    Does anyone know the name of this video or the name of this hot top?
  6. J

    please help ID him plz

    please help me find this hot men, i remember his twitter was something like « pince… » but i cant find it so if u know or u have his name please tell me
  7. J

    please help me ID this hot tattooed men

    rabi remeber his twitter i think its something like « prince… » but i cant find it so please if you know please send it to me
  8. D

    Aron da silva (OF: arronmartinsss)

    Hottest body ever and bet he’s got a big dick. He’s recently started an OF
  9. Krpt

    Id This Hot Model

    What an intense gaze! Who says you need nudity to get someone hard? :P An aesthetic face and bod and a good cameraperson ensure you don't necessarily need explicit nudity to attract and draw viewers Somehow, here, this guy looks the quintessential evasive rich guy from an Agatha Christie murder...
  10. Krpt

    Id Sexy Model With Stubble

    Who is this sexy model? I love his slightly mischievous smile and his just-right stubbly beard. He's got such attractive eyes and hair, a manly Adam's apple - and those dark pecs, oof! More here: Hot af model - Google Drive (Polite request: Please do not post...
  11. 3

    Can Someone Id This Guy Please ?

  12. DF1994

    Jefferson Jīnlòng Lan (@jeffersonlan)

    What can you say about this man other than he's a jack of all trades. Born and raised in South Africa, Jeff is an avid martial arts trainer and a budding young actor, having started in a few local commercials, short films and most recently landed a spot on the hit Tv series WARRIOR from Cinemax...
  13. DF1994

    Jiancarlos Vasquez (@jianvasquez)

    Has this ever happened to you? You sitting in a cafe, trying desperately to focus on the mountain of work you have to get down. All of a sudden, this cute boy walks in, taking a seat in the booth not two feet away from you. Now there's no way your getting anything done as your eyes remain...
  14. DF1994

    Luke Stoney (@lukestoney94)

    As part of the Nile Wilson Vlog Squad, I would think Luke Stoney would need no introduction by now. However, despite all the love for Nile in the forums, I see no one has committed to the honor of curating some of Mr Stoney's effervescent beauty.
  15. DF1994

    Eduardo Grippa (@eduardogrippa)

    You ever have one of those fantasies when a new neighbor moves into the house next door and as you get to see more and more of them, you start to realize that you now have an absolute sex symbol living only a few feet away from you... Mr Grippa is the manifestation of that fantasy.
  16. DF1994

    Marcelo Lima (@marcellokroth)

    This cheeky hunk of a man has gone unnoticed by the world for far too long!!!
  17. DF1994

    Edward Naranjo (@naranjoedward)

    It always amazes me how much beauty there is in the world and how so many men can be so fine and yet... so uniquely breathtaking!!! Take Mr Naranjo here for instance.
  18. DF1994

    Imrann Ahmad/mazahir (@mimmy_awesome25 & @mimmymotivates)

    It boggles my mind how no one knows about this beautiful man. Not an adult content kind of guy but with his workouts and fashion shoots, I don't think you need to ask for more. Go give the man a follow, he deserves to be noticed.
  19. here4adam

    Photo Hairless Arab Guys.

    I think Arab boys are the sexiest in the world, but I hate how whenever I try to search for porn about them it's almost always hairy bears guys. So how about we start a thread about sexy Arab guys who are either hairless or just a little bit hairy? And if you're interested, I'm a fit young Arab...
  20. giocio

    Tarzan-like guys

    I wanted to start a thread on my obsession, Tarzan-like guys. Long Hair either straight or curly. Sun kissed skin or other Tight bodies, especially their waists. Some examples Jdarwish_ Benjamin Ahlblad @fitbeny Cameron McElroy Spread the love everyone :p