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thick dick

  1. Stocky8x6uncut

    Just a few newish pics of me

    Not the biggest on here but will stretch a hole.Twitter
  2. BDappreciator

    hot in the sauna

    It was a Sunday evening and I was feeling in need of company so I visited my favourite gay sauna. Once I'd paid my entrance fee, I went to the change room, stripped wrapped the towel around me. There were not many men around in the sauna on this late Sunday night; so, I proceeded straight to...
  3. #11 Mike Adriano

    #11 Mike Adriano

    This is hands down, one of my favorite BIG white cocks I have ever laid these eyes on. The pinkish hue that colors his substantial shaft is so F***ing sexy! Look at how thick and defined his shaft is. He is a straight porn star, and if you check out his many videos, you will see that the...
  4. #15 Rick Donovan

    #15 Rick Donovan

    This is a legendary porn star. His length and thickness have been revered for years and years and years. That porn star mustache he sports is so vintage and appropriate for the time period he was a male model in his prime. His dick looks as delicious in flaccid and semi-erect photos as it...
  5. greatbazooka

    ReganXX0 Thread

    alright tldr, this dude probably has the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. We need more of this guy. I’m posting every photo I have of him along with 2 videos from my RedGif. If anyone else has different content, pls share! redgifs.com/users/greatbazooka
  6. B

    The Black Snake in action

    destroying some eager and slutty black pussy with my thick black snake
  7. #27 Johnny Harden

    #27 Johnny Harden

    Now that is one thick son of a gun! Thick as all hell. The detail is obvious throughout his entire shaft. There is no mistaken that this vintage cock model, Johnny Harden, is HUUUUUUGE! I can only imagine what that phallus must feel like as it stretches and grinds its thick way in and out of...
  8. P

    Thickest Cocks On Long Island

    since moving to long island I've noticed that there are so many guys have girthy cocks... what's going on haha. i've come aross guys who are 7 - 7.5 in thick. what about you guys? what's the fattest cock on LI you've encounter? anyone else thing that LI has more than its fair share of...
  9. bootyfull

    Why Is It So Hard To Find A Big Dick In Cape Town???

    I need to vent. I am a woman with an incredibly high sex drive. And all I want is to find a man with a very thick dick to fold me like pretzel and break my back like a glow stick. I don't think it's too much to ask. LOL :laughing:But finding one is as easy as adulting... Basically near...
  10. datwhatilike

    Rod Driftwood

    Sexy OF content creator Rod Driftwood Handsome in the face, bearded, sexy thick muscled body, PHAT ASS and HUGE DICK! He sensually and skillfully bates his dick and is VERBAL if you enjoy hearing groans and speaks to his viewers with direct eye contact at points He also uses toys in his...
  11. G

    Looking For Suggestions For A Very Specific Kind Of Cock

    Hey guys So, there's one kind of cock that turns me on more than usual. I'm not very good at explaining (maybe because english isn't my first language, but I have some references. I would like to discover more guys on Twitter or Onlyfans that has a dick that looks like delusion666's...
  12. S

    New From Pennsylvania

    Hey all! Thought I'd say hello and share some pics to get me started on here. I've heard about the website quite a bit and I'm glad to find a cool new community. I live in Chester County Pennsylvania. I'm always open to chatting!
  13. K

    Nico Zetta Please!!!!

    Alguém tem o OF do Nico Zetta ?? Pode compartilhar aq ?? Ele é maravilhoso Anything ??? He's amazing !! So hot.
  14. W

    Video Id Anyone Know Who He Is? Hot Blonde With A Big Cock

    See attached!
  15. W

    Video Id Anyone Know Who He Is? Hot Blonde With A Big Cock

    See attached!
  16. M

    Photo Wavybrando

    This dude is sexy AF IG: wavybrandoo Twitter: @wavybrandoo OF: kingpapixxx
  17. C

    Oh, Hello There

    Hey buds! Long time lurker. Happy to be here. Uhhhh...here's m'junk.
  18. T

    Patious5 Daddy Diesel

    OnlyFans I used to follow this guy on Reddit and he finally made an onlyfans! I subscribed yesterday and it’s amazing! He posts a lot, the videos are really good quality and he takes custom requests. His bio also says no pay to unlock videos unless you want something custom.
  19. Crooked Cock

    Female Pornstars Talk About The Nicest Dick They’ve Had.

    Various Female pornstars talk about the nicest dick they’ve had what they like in a guys cock.
  20. J

    Photo Who Uses A Fleshlight?

  21. D

    So Heavy

    After every swim session I’m greeted with this state
  22. A

    Help Iding Hung Military Guy

    I’m obsessed with is guys nudes! Found them on tumblr years ago...I’m hoping someone has more nudes or has this guy’s profile
  23. montyclift

    The Hot Twins!

    Beautiful twins I used to 'hang' with and their fine uncut dicks!
  24. C


    new fat cock on the scene. any vids? ThickDickedTeen (u/YourAveragePornAcct) - Reddit TheFatStretcher - Social - ManyVids ThickDickedTeen - Imgur ThickDickedTeen - Imgur ThickDickedTeen - Imgur 20 [M4F] There is a reason i'm affectionately called The Stretcher. I basically have 2 coke cans for...
  25. Stocky8x6uncut

    Do People Like Thick?

    Do you like a thick one? www.instagram.com/musclesandbulges
  26. Bluewolf4354

    My cum shot

    Hi guys New here
  27. C

    Fat cock gangbang/orgy: women getting plowed by multiple thick girthy dicks

    so thread is about gangbangs or orgies where there are MULTIPLE fat cocks, and even better if they are all are almost all fat cocks involved. 95% of gangbangs and orgies features a variety of sizes but this thread is for the scenarios where the majority of the cocks involved are super thick and...
  28. C

    Matt sloan / matt (netvideogirls, mommy blows best, 50 plus milfs)

    Thickest fattest white cock I've seen in mainstream American porn since Billy Glide (RIP) For Babes.com https://yourporn.sexy/post/5a8f07803fbca.html?sk=natalia-starr&so=0 MommyBlowsBest https://yourporn.sexy/post/5a43570443223.html...
  29. C

    Fat cock pov: thick girthy dicks in point-of-view porn

    title is self-explanatory. all that is required is that the scene be POV and the cock be relatively fat/thick/girthy. Gives you the view where it's just you and a pornstar with a fat dick stuffing their cunt, filling up their mouths or stretching their asshole. Mike Adriano is a KING at this...
  30. C

    Girth queens: women who are pros at taking thick fat cocks

    Females who take fat dicks with ease & LOVE being stuffed full of thick meat. there's no struggle to get it in, only the customary minute or so of inserting it and once in, these ladies & their wet pussies go buckwild for the girth. so post those LEGITIMATELY thick cocks and the ladies who love...