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  1. Christopher Chamberlain

    Gabe Dannenbring

  2. R

    BrandonAnthony ; naked men's yoga + tantra

  3. D

    Forrest Valkai (ig Renegadescienceteacher)

    I've had a huge crush on him for a long time. He's a tiktoker and youtuber that talks about science. Anyone has anything on him? On his social media there's nothing but tiktoks and close up videos of his face, but he seems to have a nice slim body. Plus his face is so so cute.
  4. T

    Have You Ever Seen Your Teacher Naked? 18+

    Happened to me twice. First time was at a high school overnight convention staying in a room with two other senior guys and the male teacher. Towards the end of the night there was this awkward time when no one wanted to get naked and ready for bed. Finally the 28 year old teacher announced...
  5. A

    Hunk Teacher Video

    Someone have this video?
  6. R

    Photos & Videos Rob Bowden (robot_bowden) Hot Teacher!

    He is a super hot Phd student researching machine learning. I think he taught college students as well. He frequently posts the hottest pics/vids on Reddit as igtapu. And his instagram is filled with thirst trap pics. No OnlyFans yet that I know of. Gotta love a guy who is both sexy and smart...
  7. E

    Teachers/ Professors?

    Hey everyone! Has anyone come across their old or current teacher on a dating app? Or even seen them naked? I currently saw my old Spanish teacher from High School on an dating app and they didn’t even recognize me. We exchanged nudes and eventually fucked. Any similar stories?
  8. F

    Id Please! Super Hot Hunk/teacher

    Who is this?
  9. M

    Hot Teacher ?

    Does anyone know who he is and where are the rest of the videos ?
  10. S_Dick

    Professor/coach Showering At School

    Saw one of my students in the shower. Not sure if I should keep showering at my institution. Any other teachers or coaches have advice on this? Hi, I am a young college professor teaching at a very small liberal arts college. I’ve only been teaching for a year now, so it’s all a little new to...

    Anyone Like To Be Spanked And Then Used By A Verbal Dad ?

    I love to get a curious young cocksucker on their knees and show them the ropes . I'm a good looking white dad in Orange County California . I love to be a coach , teacher , mentor , and disciplinary for those who need a firm hand , as well as a nice big lollypop to reward you with after your...
  12. T

    Cfnm With Former Student

    After teaching high school for a couple years I decided to go back to graduate school to get my masters. I found a large house that was renting rooms. It was cheap, close to campus, and furnished, so it was perfect. After class on the first morning I got back to the house and saw Jane, one of...
  13. I


    How many of you are teachers? If you're like me, I am extremely self-conscious about my bulge showing in my work pants.