1. D

    Help identify beautiful top from twitter

    Anyone know who this top is / have more vids of him?
  2. C

    Anyone recognize this video?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  3. skeezie

    New to LPSG and OnlyFans

    Hey everyone, I am a new content creator trying to dive deep into OnlyFans and LPSG. If you yourself are also a content creator or know the ins and outs of the sex industry, please hit me up and give me some tips ;)! I am overall new to the sex industry and find it all extremely fun and...
  4. J


  5. B

    Photo Help ID this TOP/Straight guy

    Help me ID him, please It's clear this must be from some porn scene, but I'm not sure It IS from a gay porn one, could be a Straight actor. Thanx in advance.
  6. J

    joselozflo / angeldigital_

    Algo de el? se acaba de abrir onlyfans
  7. D

    Indian bidaddy

    Hi there I am 24 young and horny with minimum experience and maximum desires. Currently in Delhi. Looking for a bottom/sub for casual fun and meet and experiment. Thanks
  8. F

    Photos & Videos Guys who only top, who's the one guy you'd bottom for? Guys who only bottom, who's the one guy you'd top for?

    My pick: Darell López (I'm a bottom but God knows I'd do whatever for a guy that's TRIPLE-cheeked up like that ^^') gay
  9. F

    @federicoperfetti/@chicco77roma OnlyFans videos request

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for Federico's OnlyFans porn. He's a roman hung XXL top who makes me sooooo horny :yum I love how pig and dirty he is during sex. Can someone help me? His twitter: @chicco77roma His OnlyFans: @federicoperfetti
  10. S

    Pl help me find this hottest top

    Pl help me find this hottest top. He is super hot. Cartainst - a hot fuck - Just the Gays
  11. P

    Tallfitnhorny Twitter/Reddit

    Tallfitnhorny on Xitter and Reddit. Has anyone checked out his OF? He has nice Twitter videos but a lot strangely don’t have audio and I’m not about to pay for OF if it’s the same issue.
  12. Y

    Yoan Popov - ADDCTV1

    I don't know if you have come across this Bulgarian hunk but here is some material about Yoan Popov X account: @ADDCTV1 Instagram: @addctv Facebook: Yoan Popoff Only Fans: @addctv1 There are many free promo videos on his X account
  13. barehole4use

    Room Service

    I was staying at an upscale hotel for business, and ordered room service. The room service waiter was very friendly, an amazing hot Latino. He was very friendly, and I could sense some sparks flying between us as he set things up, but I don't like to hit on anyone who's working, so I left it at...
  14. barehole4use

    Making Video's

    When I was 20 I realized there was a whole underground world of men having secret, anonymous gay sex in random locations. They called it cruising and as soon as I found out about it, I was more than intrigued, I was downright hot to trot. I'd been jerking off to the one and only gay porn...
  15. kinglovely

    Luiz Felipe OfcLuizFelipe

    Brazilian boy Luiz @OfcLuizFelipe, I love him! He is such a cutie and a great top. Anyone has any of his OF content? ;)
  16. D

    Hung older BI guy. Likes to chat and share. On SC and FB

    Liket to show it
  17. M

    Photos & Videos ID this hot fucker

    OF page and social media of him? Video
  18. J

    Looking for more videos of the bottom.

    Trying to find more videos of the bottom but he is also vers. I know he went by @versfucker on Twitter. The last video is of him topping but that’s all I can find; he had a ton of hot videos that seem to have been deleted...
  19. barehole4use

    The repair man

    Earlier this year, I placed an ad on our local Squirt Message Board letting people know that I walk our neighborhood each morning and would be open to sucking cocks along the way. I met three great guys. Two of them are semi-regular, and one became a golfing buddy and regular “dom”. It had been...
  20. barehole4use

    My first time

    I am sure my story is not that unusual. This is a true story of finding my bi side. At age 52 – divorced and living on my own – I had no problems meeting women. Online dating was like being a kid in a candy store. It was not unusual to get the lady in bed within 2–3 dates, sometimes getting a...
  21. barehole4use

    Built like a brick shithouse

    This one was unplanned and I never really thought this would actually happen, but here we go. I had a mate who knew this guy. They lived across the road from each other and Nick, the neighbour, would always hang shit on him for being gay. Years went by and as it turned out there was a reason...
  22. M

    id Hung latin top solo video

    Who’s this?
  23. G


    Hey guys, does anyone knows this hot male insta or any other social media ? he is an escort in Paris, well reviewed and dominant
  24. barehole4use

    Being compared to a fleshlight

    Okay maybe this is a weird question, but i've had this now a few times & it's making me seriously thinking what are these Top men feeling. I get fucked quite a lot but sometimes, not super often but it's happened now to me around 4-5 times that the Top men after fucking me tell me, that my hole...
  25. R


    Anyone know where to find more vids of this guy or any updated socials? Used to be on tumblr as wildcardred.
  26. D

    Photos & Videos ilkodiamanti7 - Bulgarian muscle, big, uncut, lot of cum

    Onlyfans: ilkodiamanti7 Instagram: ilkodiamanti77 Bulgarian hunk
  27. T

    I’m 23 years old and my sexual life is a disaster.

    Good evening everyone, I am 23 years old and I am writing to you because I have a problem in my life: I am not sexually fulfilled and it frustrates me a lot. It all starts at the age of my first faith at 18, I decide to have sex with a guy of my age and I have the role of b. For the first time...
  28. G

    Help find these two guys going at it in a club
  29. A

    Colby Chambers

    Hey all! Any good videos of ColbyKnox, specifically with his ass/hole? I’m in love with it and I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it lol. Thank you!
  30. barehole4use

    Where did i get of give my last loads

    Where did i get or give my last loads, let's write detailed information or a short story of where it happened & how.