1. pinkcowboy

    japanese sex coach on youtube

    this is a long shot, but i used to subscribe to a youtube channel that i cannot find for the life of me. it was a channel that basically was of a sex coach showing men the best way to fuck their girlfriends or partners but the coach would show it on them. he would either dry hump them or get dry...
  2. A

    Bottoms in Uniforms

    Looking for porn where the bottom is in a uniform (police man, fireman, constructor, teacher, office suit, plumber, military, doctor, any other profession) Also holidays like Christmas or any Halloween suit !!!! Only fit / good looking men (the bigger the better) +solo videos in uniforms if...
  3. D

    iam.mrluke - Aussie TikTok teacher

    What are people's thoughts on Mr Luke? Obviously gay teacher of tiny humans with an infectious personality.
  4. S

    My first time with a guy

    Hey guys, I've been around for a while, so I think it’s time that I share the story about the first time I did anything with a guy. Now for me, the only time I seen another guy naked at this point was in a gym locker room. Nothing sexual at all. Just guys changing out of their uniforms to put on...
  5. P

    Hot Academic Teachers/Tutors/Experts (Linguistic or Otherwise)

    Has anyone here ever came across hot/good looking/mildly attractive guys who happens to be a teacher/tutor of academic subjects on social medias? If you do, please share. I’d like to know what you think. And if any of of you have some juicy gossips about them, definitely don’t hesitate to share...
  6. J

    Joseph Hall (Tik-Tok teacher)

    This teacher on tik tok known for his Waffle making videos, he's so freaking hot!! Anyone got anything else about him?
  7. fruitycutie

    I want to stretch open my professor

    My name is Leo, 24, phd student at Upenn. I'm mixed, quite average in height and not quite average elsewhere. I work out regularly and I'm skinny lean. This is a story about an on going sexual tension between me and my professor Mr. Smalls. Mr Smalls is well built man in his 40s and has been...
  8. C

    Can anyone identify this hot teacher?

    I found this guy on xhamster but unfortunately, they're reuploads. Can anyone tell me who he is?
  9. B

    Teacher Bulge

    Haven't seen a thread for this. Anyone have candid (not staged) pictures of teacher bulges?
  10. Y

    I would love to make some hypnosis kink roleplay

    If u consider urself a bit toned or having dominant appearing, but u enjoy being subbed in a dom-sub roleplay, you found it. I would love to dom you. Snap : mamamia20231
  11. Y

    Roleplay snapchat - mesmerising the dominant

    Hey! I love the dom-sub idea of roleplay. I will explain the roleplay and if u want to engage in it, just drop your snap below. I would preferably like it on cam or texts and vids, depending if the people I stay with are home or not. So, I would be the dom. In the roleplay context, I could be...
  12. L

    I challenged my gym teacher to a sex fight.

    this is something that ive always kept a secret to myself. i love playing with older guys and muscular guys and just any guy thats dominant. i love making them lose control and make them realize theyre really not in control. heres a story of one time i played around with an older guy who was 36...
  13. J

    French Teacher Carlito

    This French teacher on TikTok, who also is a model is so fit, I stg he used to have more stuff on his instagram of him shirtless but now it’s mainly just teaching stuff his TikTok is :frenchteachercarlito - anyone got anything of him?
  14. G

    My Former Str8 Gym Teacher and Bully

    Hi Everyone! I have finally completed a new series, thanks everyone for your patience. This one is different from past ones like Patrick and Cole or Taking my Straight brother to Fire Island. I worked hard on trying to capture the magic of Patrick and Cole. I had two of my friends read the...
  15. Jefflee123

    gay porn videos where the actors have quite a big age gap

    I always get turned on when I watch gay porn videos where the actors have quite a big age difference, like videos that involve stories between fathers and sons or teachers and students. any video recommendations?
  16. L

    Hot teacher

    Does anyone knows who the guy is, he is so hot!
  17. Z

    School Reunion

    Going to a high school in a small rural town always meant everyone knew everyone… and all that everyone did. For a young gay kid in the early 2000’s the last thing I needed them to know was I was gay, and that I had the hugest crush on my Civics teacher Mr. Aaron. He was a lean little twink...
  18. TmTrainer

    Need help finding a fleshlight review

    I am down BAD for this video but I can't find it anywhere. I've posted about it before but for real, I reallllly want to find it. It's an average-thin white guy, solo, reviewing a fleshlight. No face in view, just him humping it. There were two different versions, in one of them he gets out a...
  19. TmTrainer

    Looking for a video

    It was of a guy reviewing a fleshlight, but then he gets a whiteboard and starts doing some calculations or something idk. It's edited satirically and he doesn't seem to take it seriously, but he fucks the fleshlight and cums soooooooo...
  20. G

    Photos & Videos Virgin and Hunk MMF/Learning to fuck/experienced and virgin MMF porn

    Looking for porn videos that have an experienced guy fucking and showing/teaching another dude how to fuck. Kind of like this video: Julian Rodriguez, Collin Simpson, Tori Blue MMF
  21. ChurchGirl


    Who is this sexy dilf?!
  22. Christopher Chamberlain

    Gabe Dannenbring

  23. R

    BrandonAnthony ; naked men's yoga + tantra

  24. D

    Forrest Valkai (ig Renegadescienceteacher)

    I've had a huge crush on him for a long time. He's a tiktoker and youtuber that talks about science. Anyone has anything on him? On his social media there's nothing but tiktoks and close up videos of his face, but he seems to have a nice slim body. Plus his face is so so cute.
  25. A

    Hunk Teacher Video

    Someone have this video?
  26. R

    Photos & Videos Rob Bowden (robot_bowden) Hot Teacher!

    He is a super hot Phd student researching machine learning. I think he taught college students as well. He frequently posts the hottest pics/vids on Reddit as igtapu. And his instagram is filled with thirst trap pics. No OnlyFans yet that I know of. Gotta love a guy who is both sexy and smart...
  27. E

    Teachers/ Professors?

    Hey everyone! Has anyone come across their old or current teacher on a dating app? Or even seen them naked? I currently saw my old Spanish teacher from High School on an dating app and they didn’t even recognize me. We exchanged nudes and eventually fucked. Any similar stories?
  28. F

    Id Please! Super Hot Hunk/teacher

    Who is this?
  29. M

    Hot Teacher ?

    Does anyone know who he is and where are the rest of the videos ?
  30. S_Dick

    Professor/coach Showering At School

    Saw one of my students in the shower. Not sure if I should keep showering at my institution. Any other teachers or coaches have advice on this? Hi, I am a young college professor teaching at a very small liberal arts college. I’ve only been teaching for a year now, so it’s all a little new to...