1. R

    Justin Carter

    Anyone got anything from this hottie? x: x.com Reddit:
  2. Lhibeek

    just turned 19yo my teen dick

  3. L

    Photo Sissify me?

    https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/leakytwinky.1474941/Always seeking advice about feminization and sissy exposure. Not sure if i should start hrt. Wana shrink my clitty. Heres sum pics
  4. velvetcatcher

    looking for a master

    hey im a 19 yr old slave looking for a master that will control me throught the day on snapchat. my only requirement is to be +20 yr old. my snap is @theydybird add me
  5. elroio

    Video Help Finding Fine Darkskin Teen

    I know he's not a bait because I used to follow him on Twitter before I lost his @. All help is appreciated!
  6. F

    Photos & Videos Germanstud21

    Hey guys :) Found this young german hottie on Twitter He also got an OF 'd like to hear your opinion on him, here are some pictures :)
  7. P

    Cute twink id

    Amateur Video 71565
  8. Lucatwink1

    Photo Who is this hot muscular twink?

    Someone plssss ID. Hes so cute
  9. L

    Str8 twink

    Im a str8 twink that likes showing off. Check out my pics before I get scared and delete them again. https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/leakytwinky.1458621/
  10. I

    Photos & Videos alex miller onlyfans (alexxxmillerof on twitter & of)

    anyone have his pics/videos?
  11. J

    Photo For the attention lol

    I love the attention I get when I post my nudes , I hope you like my body and cock
  12. D

    Does Somebody Have This Video Of Zandersvip (Prettywhiteboi) And Blake Hoffman ?

    Please help me find this video of Zandersvip (Prettywhiteboi) and Blake Hoffman
  13. D

    Video Please ID This Video Of A 19yo What`s The Original Name - Is There A Longer Video Then 7 Minutes

    Can Someone Identify The 19yo Boy Or The Man Fucking Him? Also Is There A Longer Video Then 7 Minutes Of Them? The Video Has Been Renamed So Many Times, But If you google "College Boy & Grindr Step daddy" You`ll find the video on multiple websites. I Am Hoping Someone Knows Who The People Are In...
  14. D

    Video Is There A Longer Video Of This 19yo Grindr Boy?

    Can Someone Identify The 19yo Boy Or The Man Fucking Him? Also Is There A Longer Video Then 7 Minutes Of Them?
  15. 7

    College Story Part 3

    Recommend reading parts 1 and part 2 A few weeks after our trip to the other college and wild night with Carina and Lily, graduation week came up and we were all preparing to say our goodbyes. Since I was a few years older than Harry, we were sad to be parting. To make up for lost time, we...
  16. G

    Anyone know this guy?? Probably A Gym Content Creator On Instagram.

    This probably the right forum to ask. Can someone help me ID this guy please? Found the picture on IG (Instagram) but forgot to follow the account. Probably a gym content creator/influencer on IG. Maybe a tiktoker too? If anyone know his name please share it. Thank you.
  17. yermama

    I'm lost

    I honestly don't know what to post here, sooo.... yea
  18. EarlBifrons

    Barely18/BarelyLegal what happened to him and does anyone have his content?

    I really like his Twitter/X account very raunchy public stuff if it’s real, but his OnlyFans is offline and I can’t seam to find any full length vids anywhere online
  19. D

    nsfwdevilll oscar martinez

    this young pornstar is hung and very sexy. definitely has some star quality I'm a big fan of his twitter and wondering if anyone has his OF content onlyfans.com/nsfwdevilll
  20. P

    anyone have anything on jacob69264m

    anyone have anything on jacob69264? thanks
  21. E

    ID - Teen bodybuilder jerking - video

    Hello guys! I've seen this short video of this stunning teen bodybuilder jerking, but can't find the ID or any info about him. Could you help me? Teen Boy BIG MUSCLES BIG COCK - ThisVid.com Teen Boy BIG MUSCLES BIG COCK - ThisVid.com
  22. S


    This is a really fun find on OF. The page creator is never seen but likes to find younger (18-20) y/o hetero or gay active (top) boys and deflower them. Some pretty great stuff - full length videos and no PPV. I’d describe it as a Latin version of BoysHalfwayHouse or RaunchyBastards. That...
  23. B

    Need help ID asian twinks

    I’ve only ever seen them in a very few posts in twitter and nowhere else. Top is cute and have been dying to know who he is, or whoever may have their vids. Any help is appreciated!
  24. J

    Older fucks teen

    Post videos of older guys fucking young girls roughly (Squirting, pain, moaning...)
  25. F

    Creating Hot AI Guys

    Hello all, have one of you also created hot AL boys? Anyone wants to share here?
  26. H

    Xander Jones

    I checked the no post list and didnt see him, and i do not believe there is a thread of him; so here it is. Twitter user Xander Jones https://twitter.com/XanderJonesXXX I dont think theres an onlyfans, but there is a reddit (probably, i didnt verify if its a catfish)...
  27. I

    anything on andreh_xvii

    anything on this italian stud? he just turned 18 and posted a pic with mattia gallettini, his instagram is @andreh_xvii and he’s so hot he needs to open an of, i’d literally eat on those fine abs
  28. L

    Photos & Videos Selfies

    Anyone think Im hot?
  29. P

    Tiktok/Onlyfans help ID

    Can anyone help ID this dude? I can't find his name anywhere, if you could post his socials thatd be amazing. New Really good dick sucking | Young Couples Fucking
  30. E

    Reno gold blonde twink

    This is the hottest blonde twink ever lol