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  1. PumpkinKing


    I would like to see a stickied thread that is general information/most common topics/most asked questions/ most popular etc in each of the forums. And that might be a tad convoluted but let me explain by example: Let's say you go into the Gay Pictures/Videos section and there would be a...
  2. DavideX

    Name A Famous Pornstar Which Dick Of The Poster Above Looks Like.

    Let's begin with me! Have fun!
  3. J

    Kinda New & Looking For Help

    Been here for a few months and have been searching through A LOT of different threads lol. I never needed this one before, but is there a thread or does someone know where I can post like a missed connection type of post? I recently met up with a guy on Grindr. I didn’t save his contact info. We...
  4. G

    Most Liked Post On Lpsg

    LPSGers, do you know which photo or video has the most likes on LPSG? I’m curious to know what all you freaks are into.
  5. antisza44

    Dirtycouchsx/dirtydirtydirt On Chaturbate

    if anyone is interested please share some of his content on this thread