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  1. Hardyx1

    Photo Grower uncut

    Indian uncut cock
  2. L

    Australian Bratwurst in Munich

    NOTE: this is a long story, in two parts… I had a big night in Venice. No big deal, a few “Hangover” style photos in place of memories, a drunken make-out session in a Fountain, and a night of spewing. I survived the bus ride the next day, but only barely, and safe to say, the idea of another...
  3. P

    Andrew Acres

    Anyone got anything on Andrew Acres? Twitter: https://twitter.com/Andrew_A26/media Insta: https://www.instagram.com/andrew_acres/?hl=en
  4. M


    anyone subbed?
  5. T

    Edward Tandy, IG and TikTok: tandyontv

    Does anyone have anything on this fine ass man Ed Tandy??? He’s always teasing us with humongous bulge. He would make so much fucking money on OnlyFans!
  6. Gayredditor4

    Dutch gay guy, 23 years old with a thick dick and lots of cum

    Hey guys! I joined this site long ago but I finally went and got myself verified. In for a hot chat or more if you don't live too far away. Hmu! About myself : I'm 23 yo, versa and a big shooter. My thick is roughly as long as it is thick
  7. #10 cork8x6

    #10 cork8x6

    The time has finally arrived, folks! This is our definitive list of the "Top 10 Sexiest BIG White Dicks" in all of porn. These final 10 BIG dicked studs are the absolute creme of the crop as far as our collective group of 5 are concerned. So without further adieu, here we go... @cork8x6 has...
  8. B

    My boyfriend's cock blows my mind

    I love my boyfriend and his big fat cock. When we mess around and I really work him over he starts to swell up larger than I ever expect. It somehow always catches me off guard. If I'm holding it when it gets to this state I almost slip up and cum. I can barely stand how hulking and heavy it...
  9. R

    Thick dick hand job car ID

    Hey Hello beautiful people. I've been searching for a long time on who this guy in the video is and maybe some of you know him or have videos of him you would like to share. He's got a real thick girth ngl...
  10. ifuckyourgfetc

    My thick uncut meat

  11. Onion42

    Fat White Dick for Big Black Cocks

    Where are all the big, thick, long and strong, rock hard, beautiful black cocks? Nothing gets my fat dick harder than seeing long ebony dicks with big strong heads and massive sacks shooting thick loads or girthy black slabs of cock pounding the mouths of little white girls. Hit me up and make...
  12. D

    Please ID - sexy, thick bubble butt, big muscular leggs, latin, muscle DILF

    So I have come across these 3 clips but can't seem to find much more on him. I've read all of the comments and no one seems to have a clue of an ID. IMO, he is one HOTTT cam stud (he's not my usual type to be honest). Poster for one clip calls him "Max" and claims that he is straight and also...
  13. #18 Mark Wood

    #18 Mark Wood

    This guy possesses one of my personal faves of cock! I love his BIG, thick, curved white dick. It is just lovely to look at, and the white complexion allows every detail (veins, musculature, blood vessels, shaft texture, etc) to show up vividly. His cock curves to the left when erect, and it...
  14. Onion42

    Fat Houston Cock

    Looking for some chill dudes with big rigid dicks in the Houston area - gay or straight, doesn’t matter. Preferably someone to actually hang out with socially as well as more devious activities when the occasion present itself.
  15. #19 bigthickdick

    #19 bigthickdick

    @bigthickdick has a...BIG. THICK. DICK. He is so damn ENORMOUS in overall cock volume that it is hard to imagine a dick being that AMAZINGLY thick as well as sporting that super duper length. His is the real deal though. The genuine article. The factory original. He must cause great...
  16. #20 Chris Charming

    #20 Chris Charming

    Chris Charming is yet another legend of the "BIG dick" porn industry. He and his MONSTER cock have been around for two decades, and his greatest "charm" is the substantial thickness of his commanding phallus. He has a cocky demeanor, as he knows his cock is HUGE, and knows the women that crave...
  17. caipreimz

    Anybody knows who this stud is?

    Been trying to id him for quite some time now but nothing comes up. Thanks in advance!
  18. #22 Adam Killian

    #22 Adam Killian

    This sexy stud is a total porn star if there ever was one. May I introduce to you all...Adam Killian, folks. Step right up and drool away. His ruggedly handsome face, his powerful muscular physique, that attitude he exudes in the way he looks at the camera, and of course that thick, long...
  19. N

    Max Chevalier anyone find him?

    Always been in love this muscular hunk can’t seem to find any social media of him anywhere, anyone know where he is? I believe he’s in Canada but that’s all I know. I’d hire him in a heart beat
  20. BeardedBigNThickD

    What is your honest girth of your hard cock?

    Select the girth of your cock with rounding up or down to the nearest quarter inch. Leaving a photo with your stats in the comments is also allowed if you so choose.
  21. M

    Matthew Franzee

    Hello everyone! I am on PornHub at: MatthewFranzee's Gay Porn Videos | Pornhub Add me and take a look at my videos if you’re into really big booties. And please be nice ❤️❤️❤️ More content will be posted soon. Waiting on scheduling with my scene partner. And yes, he will be topping me...
  22. love4D

    ID this lad with a huge thick cock

    Anybody knows who is this HUGE lad? it's so fucking HOT!
  23. love4D

    ID this hot jock

    I forgot his name but he's so damn hot I need more of him! please help!
  24. Onion42

    Texas Bros

    Looking for some fellow hung Texans to chat with about our long and thick dicks. Maybe one of y’all is in Houston
  25. Onion42

    Houston Lifetime

    Hey y’all I’m not new technically but it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here. I’m a married 32 year old who loves to work out at lifetime at greenway plaza in Houston. I also love showing my thick cock off in the locker room and the steam room, sauna, showers and even sport a...
  26. M

    Peter “Amateur straight guys” ASG

    Hello friends, I’m looking for more of bPeter, he’s super hot and his personality is the reason I want to find more of him. I’ve seen about 10 or so videos of him on Amateur Straight Guys (ASG). So if y’all see him on any other sites, plz lmk. Also I highly recommend y’all watch ANY of his...
  27. S

    19M Introduction/First Post!

    Hi all, I created my account a few months ago but didn’t really know how to use or navigate LPSG, I kinda got the hang of it now and I figured I’d start posting and interacting with the community. A little bit about me, I’m 19 years old, 5’10 from Pennsylvania, at home I try to practice...
  28. H

    Marinport74 on IG - Huge Uncut Dick

    This man is insanely hot and hairy, not to mention hung like a horse check out his instagram marinport74
  29. C

    Looking To Suck In Oxfordshire Uk

    Bi guy here...5ft7 with size 8 feet and a 5 inch dick. Im looking to service guys who easily beat my stats. Ideally you are over 6ft, over 7 inches and over size 10 feet. Stocky rugby player build would be perfect, as would someone who is a heavy cummer. I can accomm near Oxford and am not...
  30. LBezz19

    Any Older Thick Cocked Guys

    Looking for older guys with thick or beer can like cocks. Send me a message ;) would love to chat.