1. E

    Ayoub Alamino

    Anyone have anything on this sexy stud?
  2. E

    Valin Shinyei

    22 year old Canadian-Japanese actor/dancer/model/voice artist and bar tender, Valin Shinyei. I do believe he's openly queer? No nudes, but his dancing on Instagram is a thing of beauty to sit and watch and his body is stunning.
  3. D

    Married/curious bi guys feel free to chat

    Trying to see how this website works...interesting to read all these posts. Bi guy here trying to explore more with other guys on same boat as myself. Regular bud to meet and play up would be ideal :)
  4. D

    Who is into bald guys

    I got a thing for bald toned/muscled guys....they really look very masculine dont you think?
  5. B

    Photos & Videos Does anyone knows anything about this asian model called "cravecreamy"?

    Does anyone know who this asian model is? His onlyfans/twitter account went by the name "cravecreamy" and apparently he was on chaturbate as well. Does anyone know where he is and if he is still doing porn and how to contact him? I would greatly appreciate it as I find him very sexy. Thanks...
  6. H

    In London 29th April - Older Younger gay couple looking for twink

    We are a long term older/younger couple who are looking for a hot twink to join us for some fun. We have a thing for cut lads too so that would be a bonus. Older more btm, younger more top. Twink can be top/btm/vers... all good. If anyone knows of any decent rent then that's cool too Hit us up
  7. elbington

    GTA young toned seeking an RMT/massage student/physiotherapist to rub me everywhere

    in the toronto area, looking for a free massage from someone who knows what they're doing, and has gone to school for it.
  8. B

    Photo WilliamHiggins model Daniel Jerabek

    Does anyone know anything about a guy named Daniel Jerabek? He was a model for WilliamHiggins and I would like to know if he is still doing porn or what his socials are.
  9. A


    I always thought he was really hot
  10. E

    Who is this stud? TeamSkeet

    He apparently is a TeamSkeet model but I can not find his name anymore. Please help identify this burly stud. This scene is with Macy Cartel. Thanks!
  11. D

    Sexystbboy - Chaturbate stud

    This guy is so fkn hot, anyone got smth to share?
  12. C

    Warren Kole

    I recently discovered him on Yellowjackets, but this guy's really hot
  13. Sayejan88

    Anyone In Singapore Currently?

    Is anyone with a big cock here in Singapore? My ass is hungry for a big cock to destroy it.
  14. BlackGetsuga


    He goes by mayce.vassago on Instagram and boyfriendique101101 His Onlyfans is pretty price so if anyone has any content please share!
  15. G

    Alexander Campbell

    Surely this lad is the fittest florist that there ever was? Talented and fucking stunning. IG x 2: acfloralstudio & _alexjc_
  16. M

    Show Off Your Abs & V Lines

    Im a huge fan of abs. theyre the sexiest thing to me. post a picture of you six pack, 8 pack, etc so that we can all admire them x
  17. D

    Xxlbritboyxx Twitter/onlyfans

    Anyone got anything on XxlbritboyxX ??
  18. H

    Photo Mmmmm

    so hotttt. what do you guys think?
  19. Avatar ChiChi

    Photo Cute Twink

    TonyChiVo on Twitter Follow him for more
  20. Avatar ChiChi

    Photo This Twink Needs Our Help!

    This cute boy needs an excuse to show us more.. Check out @TonyChiVo1’s Tweet: TonyChiVo on Twitter
  21. 1


    Does anyone have any pics of this peloton trainer?