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  1. Cara

    Please ID this hunk ..

    He is so hot ! anyone knows more about him ?
  2. A

    True story - bromance with my PT

    So, I thought I’d post here since some stories aren’t just eroticised fiction but true accounts, and I’ve just had my own that I had to share. So a few years ago, not feeling great about myself, I joined a gym to get back into shape and the gym supplied me with 3 free PT sessions as an...
  3. A

    Photos & Videos Mihir Jog (@jogmihir) - Indian Yoga Trainer, Model

  4. S

    Sascha Bachmann Acrobat - thegerminator

  5. M

    Nam Thomas

    This man has one of the best asses on Instagram. I am obsessed with it. His squatting videos are absolutely mouth watering. IG: namnamnamm What turns me on even more is he has done some porn with Chaos Men as Dixon back in 2010. It would be hotter to see him naked now since his ass and thighs...
  6. R


    anything on this guy? he’s so hot.
  7. C

    Puneet Rao (Indian trainer WOLF).

    Puneet Rao (_puneetrao_ on instagram) aka WOLF. He has an onlyfans that I cannot find. Anyone has anything else on him?
  8. M

    Photos & Videos Roland Kacenas Celeb Trainers

    Anyone got anything on this super hot daddy?
  9. M

    Fat Guy Going To The Gym

    Used converter from CM to FT / KG to LBS (Sorry for my English) Height: 174cm/5ft + 8.50in Weight: 111kg/244Lbs Age: 36 Some background: I have an old injury (broken bone in the knee) and recent injury (twited knee on the broken leg) which happened multiple times over the years. I limp as I...
  10. S

    Id This German Guy

    Can anyone ID this personal trainer from Germany? If you have more of him, please let me know.
  11. B

    Big Booty Alexis Zafiro

    Had to mention him for his excellent ass and body.
  12. Dwnpfans

    Jose Vidal (@josevidal10)

    Un chico muy guapo de Valencia, España. Además es un entrenador personal No es muy activo en redes, pero cuando publica siempre sorprende Su Instagram Login • Instagram
  13. mar111


    Login • Instagram Hope future for him here...Lets Share and review
  14. N

    Marko Drcic

    Login • Instagram does anybody have anything else on him? He’s a trainer I found on Instagram. He also has a tick tok, but I don’t have that. Marko Drcic on TikTok
  15. Y

    Rhys Athayde

    Chief Experience Officer & Founding Trainer of DogPound, elite gym in NYC. He's goregeous.
  16. felrojas

    Cesc Escolà (spanish Tv Trainer)

  17. fwd_thinker

    Photo Williams Falade

    Does anyone have nudes for a UK based bodybuilder named Williams Falade (pronounced Fal-ah-day)? Very sexy Nigerian brother with incredible nipples. Would definitely love to see what he's packing in those posers! Was surprised to not find him in any searches.
  18. UnCutBlackBull925

    Dre Booker - Bodybuilder, Fitness Model And Trainer

    good morning here’s Dre Booker below are his photos and video https://onlyfans.com/drebooker2020/videos
  19. UnCutBlackBull925

    David Da Body

    His name is David da Body - model and cam guy
  20. H

    B.motiv8ed (brandon Schram)

    This man is too damn sexy. That body makes me drool. Anybody got any nudes?!
  21. UnCutBlackBull925

    Stroke The Goat - Fashion Model, Trainer, Entertainer, Just Fans Only And Etc.

    Good evening folks and Happy New Year. I'm starting the new year by adding my contributions more to the forums This Stroke The Goat aka B055Man (BossMan). I really admire this dude. He's not go getter but he's a sexual freak. He loves to inspire folks, love being nude, he into being a Bull...
  22. Axxxaguirre

    Joel bushby thenaturaltransformer on ig

    Praying someone has anything on this stud? He posted this video of his bulge bouncing around in the water, and normally has barely any clothes on. Him and his gf are HOT, but i’m more-so interested in him. Anyone have any pics/vids on him? Much appreciated, thanks in advance!!
  23. V

    @acordesblack edgar chávez negro nude???

    I want see his cook, he lives un Guatelama
  24. B

    Poppers trainers

    Anyone got any really good poppers training videos? Compilations or bator videos.