1. J

    Photos & Videos Mileabovetech

    Surprised he doesn’t have a thread already (or at least i haven’t seen one). He prolly doesn’t have any leaks but anyone got anything else on him. He’s really cute and this is all i’ve gathered so far from a quick glance through his instagram and tiktok
  2. S

    Tyler Yade Morgan (hitomidocameraroll)

    I cannot believe he doesn't already have a thread. Cute former Apple employee and musician offering tech tips while having the most amazing hair. Anyone have anything on him?
  3. T

    Ali Sayed / Optimum Tech

    Anyone have anything on him? I’ve watched some of his tech videos, and his accent and body (and ARMS) look incredible! He’s married, but I’d let him do whatever he wants to me :heart_eyes:
  4. D

    Tim Schofield

    anyone have anything on tim schofield? he's a tech reviewer on yt under qbking77
  5. C

    Jay Avenian (jays Tech Vault)

    Anything on this guy? He is sex
  6. H

    Léo Techmaker (léo Locurcio)

    Tout ce que vous avez sur Leo Techmaker Léo - TechMaker
  7. E

    Tech Chap

    Anyone have anything on the Tech Chap? He's so sexy
  8. Digitalb

    Austin Evans - Tech Youtuber

    I've always found this guy sexy, his geekyness is so endearing and his tight t-shirts have promised so much for years. He finally decided to show the world his body, and I must say, I'm not disappointed! :rolleyes::p If anyone has any more of him then please post!
  9. A

    Photos & Videos The Mega Babe From Techplant !

    he doesnt post his personal socials because he's married YouTube
  10. Uscpapi14

    Randomfrankp (youtube)

    Does anyone have any shots of this ginger hottie? His real name is Frank Passalacqua. In one of his Tech vids he has a huge bulge would love to see more of him.