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  1. Jk193

    Biggest cock you bottomed for

    What’s the biggest cock you’ve taken? Did you enjoy it? The biggest I’ve taken is 12” extremely thick, it really hurt going in took a while to get it in, but the hurt is what made it amazing! The feeling when you’ve got a huge dick inside you, when he starts to thrust and every thrust has you...
  2. D

    How Can I Find Out The Most Popular Gay Onlyfans Accounts, Especially Foot Fetish Accounts?

    Hey guys, looks like I previously posted this in the wrong forum. It seems like onlyfans doesn't have an explore option to find models that are popular or who have accounts specifically for gay foot fetish. Is there anyway I can find this out, or do you just have to find the accounts you're...
  3. S

    Big Verbal Top

    Love clips like this! Post your fav.
  4. D

    Scranton cruising

    I was just wondering if anyone knows any cruising spots near the Scranton area!!
  5. sub4domMen

    south german gay slut needs to be used by muscular men

    Hey, I´m a submissive slut whos only desire is to serve and be used by a superior muscular ALPHA male? Ich spreche selbstverständlich auch deutsch :) I am a smooth, muscular, cock thirsty submissive bottom slut and may be used for the following: sucking mouth fuck throat fuck ass fuck...
  6. U

    Photo bulkin.95 - Super Model Universe 2020 Winner, Bulgarian hunk

    Insta: bulkin.95
  7. S

    Photo Bulgarian bodybuilder gorilla_rabuhchiev nudes exposed

    insta gorilla_rabuhchiev Georgi Rabuhchiev
  8. P

    London XXL - Heavy Cummer

    Young, slim and very hung. Top, very open minded and also love oral. Message me for pictures etc or to chat. Things I'm into: MMF Muscular bottoms with bubble butts who love to be bred and take multiple loads from me over the course of a session; can even tie you up and fuck you with other...
  9. C

    What happened to Josh Long

    This guy is cute and hot. What happened to him?
  10. M

    Top tied up and used

    Hi Does anyone know any videos where the top gets restrained - perhaps tied to the bed - and the bottom basically uses their dick as a human dildo? There’s quite a lot of stuff out there with the bottom tied up but I’d love to see more of a role reversal Does anyone know any scenes that might...
  11. M

    ID Hot Top Bear

    Follada - video 110 - ThisVid.com anybody knows who this top is? He’s really hot
  12. S

    Who is the pornstar?

    enormous White 10-Pounder nails His floozy at GayPorno.fm Thankful for help with ID:ing the top
  13. Y

    Looking for Skype sessions with dom guys with real big cocks

    Young ass looking for some fun on Skype with dom guys that are equipped with big cocks (over 8 inches :cool:). I respect if you do not want to show face. My Skype id- live:.cid.66a220f50e48fdda
  14. M

    X2ALL-12 inch Gorgeous Hermaphrodite Goddess

    So few ppl know of this person I wanna bring your attention to, ( she ) is hermaphrodite ( both&) but I can’t get around the 12 inch d on this girl. She has a FREE onlyfans and I can’t say I was displeased She definitely has some interesting stuff going on if you check out her links...
  15. A

    anything on maso98 ??

    anything on maso98? he's this gorgeus Italian hottie that just opened OF!!
  16. D

    Photos & Videos MarioVatov Bulgarian Hunk

    Any nudes? Instagram / Onlyfans - mariovatov
  17. donkey_2090

    JayHump3z - Twitter/OF Hung London Labourer

    Have known about this hot AF labourer from London for a while. Glad to see him finally on Twitter and launching an OF. He’s got a serious dick on him and he’s a naughty fucker! Cant wait to see more of him! :yum
  18. L

    Pit Stop

    Well before COVID-19, I took an epic road trip across the US. I'd finished my uni course, and I was looking for adventure. I often found myself in crazy situations, but this day I had one of the craziest. Driving across the border in to Texas, I had a long drive between New Orleans and Houston...
  19. U

    joshuasaunders__ Bodybuilder

    Anyone have anything on this hunk? Instagram is joshuasaunders__
  20. I

    does anyone know the source of this video

    Does anyone know who these guys are?? fucking and breeding my soccer coach
  21. G

    What role does a large penis play in sex for bottoms?

    Title. This is a question for bottoms. Let’s say a hot guy messages you, you find him very attractive but his dick is small/average. What goes through your mind? Are you in that moment more likely to have sex with another guy that night who has a larger penis rather than the one you find more...
  22. J

    Looking for people to join my discord

    Hey follow me on twitter @TheWorldofDicks and click the link I posted to join the discord. if you do not have twitter add me on Snapchat @alexrains522 or pm here. I’m trying to bring the discord channel to life so please join and I hope you enjoy.
  23. 01lander

    Jay T - OnlyFans & Twitter

    Guy has a really nice dick and shows face on OnlyFans, has a Twitter too.
  24. G

    Identify the top in the video

    Hey does anyone who the top is? Or does anyone have the full video?
  25. R

    BrandonAnthony ; naked men's yoga + tantra

  26. D

    Photo MUST SEE: Vasilevv98, 23 yo Bodybuilder from Bulgaria

    Instagram: Vasilevv98 23, Bodybuilder, fitness model and economist from Bulgaria. I'm waiting for OF...
  27. J


    I remember in Twitter some months ago, I saw a video where I watched a young male in a classroom having a free time and somebody is recording. Then, he wakes up and move his ass in a tight blue jeans. Have somebody seen that? I cannot find it anymore. Recuerdo que habia un video en twitter...
  28. P

    26 M looking for bottom for chat

    26 M looking for bottom to chat and exchange pics with
  29. V

    Photo goran_todorov87 (bulgarian Hot Bodybuilder)

    Instagram: @goran_todorov87
  30. DangerM

    Edgar Timchang Jr

    Asian go go dancer!